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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with priyam announcing i went to get anklet, who is he. abhimanyu says i m abhimanyu. priyam says i m abhimanyu, i took rebirth. abhimanyu says what is this boy announcing, who has despatched him, how can he take rebirth when I did no longer die. priyam asks him why did he return after 6 years if he’s abhimanyu. abhimanyu says i don’t remember something, that twist of fate wherein i misplaced my reminiscence, i simply remembered your call gaura. priyam says see gaura, how he’s mendacity, he’s cheating you. abhimanyu says no, i m no longer dishonest, destiny cheated me, i lost my name and reminiscence, i simply remembered you, so i came lower back to you, what occurred, why are you searching like this. gitanjali runs. rishabh asks gitanjali to concentrate. she shuts the door and cries. rishabh asks her to open the door. rishabh asks abhimanyu who’s he, why did he come right here. inspector asks rishabh to come with him.

Full Details of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sevakram informs rajveer that abhimanyu is alive, he has come back. rajveer asks about priyam and gitanjali. sevakram says priyam is denying and gitanjali is crying, rishabh is speaking to inspector. rajveer says best, i m coming. he tells choti maa and kavya that abhimanyu has come returned. choti maa says i can come alongside. he says no, gitanjali may react badly seeing you, she will now not agree with me if she is aware of you’re staying in my house. he is going. choti maa smiles. kavya asks is he abhimanyu or his lookalike, did you ship him. choti maa asks what do you suspect.

Inspector asks abhimanyu why did he come after a few years, in which was he. abhimanyu says banjaras saved me, i did not recollect anything, i used to be with them for years. priyam says lie. abhimanyu says i m now not mendacity, i visited the temple and recalled my marriage, my bride, gaura. gitanjali asks are you announcing reality. he asks her to see in his eyes. rishabh says its enough, this appears a cheap movie story, who’re you, why are you calling your self abhimanyu. he holds abhimanyu’s face and says face can alternate, no longer palms. he holds abhimanyu’s hands and recollects. inspector asks is he abhimanyu or now not. rishabh says he appears abhimanyu. priyam says no, he isn’t abhimanyu, i m abhimanyu.

Inspector asks gitanjali now not to trust reincarnation, your husband has come returned, celebrate. he asks rishabh to return and communicate. priyam asks do you furthermore mght accept as true with him. gitanjali cries. priyam cries and leaves. abhimanyu cries and says you were believing a lie, i m your fact, your abhimanyu. he opens his arms for her. she hugs him. he lifts her and takes her along. priyam looks on.

Lag ja gale….performs…… abhimanyu asks gitanjali to permit me sleep in her lap for a while, as he’s a good deal tired. he sleeps. she sees a few sign up his neck and asks what’s this signal, it became now not earlier than. he says accident happened. he shows the wound and says wound heals, however marks do not. she asks would it not ache. he says simply hold your hand, it’ll heal. she says this looks as if a knife wound mark. rajveer meets rishabh. rishabh says he is not abhimanyu, i agreed in the front of police as inspector desired to arrest me for abhimanyu’s homicide, come we should cross there, that guy can be risky for gitanjali.

Abhimanyu hurts gitanjali and says i stated it became a automobile twist of fate. she asks what are you doing. he says its restlessness of a few years. she asks him to return to senses. he says i used to like you the identical way. she says yes, however you changed in 6 years. priyam tells rishabh and rajveer to return, that man took gaura to room, he isn’t always a great man. abhimanyu apologizes to her. he says i have lived only for you, in which will i go if you refuse to me, don’t you bear in mind my touch. she says i keep in mind everything, but some thing isn’t like before. rishabh comes and asks her to open the door. rishabh receives in the door and scolds abhimanyu. gitanjali says he is my husband. rajveer says live here, till its proved he’s abhimanyu, its dangerous. they cross. priyam says he’s abhimanyu’s lookalike.

Abhimanyu asks who is he, why is he pronouncing among us. rishabh asks don’t your high-quality friend, you are a fraud, i must have given you to police. abhimanyu asks did you get afraid that you’ll be stuck. rishabh says there is just one face which i will reveal, face can exchange, nature can by no means change. he gets the gun. rishabh says army men are stuck to interrupt and be a part of the gun in file time. rajveer says sure, 30 secs. rishabh breaks the gun and asks abhimanyu to take time.

Abhimanyu says you said proper, then priyam could additionally bear in mind how to join gun. gitanjali says he is a kid. rishabh says priyam will answer you, come priyam, display it to this fraud. priyam is going and holds the gun. abhimanyu asks priyam is he equipped. he counts. priyam starts offevolved becoming a member of the gun. priyam couldn’t be part of the gun. he maintains the gun pieces again.

