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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

The episode starts offevolved with gitanjali recalling abhimanyu and announcing he had knife mark on his back, i’ve visible it when he met me after 6 years, it approach he turned into announcing real, he did not do some thing. aditya beats abhimanyu. they each fight. aditya says keep in mind if military skilled you, my loneliness and insanity educated me, forget gaura, simply i’ve right on her, there’s simply one way, your death. they combat. gitanjali says perhaps we did some mistake, there may be one more reality, maybe abhimanyu is innocent. rajveer says this guy made you attain intellectual asylum, did you truly cross mad. she says he did no longer do whatever, wherein is abhimanyu. inspector says we’ve sent him to prison. she runs. they cross along.

Full Details of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Gitanjali involves prison and sees abhimanyu jogging in conjunction with some prisoners. rajveer and inspector see the prisoners escaping. rajveer sees abhimanyu strolling. he sees gitanjali strolling after him. aditya and abhimanyu combat at the cliff place. abhimanyu asks who’re you, how is your face like me. aditya says its a miracle. abhimanyu asks what did i do, why are you after me. aditya says you obtain absolutely everyone, mum, dad, gaura, you took my region, i should got everything brother in case you have been now not there, i m your brother, you snatched the whole lot. abhimanyu says i did no longer recognise whatever. aditya says how might you know, dad felt i m the cause of his destruction and separated me, he did no longer understand his evil will be motive of his destruction, i stayed near as your shadow, for your darkness, when I cried alone, i noticed you had someone to make you laugh, i did now not get all and sundry’s love due to you, i became unfortunate.
Abhimanyu says forgive me, i did not realize whatever, you have to bear punishment, give up to police, you may get the whole thing you lost. aditya says begging for rights isn’t my style. they fight. gitanjali comes there and shouts abhimanyu. she receives stunned seeing abhimanyu and aditya. aditya says i informed you he has completed this. abhimanyu says don’t trust him, i m your abhimanyu, appearance in my eyes, you could see my love. she says enough, i don’t need to understand who’s abhimanyu, i have recognized well.

She is going to aditya. he says i knew it gaura, you will discover me. she slaps him and says i diagnosed you are not real abhimanyu, he does now not have mark on his returned. she hugs abhimanyu and cries. he says you may’t recognize how i have spent 6 years, my desire to live ended, but existence got me again to you. she says i have spent these years as hell, this fraud made me mad, i used to be hating you, however there was love and hope at the back of it, while you gave me sign, i understood you can’t harm me. she hugs him. rajveer comes there with inspector. abhimanyu asks gitanjali not to blame herself. he says aditya’s game is over now, his place is in prison now. aditya says did bhavani now not let you know i m a satan, none can cage it, satan takes human beings to hell. he holds abhimanyu and pushes him. they give way the cliff. gitanjali says we should cross there to find abhimanyu. they all cross down.

They discover abhimanyu. she asks is he is not abhimanyu then, turn him. they see the wound marks on his back. she says we need to store him, how t know its abhimanyu or his lookalike. rishabh asks did she pass mad, what does she mean with the aid of abhimanyu. kavya asks did you spot otherabhimanyu. rajveer says no, different prisoner’s lower back became dealing with my side, gitanjali is in hospital, abhimanyu is in icu. she says perhaps she is hallucinating like usually, she nevertheless loves abhimanyu. rishabh goes. kavya asks why did you end up fool, did you try this in order that gitanjali goes back to abhimanyu. rajveer remembers gitanjali’s words.

Kavya says i knew it, one sided love has no fee on this world, you’ll no longer rely to gitanjali, perhaps you understood this earlier than. inspector asks did anybody else see that knife mark on abhimanyu’s again. gitanjali says no, today i’ve seen both of them collectively. he says however we did no longer get other frame, there may be just one abhimanyu. gitanjali goes to satisfy abhimanyu. she cries seeing his wounded returned. she thinks how can i say this is abhimanyu, perhaps he is some place else in wounded country, maybe this is additionally a cheat. she asks physician about wound marks on his again earlier than the fall. doctor says no, he fell down from top, its difficult to mention its old or new wound. rishabh comes there and takes her. he asks what’s this nonsense, how did lookalike come now. she says abhimanyu’s lookalike got here after 6 years, my abhimanyu changed into captive, he has again to fulfill me. he says its not possible. she says i’ve visible them fighting. rajveer says none noticed them, how can you make sure. she says i m now not mad. rishabh says maybe its an phantasm, abhimanyu is one, who cheated you, normally people can’t differentiate among truth and illusion, don’t do equal mistake again.

Bhavani says kalyani was at home, where is she. kavya asks why are you concerned, you got to know approximately abhimanyu’s lookalike, gitanjali stated his lookalike has played this game through kidnapping abhimanyu, how did you now not realise this, is he abhimanyu’s dual brother. bhavani says no, he died after start. kavya says no, he’s fooling you considering the fact that years, all of your secrets are popping out. he remembers pandit’s words and thinks kalyani is lacking, did he kidnap kalyani, i will no longer leave him, i need to find kalyani. he is going. kavya says we can see if pandit’s phrases turn true.

Gitanjali says i have seen them falling down the mountain, if that is lookalike, abhimanyu might be there. rishabh says prevent, you are risking life for such a man. she says he’s actually there, you never trusted my love. he says i went in opposition to you in your safety, you watched i don’t understand what’s love, come with me, i can display you what i recognize approximately love.

