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Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update .


Tanuja wish rishi asks her for dance, but he walks away. bee ji asks tanuja why she didn’t go for dancing with rishi. tanuja explains to bee ji she can’t show her like to rishi, unless her love could monitor to rishi. bee ji says if she has thrown the party, she need to pass and dance together with her husband and experience existence. tanuja cheers, and goes to ask rishi for dance cheerfully. rishi replies her mr. husband isn’t in a temper to bop, tanuja drags rishi to the middle of hall. every person clap. divia turns to go away the hall. the goon had come to the corridor with the gun and objectives in the direction of tanuja. rishi reminds tanuja she added to the dance floor forcefully. he scoffs she denied dancing whilst he had asked her to. tanuja replies she wasn’t in a temper then. rishi tells her to thank you him. tanuja says she added him to dance forcefully, rishi have to express regret as he touched her intentionally. rishi needs for a thank you, tanuja smiles toward him. rishi says it’s the final time, if she doesn’t say thanks he would do what he didn’t until now. he twists her and unzips her get dressed. tanuja angrily tells him to zip it up, rishi needs a sorry. he zips her get dressed and turns to leave, calling her an egoistic lady. the goon had taken intention but the lighting fixtures switch on.


Full Details of Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bee ji comes to naitra and sends her to corridor to enjoy the party. tanuja comes towards bee ji but rishi drags her at the back of and tells her to bop again, reminding how she used to bop in advance. tanuja recollects the stunning dances, and says she has forgotten the whole lot. rishi says nobody right here thinks she will dance. tanuja takes the project and asks for track. the goon who had come to take an purpose of tanuja hits her, each fell down. all of us gathers to assist tanuja. the goon bent down the table looking to fetch his gun, rishi asks if he’s first-rate. he stands up to face all of them, then assures he’s great and leaves the hall. rishi recalls him because the waiter he had seen three times, his eyes observe him suspecting and wonders why he have been looking at tanuja. tanuja proclaims she is great, they should all go and experience the celebration. rishi asks for tanuja’s hand, he apologizes for losing the balance. he brings her water and indicates problem. tanuja assures she is satisfactory, whatever takes place is for excellent. rishi calls her strange as not anything is right on this. rishi once more spots the goon looking over tanuja and is derived towards him, noticing his stare over tanuja. the goon runs away even as rishi follows him. manpreet involves prevent rishi in the center of manner. rishi stocks with manpreet that something is incorrect with the waiter whom tanuja hit. manpreet assures to look after the waiter.


Out of doors, poorab tells malaika to leave, her goon is useless. they get a call from amresh (goon). malaika speaks to him.
Rishi watches tanuja still sitting at the desk and smiles in a few stance. she seems closer to him and asks why he is asking this manner. rishi asks how? tanuja says this manner he is watching her. rishi asks if she is afraid to fall in love with him. she tries to stroll away but he holds her hand. tanuja laughs pronouncing he is her employ, she is the boss; nothing might rely to her. rishi smiles.


Last Part of Kasam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Poorab and malaika come to the celebration. malaika tells poorab amresh’s gun fell underneath the desk, they should pick out it for him. poorab turned into involved as ahana and bee ji were at the desk. malaika is going from a aspect and get down the table. she accidently pinches bee ji’s foot. bee ji screams about a rat, and removes the desk material. they have been shocked to see malaika there. malaika had thrown the gun underneath any other table. ahana questions malaika what she had been doing beneath the table. malaika says she changed into touching bee ji’s ft, and desired to make an apology her. she bends to the touch bee ji’s foot however she withdraws herself no longer trying to see malaika’s face. ahana suspected some thing and appears under the desk.
rishi stops tanuja and drags her apart. she attempts to withdraw herself but he pins her with the wall. he asks if she doesn’t feel something for him. she says no. he touches her arm transferring his hand closer to her neck and cups her face, she had closed her eyes but denied something. he movements himself close to her ear and whispers, her no is sincerely sure. one’s eyes never lie, love is visible within the eyes in reality. he leaves her there. tanuja compose herself and turns to find rishi nevertheless looking at her.


Precap: Precap of Kasam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Amresh stabs tanuja with a knife in belly in dark. rishi screams tanuja’s call out of agony, everybody round changed into bowled over.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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