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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with gitanjali asking the person to help her in locating the clue. he says its a toy set, someone offered this toy. she asks who sold, tell me, you requested me to comply with heart and i reached this clue, please assist me, this toy will clear a huge predicament, i have to discover who made my love away, attempt to don’t forget, please assist. he says i don’t do not forget something, will you purchase this. she says yes, and buys the toy. he gives her the invoice. he says i’ve a manner to find out, the bill receipts are with the proprietor of the toys, he can gave the info of purchaser. she asks who is he, take me there. he says its night now, come the following day.

  • Chanda asks priyam to have milk. priyam says no, i m now not a child. chanda says you are a youngster, gitanjali will be irritated. he refuses and makes the glass fall. choti maa comes and asks how did the milk fall, chanda easy it. chanda cleans and her hand bleeds. chanda says don’t recognise what turned into on this fabric. sevakram says no, someone blended glass portions within the milk. priyam receives scared and runs. he collides with rishabh. rishabh asks what’s taking place here, why is each person silent, inform me. sevakram says a person tried to kill priyam. choti maa says someone brought glass pieces in his milk. sevakram says its appropriate glass fell down, else priyam would have died. rishabh asks what’s happening here, who gave him milk.
    sevakram says chanda gave him milk. chanda says i don’t know, i simply introduced sugar and got it. sevakram says there was nobody else in kitchen. chanda says maybe you probably did this. rishabh says close up, choti maa can’t you keep an eye fixed, if gitanjali is aware of this, she will be able to worry. gitanjali comes and asks why will i fear, by understanding what, tell me.

Chanda says priyam. gitanjali asks what passed off. choti maa says he is high-quality, its now not a massive aspect. gitanjali asks them to say what’s it. chanda says someone attempted to kill priyam. gitanjali receives taken aback. chanda says a person added glass pieces in his milk, its properly milk fell down, he did now not drink. gitanjali says i realize who is doing this, its identical man or woman who failed abhimanyu’s automobile brakes, he is attempting to kill priyam so that secrets and techniques are hidden, that man or woman does not need me to discover him, he’s going to kill priyam. she cries. rishabh says come to senses, none killed abhimanyu, priyam was lying, he were given stuck.

Che asks was he lying. she offers him a box and asks him to open it and spot. rishabh opens field. the toy sounds all the pleasant. gitanjali says someone saved such toy in abhimanyu’s automobile, as if he’s making a laugh of abhimanyu’s death. choti maa says its toy, its commonplace. gitanjali says no, its made by using artists in pairing, someone offered it maybe six years in the past and stored in abhimanyu’s vehicle, now this toy is one clue, i’m able to attain different clues by means of it, i can discover abhimanyu’s murderer, even in case you aid me or no longer. she goes. rishabh asks gitanjali to look, our tried failed, gitanjali feels abhimanyu turned into murdered, are you satisfied now.

Gitanjali involves see priyam. she cries and says you had been no longer at fault, you desired to talk to me approximately abhimanyu, i have to have no longer shouted on you, this received’t appear again, i will constantly pay attention to you, i promise. priyam wakes up and stops her. he says all of the first-rate. she smiles and is going.

Gitanjali sees the toy. chanda tells the menu. she reminds its rishabh’s birthday the following day. gitanjali says i forgot it. chanda asks what’s the preparations this 12 months. gitanjali says nothing, we will decide menu and then we will prepare for celebrations with kavya. kavya asks until whilst do we take a seat quiet. choti maa asks her now not to mention anything, you have got seen what occurred of abhimanyu. gitanjali involves them and tells about rishabh’s birthday. choti maa says i forgot his birthday. kavya says i can decide the subject. choti maa asks chanda to get chillies to keep off terrible sight from gitanjali. she says after many years, i noticed you smiling. she wards off bad sight. gitanjali smiles.

Chanda says gitanjali honestly caught bad sight. choti maa says the entirety will be high-quality. gitanjali says i will reach abhimanyu’s assassin. kavya asks are you positive he become murdered. gitanjali says yes, its taking place in the front of you, someone is attacking priyam to prevent fact from accomplishing me. she goes.

Rishabh scolds servants for no longer handling security properly. he asks them to be alert. priyam comes. rishabh says you don’t be afraid, none can damage you. priyam says why will i be afraid, gaura is with you, you don’t be afraid rishabh. gitanjali meets the store proprietor. he tells her approximately the receipts. he asks the boy to ask him earlier than taking whatever. the boy says she is a queen, we are able to get prize, she won’t thieve some thing, don’t fear.

