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Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Rishi meets manpreet and ahana. ahana laughs at rishi pronouncing it seems rishi is carrying a frock. rishi says this is what tanuja additionally stated to him.
Poorab comes toward icu in physician’s conceal. manpreet asks rishi to head out of doors, he turns to hit poorab hard whose files fell off. poorab watches rishi coming from the front and passes by way of him. rishi calls him to prevent and arms his stethoscope, poorab became relieved. rishi was intrigued a piece however manpreet drags him out of doors. poorab thinks now tanuja can’t be stored.


Full Details of Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Within the room, tanuja wakes up as her bruise aches. she recollects the goon said this changed into his revenge. she wonders whose revenge turned into it, she had never seen him earlier than. she wonders who sent him there.
poorab become approximately to enter the icu whilst a nurse comes there, she tells him this is dr. drishti’s patients; he have to have come a incorrect way. poorab says sorry.
Out of doors, ahana turned into satisfied that rishi is responsible in the direction of tanuja. rishi thanks ahana for saving tanuja these days. he says their lives got a difference considering that she have become a mistress. he says she arranged holi, then this birthday party; it seems the whole thing is pleasant. rishi tells them to move domestic, tanuja would be discharged the following day on the way to take her domestic. manpreet teases rishi is in a rush.
the nurse comes to present tanuja an injection in order that she can sleep properly. tanuja tells her to show the lighting fixtures off. poorab dials quite a number and poses to be busy looking the nurse. rishi makes rishi get maintain of manpreet and takes the keys from him as he drives rashly. both she and rishi experience and doesn’t depart manpreet until he apologizes. rishi wonders who attacked tanuja. manpreet says they may actually find whoever did this. rishi bids them a farewell, then thinks who attacked tanuja.
Poorab comes into the icu. rishi drops his coat then notices the light in the car become on. malaika had hidden on the other facet of the car. poorab locks the door of tanuja’s room. malaika thinks she should pass this automobile from right here. there, poorab thinks approximately revenging tanuja. he wears gloves and holds tanuja’s neck in an try to suffocate her. tanuja had woken up and screams even as her ecg drops. she throws a tray over poorab’s hand and fell down, calling rishi’s call. rishi was moved and hurries towards the icu. tanuja cries and resists poorab’s grip. she gets maintain of a syringe and pumps it into poorab’s arm. rishi peeks thru the window of the door and knocks at the door. he struggles to open the door whilst poorab attempts to run away. tanuja had held his leg asking who he’s. rishi enters the room but poorab had jumped out of the window already. he holds tanuja and apologizes for being past due; he hugs tanuja near.
Outside, poorab doesn’t discover his vehicle and calls malaika. malaika tells him she has removed the automobile from parking. poorab tells her to return domestic.
At domestic, rano changed into enraged that no one informed her that tanuja changed into attacked. she changed into dissatisfied that rishi wasn’t even attending her name. manpreet and ahana come home and inform tanuja is excellent and could go back home the next day. rano become enraged that they love tanuja and not rano. manpreet says tanuja stole them through love, now rishi is flirting with tanuja most effective to get her in his have an impact on. manpreet says ahana donated blood for tanuja simplest due to the fact rishi asked her to, they were best displaying tanuja their fake love. whenever she watches rishi loving tanuja its fake, but appears real. rano apologizes manpreet and makes him up, manpreet and ahana percentage a wink.


Last Part of Kasam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishi goes to invite clinic government to deploy protection. tanuja holds his hand and requests him to stay right here. rishi wonders who turned into he and who sent him. tanuja says he had despatched him. rishi was offensive why he would try this. tanuja says rishi desired to sleep in this room, then smiles teasingly. rishi is of the same opinion playfully; and forwards his hand to be buddies with her employ. tanuja holds his hand and asks why he cares for her a lot. rishi clarifies he loves her dearly, and might constantly do regardless of what. tanuja appears towards him, rishi asks if there is any doubt. tanuja denies and confess she has in no way visible this love, or such lover. rishi boasts this is craziness, no longer only love. he makes tanuja comfy, kisses her forehead promising to live by her.


Precap of Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Poorab changed into decided to go back tanuja the love. rishi comes to deter poorab if he thinks approximately hurting tanuja.


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