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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with bhavani asking abhimanyu did he cross mad. abhimanyu says this fee is not large, she has risked her lifestyles to shop me, we did all this to take revenge, i broke gitanjali’s coronary heart, who sincerely loved me, i fell in my eyes, i don’t want to fall extra by taking this belongings. bhavani asks her not to train him, as he is his son, now not father. kalyani says abhimanyu isn’t always announcing incorrect, we did this to take ragini’s demise revenge, if we made rishabh come on road, its ok, if we get greed in coronary heart, then it will likely be like insulting our revenge purpose. bhavani concurs to them and says if that woman attempts to apply us, she will be able to must lose her existence. abhimanyu thank you him and says i can make papers ready.

Full Details of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gitanjali asks is that done. abhimanyu asks her to think again, she might should threat her existence once more. she says i m ready for demise if i get a lot money. abhimanyu takes her to sanatorium. she does not take injection and asks abhimanyu to ship health practitioner away. abhimanyu stops her. she asks them to leave her. medical doctor receives someone’s call. the character threatens him about his circle of relatives and asks him to kill gitanjali if he desires to shop his circle of relatives. the man asks doctor to inject poison to gitanjali. the health practitioner says its wrong. gitanjali asks nurse to leave her. she scolds the health practitioner.
Physician passes the notice to abhimanyu. abhimanyu gets stunned analyzing gitanjali’s life is in threat, someone is threatening me to kill her, without placing me doubtful, take her away. abhimanyu runs to him. abhimanyu stops the health practitioner. he says if she does no longer need injection, go away her. health practitioner says it will be unstable for her. abhimanyu and gitanjali ask him to leave her. medical doctor says quality. he tells the goons that he tried his exceptional. the goons agree to him. abhimanyu takes gitanjali and does now not inform approximately the threat. she tells rajveer that its occurring as in step with plan, abhimanyu thinks a person wants to kill chamki. rajveer asks her to divide and rule. she says sure, first choti maa. choti maa receives indignant and tells kavya that they’re proud to be rajput, they’re giving 1/2 belongings to chamki. kavya laughs and says you went again from wherein you got here, you lost the entirety. choti maa scolds her and is going. kavya says i by no means desired money and belongings, after gitanjali’s loss of life, i were given what i wanted. rajveer calls kavya and says i reached. she receives equipped and meets him. he thinks to behave he’s seeing gitanjali after plenty of time.

Kavya says my buddy is living in beyond, i must help him coming out of past. she says you promised me you’ll neglect gitanjali. he says i assume you are proper, i should deliver a hazard to lifestyles and love. she hugs him. abhimanyu and gitanjali come. rajveer says gitu. kavya says she isn’t always gitanjali. abhimanyu asks what are you announcing, she is gitanjali. rajveer signs and symptoms gitanjali. she falls in his hands. kavya receives jealous. rajveer says i’m able to take you to room. they depart.

Gitanjali says if chamki receives belongings, choti maa will get against abhimanyu. rajveer asks her to be prepared for subsequent plan. kavya argues with abhimanyu. choti maa says we supported you, you forgot the whole lot and doing this. abhimanyu threatens her no longer to do whatever incorrect, else he’ll do something. he is going. rajveer asks rishabh did gitu come lower back. rishabh says its gitu’s lookalike. rajveer asks why is she supporting abhimanyu. rishabh says for cash, we will pay her double, but she has to leave from here, once she is going, i will get the murderers punished, then my gitu’s soul can get peace. rajveer says i m with you. rishabh says we will throw cash on her face and ship her. rajveer asks if she is helping abhimanyu for some different reason. rishabh says i have some other way. rajveer asks what do you mean. rishabh says you may know quickly.

Abhimanyu asks bhavani did he try to get chamki killed, someone attempted to inject poison through health practitioner to her. bhavani says ultimate time, i attacked gitanjali and popular it, this time i did not attack chamki. abhimanyu says i trust you, however who did this, whilst none knew i m taking her to health facility.

Kalyani asks chanda to get greater ghee for puja. pandit says its puja time. bhavani and rishabh argue. rishabh says i came to thank lord to get my enemies domestic, i received’t pass anywhere to take revenge now. kalyani asks them to neglect enmity and feature puja executed in peace. rishabh asks bhavani to name his bahu. bhavani asks will reasonably-priced lady do aarti. rishabh says i m announcing the equal, she is a reasonably-priced lady, she will be able to do aarti. bhavani says she is your sister in spite of everything. chanda is going to call chamki. gitanjali dances at the bed and makes chanda dance as well. abhimanyu sees them dancing.

He asks them to stop it, why is she doing this. she asks what’s your hassle. he says absolutely everyone is calling you for puja, have a bath and are available fast. she asks him now not to shout. she asks will he stay right here, the bathroom’s door knob is damaged, does he want to take gain. he holds head and asks her to come fast. he leaves.