They open the godown. gitanjali enters. the door gets shut. she calls out the man. she looks for receipt. the electricity goes.

Rishabh performs piano and recollects priyam’s phrases. servant gets a gift container and maintains it. he takes rishabh’s sign on paper and goes. rishabh tests the gift. he unearths a clock and assessments. he sees his name inscribed in the back of. priyam plays piano. rishabh asks who is there. priyam says its your birthday the following day rishabh, what’s this, birthday present, who has despatched this clock, it has your call written on it, but on this residence, useless individual’s call clock is constant, wonderful, loss of life item on birthday, who has despatched this. rishabh asks servant who has despatched this container, go and stop the courier guy. servant says don’t recognise, he’s long gone. priyam says don’t be afraid rishabh and smiles. he goes.

Gitanjali tries to get out and gets fearful of the darkness. she makes use of mobile torch. she looks for receipt and receives it. someone attacks her. she panics. the proprietor and boy come. the attacker runs away. they locate gitanjali and ask is she best. she says a person attacked me, mild was off, door got shut, i called you. he says door has hassle, it does not open from internal. she assessments and says receipt is long past, perhaps he has taken it. she receives a button. the boy says he has run away, but left this.

  • Gitanjali comes home and asks is there no light. she receives scared seeing a person. she asks choti maa to replace on lights. she sees humans wearing mask, and gets tensed. the mild comes. they all wonder her. kavya says this became our surprise of masquerade birthday party, it will be 12 soon, we must surprise rishabh. choti maa asks her to head and get prepared fast. gitanjali is going. priyam alternatives the button dropped by way of gitanjali on the stairs and smiles.

Gitanjali appears for button in her handbag and asks kavya. kavya asks what button. gitanjali says its imp clue. kavya says you know, its going to be 12, come, find it later. gitanjali goes to rishabh. anybody want him satisfied birthday. she thinks in which did the birthday cross. anybody sing birthday track. rishabh cuts the cake. choti maa says gitu… gitanjali feeds cake to rishabh and needs him happy birthday. he asks in which is my present, did you forget it. she says sure, don’t recognise how.

He says how can you remember, you are going for walks after proof, you don’t stay at home, you are jogging by using paying attention to a child. she says priyam is not lying. choti maa asks them to depart this subject matter nowadays. kavya says its rishabh’s birthday, please. gitanjali says exactly, we should not talk that hurts rishabh, agree with me, i continually want to peer you glad, i’m able to pass market the following day and get present for you. rishabh says your smile is largest gift for me, your happiness is treasured. he asks her for a dance. she smiles and dances with rishabh. each person dance carrying the masks. kavya sees rajveer looking at gitanjali. she goes to him. she asks won’t you inquire from me for dance. he says of path. they dance. priyam looks on. kavya says you had been locating me right. rajveer asks shall i say reality. she says no, lie, tell me a lovely lie, you had been finding me, you’re mine and you adore me.

  • Abhimanyu comes there and dances with gitanjali. she says abhimanyu. he says sure, your abhimanyu. she says no. he asks why are you going for walks away from me. she says i m scared its a dream to be able to ruin once I open eyes, i get you and lose you in a moment. he says truth or lie, till we are together, it does not depend. he holds her hand and offers her the button. he says don’t lose this, its that clue so one can take you to my assassin. she turns and sees priyam. he says you had been locating this button, you dropped this and went, its right i got this.

Gitanjali sees the button and recalls abhimanyu’s words. she hears choti maa and chanda arguing and leaves the button in the room. she asks choti maa what happened. choti maa tells her approximately rishabh inquiring for dada ji’s coat, he said its now not ironed well. she says rishabh has to go temple, if he receives past due. gitanjali says don’t fear, i will manage. she is going.

Sevakram says this coat is ironed. rishabh touches the coat and asks why this wrinkles, is collar hanged this way, its my dada ji’s coat, people know who is coming once I put on this. gitanjali asks what’s the problem. rishabh says choti maa has buffoons at home, shall i put on coat without ironing. she says i will iron it and are available, don’t get indignant. rishabh asks sevakram to get out.

Gitanjali takes coat to iron and asks chanda to take lemon water for rishabh. she sees equal buttons on the coat and receives taken aback. she rushes to her room and sees the button. she suits the buttons and cries recalling abhimanyu’s words. she asks did rishabh attack me, no this could’t be actual.
Precap: Rajveer says this gadget proves reality and lies. rajveer takes rishabh’s lie detector take a look at.

Update Credit to: Aneeta

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