Abhimanyu asks did you neglect training or never get it. he asks rajveer to count number. rajveer counts. abhimanyu fixes the gun and says forestall. rajveer says 22 seconds. abhimanyu gives the gun and says 22 seconds document time. rajveer tests the gun. abhimanyu and priyam argue. priyam says we can take your test, inform me what abhimanyu talented gaura on new 12 months day. abhimanyu says perhaps teddy endure. priyam says i gave her toe ring. abhimanyu says i lost reminiscence. priyam asks how can you don’t forget joining gun. they argue.

Gitanjali ambitions gun at herself and asks them to be quiet, none will insult abhimanyu, he was my love, i will get mad. rishabh asks her to stop. she asks them to go away her alone and runs to her room. she recalls bhairavi’s words and says its all a lie, every person is liar, i have to be far from each person, none is pronouncing you reality. she cries. naina thag lenge….performs……. she recollects abhimanyu. she burns abhimanyu’s assets.

Sevakram sees the fire smoke. he worriedly calls rishabh. rishabh holds gitanjali. gitanjali’s buddy khushi talks to a person about the boy, that genius who could don’t forget whatever and will act as all people, he changed into in orphanage, varun, we were sending price range for him, send his latest image. she receives shocked seeing varun and says priyam…. she says you said a person followed him, who did it. she thinks to tell this to gitanjali.

Priyam asks rajveer to go, gitanjali gets unwell seeing him. rajveer asks who are you to tell me, i can make you fine. abhimanyu involves ask approximately gaura. priyam says make him excellent. rajveer stops abhimanyu. abhimanyu says i m her husband. rajveer says include me, its no longer proved, army units has your dna, it will likely be proved you are actual or now not.

Khushi calls gitanjali to tell her. priyam answers call and says gitanjali does not need to speak to you. she calls once more. he disconnects. priyam says i should end call soon. khushi says maybe gitanjali’s lifestyles is in chance and calls kavya. she says i m coming india, gitanjali’s existence is in threat. she tells the whole lot and says simply maintain gitanjali far from priyam, ship someone to choose me from airport. choti maa signs kavya. kavya asks khushi not to inform some thing to rishabh. rajveer comes. kavya lies to her. rajveer says gitanjali is in pressure seeing abhimanyu and priyam. chotu maa asks what do you think. rajveer says i feel both are fraud, abhimanyu can get uncovered through dna take a look at, i dropped abhimanyu and rishabh to headquarters.

Abhimanyu gives his fingerprint test and it suits. officer says his blood organization and dna also in shape, we can tell you about rejoining. abhimanyu thank you him. rishabh calls rajveer. he says fingerprint and dna are matching, who’s that boy who’s claiming to be abhimanyu. rajveer says it way someone trained priyam. rishabh says he is with gitanjali at home, you go to her, some thing can manifest. abhimanyu asks are you sure now rishabh. rishabh says we ought to no longer leave gitanjali with priyam, just priyam and sevakram are at home.

Priyam asks sevakram to visit market and get gitanjali’s drug treatments. sevakram says rishabh asked me to stay at home. priyam scares him of rishabh and sends him. priyam asks gitanjali to awaken and asks her to have medicines. she takes it. priyam calls a person and says we’re geared up. he smiles and whistles. ragini comes to gitanjali and asks her to come alongside. gitanjali says i don’t want to move everywhere, go away from my room. ragini calls a few human beings to take her. gitanjali screams. priyam hears her and says sorry gaura, you were accurate, excellent. he is going. sevakram gets drug treatments and sees priyam gone.

Rishabh, abhimanyu and rajveer come home and ask for gitanjali. sevakram says she changed into sound asleep in room. abhimanyu says gaura. she asks them not to come close, ragini got here to take me, move from right here, i won’t go anywhere. she screams.

Gitanjali is sent to rehab. abhimanyu asks rajveer to take care of rishabh. he goes after the health center van. khushi comes there. she asks what’s going on, why did ambulance come. sevakram says gitanjali is taken to health center, she is ill. priyam sees gitanjali inside the mental medical institution and whistles. he gives her a drawing. she sees the drawing, of her in the sanatorium. he waves to her and goes.

Last Part of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Rishabh says it become all a plan, that little boy performed a game with my sister. khushi says i advised kavya that i’ve visible priyam in orphanage and to maintain him far from gitanjali, priyam is 10 years vintage, not 6 years old, i instructed her the whole lot. rishabh asks while did you assert. she says i instructed her before coming right here, do you doubt her. he says don’t recognise, i felt so, but abhimanyu is alive. she asks what, its more complicated, i requested my group to discover who adopted varun. she gets shocked seeing abhimanyu and priyam’s photograph. priyam is going to abhimanyu and smiles. abhimanyu and priyam be a part of arms. abhimanyu says well executed champ. they leave. gitanjali says what did you observed abhimanyu, its easy to make me mad, in case you are rajput, i m also rajput, i can take revenge, i’m able to win in love, if you won in promise, the sport of life and demise will begin now.

Precap: Rishabh scolds health practitioner and asks who attacked gitanjali in health facility, she is my sister, if whatever takes place to her, i won’t leave you.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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