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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with rishabh doing a self polygraph check. he starts offevolved saying his call. he says i m the actual heir of this house. the device beeps long. rishabh says that is truth, silly gadget, i did a lot for this family’s respect and name, even its for friendship or enmity. the device beeps to reveal his lie. he says close up you stupid machine, you don’t realize what’s fact and lies, input my veins and know my love for sister, my promise to my father, what’s my efforts, is it actual or false.


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Rishabh says my ancestors dwelling in those walls and clocks are witness of my loneliness, ache and crime guilt i m bearing for my own family. he cries. the clocks ring. he says abhimanyu and goes to preserve the clock. he says i realize its you in the back of all this, my sister stopped trusting me, you did now not depart us even after loss of life, priyam’s lie will come out in the front of anyone. he calls rajveer and says i checked your device, its pleasant, come day after today, we are able to see how a whole lot priyam’s phrases have reality or lie. he recalls gitanjali’s phrases. he says a toy made you certain of abhimanyu’s murder lie, now a toy will ruin your notion, see priyam what happens day after today.
Its morning, choti maa is going to gitanjali’s room and sees the pictures and papers at the floor. gitanjali in sleep says i don’t recognize who has killed abhimanyu, and framed rishabh. choti maa thinks i just noticed kavya in this kingdom before, now gitanjali is on this nation. gitanjali wakes up. choti maa asks what took place. gitanjali says i don’t realize, all ways are getting closed, i reach useless one upon getting hopes. choti maa asks her to forget this, why are you risking your life.


Gitanjali asks the way to forget this understanding abhimanyu became murdered, you need me to leave all this. choti maa says thinks were given dangerous, gopal’s homicide isn’t a small issue. gitanjali says precisely, even abhimanyu’s homicide is not a small factor, i cherished him, whoever the wrongdoer is, if he has killed abhimanyu, i’m able to attain him, even supposing i die in finding this, i don’t care. choti maa sees the chart.

rishabh goes to priyam. priyam wakes up and greets him. rishabh greets him as captain abhimanyu and asks him to be ready for the fight, fact or dare sport, come. priyam asks what will you do. rishabh says its a surprise, you like giving surprises, you said you’re abhimanyu and instructed all the recollections, then you amazed through announcing murder reality, its your turn now, come on, get prepared, all the great. priyam concerns.


Gitanjali comes from tub and opens cabinet. she receives bowled over seeing priyam and asks what’s this new recreation, come out. priyam says i m afraid of rishabh. she asks what happened. priyam says rishabh thinks i pushed him down, he can kill me. she says i understand you and rishabh don’t like each different, its your mistake additionally, you always make him irritated. priyam says rishabh receives indignant continually and his face seems balloon. she says from time to time you communicate mature and on occasion like a child, i experience like individuals live in a single body. she gets inspector’s name. inspector says we were given the number details. she asks details. inspector tells her that he will ship region to her. she says i will reach quickly. she asks priyam to head, she has to get equipped and move urgently. he says i’m able to come alongside. she says no, that region is not safe for children.

He says i m now not safe right here, rishabh may additionally kill me, please. chanda takes breakfast for rishabh. he sings music and is happy. he sits eating food and stops sensing priyam. gitanjali comes and says i want to talk, you were aggravated with me that i doubt on you, today i m leaving priyam with you all day, i should exit. rishabh jokes to scare priyam.


Gitanjali stops priyam and asks him to prevent scaring priyam. she says you gained’t want to damage a child, i recognise, so please stop playing this manner. he has the same opinion. she asks priyam to get toys and books in rishabh’s room, will you not pay attention to me. priyam goes. gitanjali thinks she can go with peace, its next clue of abhimanyu’s homicide. she thanks rishabh. he asks wherein are you going. she says i should cross parlor and have to do buying. he says i will’t take threat, you can’t pass alone.

She asks what shall i do. choti maa says no, rishabh said approximately safety guards, i arranged them. gitanjali asks are you extreme. rishabh says sure, if anything thinks to attack on you, he gained’t be alive, go along with guards or don’t go, your wish, your existence is valuable to us. gitanjali is of the same opinion and leaves. rishabh asks did munshi come. choti maa says sure and calls him. rishabh asks munshi about protection guards, are they reliable. munshi says yes. rishabh says its about my sister, she is the heir of this haveli and owner of assets, not anything ought to occur to her. munshi nods and goes out to choti maa.



gitanjali along side guards reaches a few location and calls inspector to ask. she asks approximately location. he says we were given that place, we’re attaining. she sees smartphone booth and is going to check. guards ask her to attend. she says don’t come after me. she says this vintage like its now not used given that many years, will this open or no longer. she opens the door and goes in to test. an old guy asks what do you need. she gets scared and screams.

Chanda asks priyam to are available, and be with rishabh, we all have work and ought to move. rishabh asks what came about, you are fearful of me, abhimanu become now not a coward. priyam says you’re announcing proper, abhimanyu changed into not scared and he isn’t scared. rishabh says you do correct performing and claps. he says you won gitanjali’s sympathy, proper. priyam says wrong, you gained extra of her sympathy, afterall you’re blind. rishabh gets angry and holds him. priyam says if whatever occurs to me, gaura will ask you. rishabh says you will endure it soon. he gets rajveer’s call and asks him to come back quickly. priyam asks why are you calling rajveer. rishabh says i advised you its a marvel, sit.