Kalyani calls bhavani and says my life is in threat. bhavani says tell me in which are you. kalyani says you probably did all this and risked my lifestyles, our son has become a satan. priyam asks bhavani to return quickly. bhavani asks in which are you. kavya calls rajveer and asks is gitanjali nonetheless announcing nonsense, love makes individual mad, you still have desire that gitanjali will come back to you, you’ll get mad in case you run after gitanjali, i really like you. he throws his cellphone.

Munshi asks bhavani to come. priyam says we can start the sport, sorry, its a sport rule. bhavani scolds priyam and pushes him down. he asks in which is my son. munshi asks you are considering him now. kalyani says free me, we will depart, he’s mad, he can do anything. bhavani says we can end this game many years in the past. kalyani says now i apprehend how he got this evil, you don’t take care of me, you each just care for this reasonably-priced sport, my terrible abhimanyu, he became used for revenge, i trusted you always, you are a devil, disgrace on you. bhavani says you said proper, i don’t care for you, i will kill him earlier than he ruins me. aditya comes and says no, you are incorrect, i’m able to not damage you, abhimanyu did that, i did your paintings, its exact you came right here, i informed priyam to call you right here, so shall we begin the sport, give up has recreation, pandit’s prediction will turn authentic.

Munshi sends priyam. aditya indicates pandit’s frame, who has accomplished that prediction. kalyani and bhavani get stunned. rishabh shows ragini’s percent to gitanjali. he says you just knew i really like ragini, you did not realize what number of plannings have been finished in opposition to us, how i lost her, how tons i cried for her, simply that is her memory now, i feel her through touching her percent. bhavani asks who’re you, you’re not anything with out my call. he factors gun at aditya. aditya says i realize what you could do, you experience i came again as i did now not know something, i’ve visible everything what you probably did with me and ragini.

Rishabh says you sense i don’t apprehend your and abhimanyu’s relation, our families had enmity, ragini trusted me that i will now not cheat her, but that revenge ruined my lifestyles. fb suggests rishabh’s dad asking him to cheat ragini in love. rishabh says when I broke her trust, i did now not know what she went thru. aditya says ragini was broken by means of rishabh’s cheat. facebook indicates ragini saying rishabh cheated me, what shall i do of that love, i’ve rishabh’s child in my womb. bhavani says you can’t live on this house. he asks kalyani to send ragini to rishabh’s house, nice in the event that they accept her, else she will die. aditya says you have got thrown ragini out of the house.

Rishabh says ragini became waiting outdoor the residence, i had ways, love or promise given to dad, i selected my promise. facebook shows rishabh traumatic for ragini. his dad asks him now not to visit ragini, else he’ll kill himself. rishabh says quality, you and your hatred have won. ragini sits crying inside the doli. rishabh says she turned into watching for me, i did not exit, i lost her for the first time. gitanjali asks what do you mean. aditya says bhavani became looking to get ragini killed, i used to be the witness and did now not let this happen, i took ragini from there, i used to be her support. fb indicates goons going to kill ragini. aditya beats them. ragini says abhimanyu you… aditya says no, i m your brother who knows your pain. he says i took ragini with me, but she were given mentally unstable, i felt she can get better after her toddler is born, however you have despatched the men to kill ragini’s infant, but ragini were given killed instead. kalyani receives shocked knowing this.

Aditya says i gave ragini’s son in an orphanage in order that i spend my life in ruining you. rishabh says i got to know ragini gave delivery to my son, however she got mentally risky, she become in asylum, she referred to as me. fb suggests rishabh apologizing to ragini. he says if i stood for you, perhaps your lifestyles turned into no longer such, i’m able to come and be given you and my toddler. ragini says our toddler looks as if you. he says i m coming. she says i will put on my bridalwear, my doli became out of doors your private home, this time you are taking me home, will you’re taking me home, promise. he says sure. she smiles. facebook ends. rishabh says i broke the promise given to dad, it become past due, i were given ragini’s useless frame, someone murdered her, they took my baby as properly. facebook shows rishabh crying for ragini. bhavani and kalyani come there. kalyani sees rishabh and receives irritated. bhavani says i informed you kalyani, rishabh ruined our appreciate after which snatched our daughter. rishabh says i did not kill her, you killed her. kalyani shouts you’ve got killed our daughter, we will grab the one that you love component. fb ends. rishabh says i tried to discover my child, but i did no longer get him, if there’s a person valuable in my existence, its you gitu, that’s why i stopped you from going after illusions, i don’t want to lose you. gitanjali cries.

Last Part of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kalyani asks bhavani did you kill ragini, how can any human fall so much, you’re a devil. aditya says sure, bhavani snatched life and happiness from human beings. bhavani says this is my reality, however this may now not change your truth, you need to exchange. aditya says no, my fact changed. bhavani shoots. kalyani is available in the front and receives shot. aditya holds her and says its time to turn prediction actual. he stabs bhavani and kills him. he says i desired to sleep in your lap maa, i m making you rest in my lap. kalyani closes eyes. aditya gets taken aback. he shuts kalyani and bhavani’s lifeless our bodies in cupboard. he says now its turn for rishabh to die.

Precap: Gitanjali says in case you had to break promise to ragini, why did you smash guarantees, ragini fought for romance, i get harm seeing you hurt, nowadays i feel you deserve this pain and sorrow. rishabh cries.

Update Credit To: Aneesa

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