Gitanjali is going to take tub. a person comes there and puts the contemporary cord within the wash basin. gitanjali appears out of doors. the person leaves. bhavani asks abhimanyu in which is she, is she a queen to make us wait. priyam laughs. abhimanyu says i will get her. he is going to call gitanjali. he knocks the door and asks her to come back. he enters and sees the cutting-edge wire. he rushes and stops her. they have got an eyelock. lag ja gale….plays…. she asks why did he come here. he stops the tune and says i was shouting, you probably did not solution, so i had to come in. she asks him now not to make excuse and say he likes her. he says i m now not making excuse, see the modern twine. she says i did not recognize this, if i got the cutting-edge then. he says i stored your lifestyles once more, get prepared and come speedy, everybody is getting indignant. he is going. she says rajveer did now not even inform me.

Gitanjali gets equipped and is derived for puja. kavya comes there. priyam sees her footmarks and indicates abhimanyu. abhimanyu remembers the identical foot impressions in rest room and exams. he follows the marks. gitanjali gives aarti to absolutely everyone. rishabh scoffs her. abhimanyu comes and stops kavya from taking aarti.

Abhimanyu scolds choti maa and kavya, who tried to kill chamki two times. choti maa asks what cause can we have. he says i desired to provide her 1/2 belongings, so choti maa tried to kill her, and kavya has cause as she became losing rajveer. choti maa asks don’t you trust us. bhavani says we are able to’t believe the person who works for cash, in case you couldn’t be unswerving to husband’s circle of relatives, how will you be unswerving to us.kalyani taunts her on blood. choti maa argues together with her, counting their sins. abhimanyu asks her no longer to speak in excessive tone. choti maa asks what is going to you do, you’re fearful of chamki, if she is going, you’ll land in prison, consider in case you get against us, you may go prison. he asks what will she do. choti maa and kavya leave. gitanjali seems on and says they are getting divided. she is going to rajveer and says its in line with our plan, they may be fighting like children, why did you not tell me approximately the modern-day cord. he says what wire, i did no longer do some thing. she asks what do you suggest, who did this.

Rishabh says i can kill that female to get abhimanyu hanged, that woman is his handiest desire, while she dies, how will he show she is gitanjali. rajveer says if rishabh and everybody had been in puja, who can try this, we should be alert of recent enemy. rishabh says this time we failed, next time chamki have to now not get saved, you understand what to do. munshi ji says i understood.

Rajveer says there may be any assault on you. she says i m equipped for it. he says it became exact abhimanyu reached on time and stored you. she says until my revenge is fulfilled, lord will no longer let whatever show up to me. he says its not a story, its truth, we have to stop this recreation. she says this story will quit when either of me or abhimanyu dies.

She asks him did he do the work. he says it will likely be completed by day after today. she says we will see each person’s face. choti maa says so much insult, we can no longer live right here now. abhimanyu stops them and asks where are they going. choti maa asks him why is he threatening them, they may be going. he says so you can get chamki murdered. she says we don’t take care of her existence. he says i will no longer consider you. she asks him to believe or not, he has long past mad. bhavani stops them by using a sword, and says the man or woman concerned in our recreation is going out with the aid of winning or dying. she asks are you threatening us. bhavani says i m saying sport rules, one wrong step can take you to destruction, in case you don’t conform to us, you may also get in our enemy listing. choti maa asks will we stay right here confined. abhimanyu says i’m able to know whom you meet, in case you attempt to cheat, then there might be no subsequent day, don’t suppose to harm chamki, i’m able to now not allow some thing happen to her.

Rishabh drinks and throws the glass. he asks munshi ji to kill chamki, she desires to act as gitanjali and store abhimanyu. munshi ji says it will be difficult, i m terrified of abhimanyu, he would be alert now and shielding that lady. rishabh says plan being ahead of abhimanyu, discover some way to kill snake without making the sound of the stick. munshi ji says we want a person who’s professional in such things, a whole lot money will be needed. rishabh says the moment when my sister’s murderers might be hanged, i m equipped to pay some thing to look that second. he gives a cheque to munshi ji. he says i want to recognise whilst will this appear. munshi ji says abhimanyu is giving grand birthday celebration for gitanjali’s birthday, so they recognise gitu is alive, he wants to idiot all people.

Choti maa says i supported you until now, you all don’t accept as true with me. abhimanyu says then prove your loyalty, you need to make chamki completely like gaura, its your obligation, if you don’t do that, i’m able to regard you as a fraud. choti maa and kavya leave.

Last Part of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kalyani says anyone have to assume that female as gitanjali, i will’t permit you to move jail. rishabh says he is clever man, so that is his plan. the girl will die, we won’t get higher hazard. munshi ji says yes, its better plan. rishabh says this may be birthday gift for my sister from my side.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Choti maa asks chamki to satisfy anybody as gitanjali. gitanjali insults choti maa. abhimanyu says do some thing but when I meet her, i need to sense she is gitanjali.

Update Credit To: Aneesa

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