The vintage guy says you got greatly surprised, pop out. gitanjali asks guards to head. the old man asks are you finding something. she says i got here to call. he asks on this cellular instances, you came to call, inform me reality. she says i m locating some thing about the decision. the antique man says the phone proprietor died 6 years before, wide variety isn’t always in use. gitanjali asks how can this take place, i were given call from this quantity the day gone by. he says maybe government gave this range to a person else. she says perhaps, can i check directory. he says high-quality, be cautious, there can be snake. she says okay.

She checks directory. a person pursuits at her. directory falls and he or she bends. a person shoots at pco and glass breaks. she screams. priyam’s pencil box falls. rishabh asks what are you doing. priyam says i m making a drawing of a tree and grave. rishabh asks whose grave. priyam says i don’t recognise. rishabh says who is aware of then, its your drawing. priyam says maybe you realize, listen the clocks and maybe you will recognise whose grave is it. rajveer comes. rishabh asks why did you come overdue. rajveer says i m coming, tell me.

Rishabh says gitanjali isn’t always at domestic, its proper time. rajveer asks what do you need to do. rishabh says you recognize, go and prepare. he asks priyam will he play recreation with them and lifts him. priyam asks him to depart and screams. chanda asks rishabh what’s he doing. rishabh shuts the door. sevakram asks what came about. chanda says rishabh took priyam inner, choti maa, kavya and gitanjali are not at home. guards run to gitanjali. she receives tensed. vintage guy asks who shot the bullet. she says don’t realize, there may be no person right here. vintage man says except them, they’ve pistol in hand. a guard pursuits gun at her. different protect asks the first defend to lower the gun.



Rishabh shoots in air and asks chanda to move, and not knock door. chanda says open the door. rishabh says wander away. chanda says how are we able to depart priyam, he is a child. she calls gitanjali. protect says if rishabh is aware of, he’ll kill you. the goon/protect does now not listen. gitanjali asks why are you doing this, inform me, is that this associated with abhimanyu’s loss of life. vintage man hits goon/shield. police comes and goon runs away.

Rajveer says we are not harming you, we want do a take a look at. priyam says go away me. rishabh says we stated we gained’t damage you. he ambitions gun and says in case you circulate now, i’m able to kill you. rajveer says we will’t do his take a look at, he’s a whole lot scared, results received’t come right, i’m able to talk to military physician. he calls doctor and asks for help. he says concern is in hyper circumstance, is there any solution. doctor says its not suitable to do take a look at on this kingdom. rajveer says check can’t be prevented. health practitioner tells him the injection to calm affected person, and tells dose. rajveer asks is patient is underneath 18, a minor then…. physician says don’t comic story, this medicinal drug is dangerous for minor, he can lose life, what’s his age. rajveer remembers priyam’s words.

Health practitioner asks once more. rajveer says affected person’s age is 32 years old. health practitioner says satisfactory. police and gitanjali run after the goon. she stops and gets worn-out. she sees a person pulling the goon and tells inspector. she gets chanda’s name. chanda says rishabh and rajveer took priyam to room forcibly and locked him, he is crying and shouting, come soon. gitanjali says i m coming.

Priyam asks what’s this. rishabh says injection, rajveer will this harm priyam, did you speak to doctor, gitanjali gave his duty to me. rajveer recollects priyam’s phrases. he says in case you agree to us, i gained’t supply injection, else i will. priyam shouts leave me, no. gitanjali comes home and asks chanda. chanda says they may be interior. gitanjali knocks door and goes by way of back door. she asks what’s taking place. priyam runs and hugs her. she asks what were you doing. priyam says they are seeking to give me injection and kill me. gitanjali asks what’s this injection. rajveer says i was simply scaring him. she asks why, what’s going on. rishabh says we wanted to do his polygraph check to know he is announcing fact or lie.


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She scolds them and asks rishabh to invite him what he wants to recognize. rishabh says he’s fraud, he’s making memories. priyam says they may be fraud, i can inform fact, they may be hiding reality. rajveer asks what nonsense. priyam reminds an incident of battle to rajveer. facebook shows abhimanyu and rajveer making ready to fight with enemies. abhimanyu makes plan and asks rajveer to cowl hearth, his existence is in rajveer’s palms now. abhimanyu’s is going beforehand and shouts to rajveer to cowl fireplace. abhimanyu receives shot in his hand. facebook ends. priyam says i’d have died in that struggle, why did you no longer cover hearth. rajveer says my gun turned into jammed. priyam argues with him and says you could not endure that gaura loves abhimanyu, even nowadays you desired to kill me, knowing you can’t get gaura as abhimanyu got here lower back. rajveer says its a lie, he is mendacity, he is aware of you are emotionally weak, so he’s the use of this, me on the grounds that formative years, you think i can try this, can i try this with abhimanyu. gitanjali cries and slaps him. kavya comes and appears on. priyam smiles.

Precap: Gitanjali says choti maa, rajveer tried to kill abhimanyu in battle floor. priyam asks did you no longer pay attention what gaura said, she does now not want to fulfill you. rajveer asks who are you to forestall me. priyam says she is not gitanjali, she is gaura. kavya says i did as rishabh stated and gave snoozing medicine to gitanjali.


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