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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with gitanjali asking choti maa to ask rajveer. he says she is overacting. she asks him to inform everything, rajveer attempted to kill abhimanyu in war ground, why did you do that, inform me, did you get so jealous of her, you tried to kill her. he says i cherished you or even now i love you, i used to get harm, i did not try to kill him, my gun was really jammed. she asks and nowadays, you have been going to provide this injection to priyam and kill him. rajveer says we were going to do his polygraph test, believe me. rishabh says concentrate to him once. she says no, ask him to depart and now not try to meet me. she goes. rajveer says she misunderstood me. rishabh says then go and give an explanation for her, else you may lose her all the time. rajveer is going to provide an explanation for gitanjali. priyam stops him and asks him to move, as she is his gaura.


Full Details of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Rajveer says you aren’t doing this right. priyam says i recognise what i m doing, just depart, don’t come to fulfill her once more. kavya sees rajveer. he asks do you trust them, did you come back to mention i need to depart. he leaves. gitanjali recollects priyam’s phrases. she thinks everything is getting blurred, absolutely everyone is coming doubtful circle, don’t know who turned into abhimanyu’s friend and enemy, who’s at the back of your homicide. she sees someone and is going to look.


She is going to look and recalls its the man who took the shield. she hides and sees the man with a knife. she gets stunned. the field opens and all of the excellent sound plays. the person runs. she asks him to stop. choti maa and absolutely everyone come. gitanjali says someone became here. rishabh asks sevakram to go and see. gitanjali says i’ve visible coming from chanda’s room. chanda says i was sound asleep, none came to my room. gitanjali says i have visible him, he included himself by a shawl, he had knife in hand, he has worn same bangle just like the one that helped the guard to run away.


Rishabh asks what are you pronouncing. she says a defend shot at me. he asks what, you’ve got hidden such huge factor from me, tell me. she tells everything. they get stunned. kavya says you lied to me that you’re going to parlor, inspector stated he found the number by using which i was threatened. rishabh says i informed you to go away all this, you started lying. she asks do you pay attention to me, could you allow me cross if i inform you, how will i discover who killed abhimanyu. he says to procure mad, priyam is making you mad, its extreme, someone shot you. he asks munshi approximately guards. munshi says he has run away, police is locating him. rishabh says now i agree with no one, my sister is my obligation, she is getting trapped, who can do that.


Gitanjali recalls the kada and thinks who changed into that guy, why did he come here, is all people from haveli in the back of. sevakram asks chanda who changed into there on your room at night time. chanda says nobody. he says she is lying. she argues and is going. the opposite servant scares sevakram about the spirits. sevakram worries.



Priyam comes to gitanjali and asks what occurred. she says i don’t know from in which to begin investigation. he says considering that starting, what came about that day. she says abhimanyu went to record to new unit. he says i did not know it become a plan that driving force provided me lift, my jeep turned into broken by way of someone i don’t realize, maybe that driving force did that. she asks why will radheshyam do that. he asks her to ask radheshyam. she asks how, even he got killed at the side of abhimanyu. he says no, simply abhimanyu died in that twist of fate, i used to be riding the auto at the same time as go back, now not radheshyam.

Facebook suggests abhimanyu seeing the driver doing something underneath the automobile. he asks what are you doing. radheshyam says petrol changed into leaking, i used to be making it proper, i can’t drop you home, i should restore my sister’s relation, don’t tell rishabh, else i’m able to lose my task. abhimanyu says don’t worry, i received’t inform each person, assume properly and attach relation. he sees radheshyam smiling and waves him. priyam says i noticed something in his eyes and did now not think, i did no longer recognize he failed automobile brakes. she asks why did you no longer tell me large issue till now. he says i thought you will doubt on me and scold me, rajveer become going to kill me, now you already know who’s with you and who aren’t, radheshyam did now not die. she says radheshyam killed abhimanyu. he says what enmity he has with me, perhaps there may be a person else’s mind in the back of it, cross and ask him.

She goes to chanda and shuts door. chanda asks why are you shutting door. gitanjali says don’t lie, you are operating right here considering many years, i like you like my more youthful sister, inform me who turned into there for your room, i realize a person turned into there, did he shoot me. chanda says no, its nothing like that. gitanjali scolds her and asks her what is she hiding, whom is she saving, who’s he, why is she mendacity. chanda shouts choti maa, gitanjali asks her to say who comes to fulfill me, servants or your husband radheshyam, don’t shout, radheshyam did now not drive the auto on go back, he’s alive, he failed abhimanyu’s vehicle brakes. chanda shouts.

Gitanjali says radheshyam is aware of who is the assassin, i ought to meet him, simply he knows the fact of abhimanyu’s loss of life. choti maa comes. chanda says gitanjali got mad, radheshyam died. gitanjali says you acquire mad, radheshyam is alive and came to meet her at night time. chanda swears he’s dead. choti maa asks what are you pronouncing, he died, chanda is his widow. gitanjali says you are denying the truth, a few recreation is occurring here, i know radheshyam is alive and truth will pop out.

