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Kasam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Tanuja turns to observe rishi nonetheless smiling at her. he boasts if he didn’t say, walks away to skip a flying kiss to her which shies her further.

in the kitchen, manpreet can’t find the goon amongst waiters. one in every of them recognizes what manpreet had been looking for, he says he has visible someone wearing a uniform like them however no longer among them. outsider, amresh watches manpreet speak to the supervisor of waiters. he comes to the kitchen after every body had left and saves himself from one of the waiters operating there. manpreet notices he had left his cellphone someplace. amresh takes the knife from the kitchen to kill tanuja. manpreet hits him while he changed into leaving and chases him in popularity.


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Bee ji carefully watches naitra’s phone, she gets alert. bee ji makes up she most effective got here to bless her.

Amresh had powered the lighting off. manpreet spots him with the knife and runs behind him. downstairs inside the party, bee ji sends nakul to check the fuse. manpreet follows amresh and calls rishi to keep him as he has a knife. rishi watches amresh technique tanuja however until someone should react he had already stabbed tanuja with the knife. tanuja fell over the ground, glass breaking off rishi’s hand. ahana runs towards tanuja. amresh assaults rishi with the knife and run away. rishi chases amresh and but stops at tanuja’s call. uv is going in the back of amresh as a substitute. rishi runs to tanuja and shouts at a person to call the doctor. he holds tanuja to be taken to health facility.
poorab and malaika have been upset whilst naitra appearance towards them quizzically. uv and manpreet observe amresh who locks himself into a room and runs through the window. manpreet is going in the back of him jumping off the window. uv runs the other way. poorab and malaika watch rishi get tanuja to health center. malaika asks poorab what’s his consent, would she be capable of attain the sanatorium. poorab leaves silently.


Rishi was stuck inside the traffic and drives tanuja rashly. tanuja holds his hand tightly and tells him now not to be angry. he calms himself down. she says she positioned him in hassle, and he cares for her a lot. rishi says he loves her dearly, she need to not even consider leaving him. tanuja promises to by no means leave him, she returned for him best; she doesn’t need to die but stay with him, for him. they attain the health center, rishi was greatly surprised to listen her final words, remembering tannu’s final words. he appears towards her blood shed harm and holds her outdoor into the sanatorium.
Poorab and malaika argue in the vehicle, poorab insists tanuja might be saved. malaika was concerned that she received’t be spared. the gun has her finger prints, she is worried she doesn’t need to visit jail like shekhar. she deters if she is stuck, she would leave poorab loose as well.


At domestic, manpreet tries rishi’s range. uv comes to tell raaj approximately launching an f.i.r. raaj wonders why someone attempted to take tanuja’s life. ahana says it’s poorab, tanuja has kept him away of his shares. raaj accuses himself from putting tanuja within the be counted. bee ji involves warn raaj, signaling him silently. raaj explains to ahana that tanuja invited poorab to the celebration handiest on his consent. uv changed into sure poorab is educated and understand about the consequences, it’s certainly malaika’s plan.


It become morning. the medical doctor involves the room investigating tanuja after dressing. rishi watches tanuja through the door replicate, he remembers equal words like tanuja were stated via tannu throughout her closing instances and become disturbed. a nurse comes to him and asks him about arranging o effective blood.


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Poorab and malaika go back to bedi house to take the gun lower back. ahana and manpreet had been rushing to go to medical institution. manpreet tells ahana to tell rishi she could deliver the blood to tanuja. poorab feels irritated at malaika but malaika hurries him to discover the gun and end tanuja.
rishi thinks he won’t tanuja die so without problems.


Precap of Kasam 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Poorab became ready to take the hazard. malaika warns him but poorab became sure these days is the ultimate day of tanuja’s life. poorab walks closer to tanuja’s room but manpreet stops him.



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