Chanda tells rishabh that gitanjali sees spirits. sevakram says even i see spirits. rishabh shouts enough, get out illiterate, its all blind religion. sevakram says we can depart the residence, get this residence shuddi accomplished. rishabh says no tantric will come here. sevakram says i’m able to’t hazard my lifestyles, supply me leave. rishabh scolds him. kavya says we can think. chanda asks them to do pind daan. choti maa consents. rishabh says i don’t apprehend this blind perception. chanda says you may do this for abhimanyu as well. choti maa says pleasant, rishabh will do pind daan, you all move. rishabh asks what is going to we get doing this. she says atleast their illusion will quit, if abhimanyu took rebirth as priyam, why is gitanjali seeing abhimanyu, both things can’t manifest. kavya says sure, she is right, we want gitanjali to come out of her imagination global. rishabh says sure, one blind notion will wreck other blind notion. kavya says gitanjali won’t let us do this until priyam is there. rishabh says gitanjali ought to not hear this. priyam hears them and runs. rishabh says priyam has heard everything, kavya go and forestall him earlier than he tells gitanjali. kavya stops priyam. he says i have to speak to gaura. she says she is sound asleep, cross and sleep, talk to her in morning, you furthermore mght recognise, the morning might be hard for her. he is going. she goes to gitanjali. she asks what are you doing. gitanjali says i m drawing the bangle/kada which i’ve visible in that man’s hand, i may additionally overlook it, you all don’t believe me, i need to do this to give an explanation for you all and show me proper, why don’t you consider me, me, you think i all of sudden got mad, its ok, while you all see it, you’ll understand i was not fool, you all have been fools, simply move now.

Kavya thinks gitanjali is getting mad and smiles. she adds a pill in water and asks gitanjali to have water and sleep. gitanjali liquids water. kavya asks her to relaxation now. she makes gitanjali sleep. she tells choti maa that gitanjali will awaken overdue. she name callings choti maa. choti maa asks her now not to mention whatever, even partitions have ears, its overdue, pass and rest, its going to be big drama the following day. kavya goes. choti maa locks gitanjali’s door.

Its morning, gitanjali wakes up and sees the time. she says how did i sleep till past due these days. priyam knocks the door and asks her to open the door. she says its locked from outside. he opens the door and says rishabh and all and sundry went to do abhimanyu’s pind daan, stop them. she receives shocked.

Rishabh does the puja. the pandit publications him the rituals. kavya sees the time. she sees chanda. gitanjali and priyam are at the manner. she asks him not to worry, they’ll educate on time. pandit asks rishabh to do dhyaan and take abhimanyu’s call. rishabh enters the river to do rituals. gitanjali and priyam attain there. gitanjali shouts to them. she asks them to forestall. she asks rishabh how will you do pind daan of abhimanyu, he is alive, its in opposition to rituals. priyam smiles. she says he is between us as priyam. choti maa asks her not to get mad. priyam says you stated radheshyam died, his pind daan have to be completed also, his soul will now not be visible, gaura will get peace, right chanda. gitanjali says sure, why are you not doing his pind daan. chanda issues and says no.

Gitanjali says you said he died, his spirit will scare us. choti maa asks why are forcing her. gitanjali gets chanda to the river and says why, his spirit must additionally get peace. she asks pandit to chant mantras, its essential. chanda says no.

Chanda faints. rishabh holds her and asks her to arise. choti maa says she fainted by using your stress, what is going to you get by way of proving radheshyam is alive. health practitioner assessments chanda. she says she is first-class, this occurs on this state, she is pregnant. they get taken aback. choti maa asks are you certain, her husband is dead. gitanjali asks chanda are you pregnant, is health practitioner incorrect, we all are fools, how lengthy will you lie, the sector knows it now that radheshyam is alive, i don’t need to pressure you, inform me where is he. choti maa asks her to prevent it. gitanjali asks who made you pregnant, whose sin is it, if radheshyam is dead. choti maa slaps gitanjali and says chanda is pregnant, prevent it, don’t create a scene. gitanjali says ask her, does she have any affair, what’s the truth, what’s she hiding. choti maa takes gitanjali. gitanjali says i’m able to know the reality. priyam appears on and smiles.

Choti maa says you aren’t seeing chanda’s pain. gitanjali says you slapped me in the front of anyone for her, you take her side, you are with chanda, you aren’t expertise. choti maa asks what, you are doubting on me. gitanjali says sure, you are giving me a cause, what are you hiding from me, you recognize something which i don’t recognize, i ought to understand it, take a look at me and tell me what is it, i can realize truth these days. choti maa says sure, i understand all secrets and techniques which might be hidden behind all the doors, if it comes out, all circle of relatives recognize will quit, you already know the shameless things befell within the locked doors of this haveli, all the men attempt to support the helpless widows. gitanjali asks her who has achieved this, inform me. choti maa says rishabh. gitanjali gets stunned. she asks what did you are saying. she cries. she asks did rishabh father chanda’s child. choti maa asks her to get quiet, you don’t recognize what number of girls’s cry are hidden behind those haveli partitions, you could have no longer tolerated if the partitions spoke.

Last Part of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Priyam knocks on the walls and talks. rishabh hears him and receives disturbed. he shouts who’s it. he asks priyam to move and play recreation out. priyam says i m no longer gambling by myself, my pals are right here, locked in those partitions. rishabh asks what nonsense, who is here. priyam asks him to play with him. rishabh says i m not involved. priyam says you don’t have any braveness to listen them, check and notice, try to listen the walls, are you scared being a rajput. rishabh receives indignant and attempts to listen the voice from the walls. he says its no longer there. priyam says knock and spot, ask this manner, who’s inside. rishabh attempts as he says. he hears someone saying, its me ragini. rishabh receives greatly surprised.

Precap of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Gitanjali asks what’s your relation with chanda, did you father her toddler. rishabh shouts. she asks who is this ragini, tell me.


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