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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with priyam pronouncing its your mystery rishabh. rishabh shouts close up, there may be no one inner. priyam knocks on wall. rishabh goes and shuts the door. he sits to renew his work. the clock moves. rishabh sits wondering. choti maa asks gitanjali can’t she undergo the reality, i will recognize what you are doing thru, while we idolize someone, whilst that man or woman falls in our eyes, we get harm, while the masks get off our dear ones’ faces, its difficult to perceive their faces. gitanjali says no, my coronary heart can’t agree with this, rishabh can’t do this, i’ve to talk to him. choti maa says no, don’t go, in case you attempt to expose one reality, many more stunning truths can get revealed, which you could’t endure. gitanjali says i want to realize all of the secrets, i will undergo it. she is going. choti maa says gitanjali will regret a lot.

Full Details of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gitanjali goes to rishabh. she says i needed to ask some thing, i want some answers. he says your voice does now not display you want solutions, you want crime confessions of the blames you’ll placed on me. she says you probably did not allow me ask. he asks her to ask the. she asks what relation do you’ve got with chanda. he asks what’s this reasonably-priced question. she asks did you father chanda’s toddler. he shouts and asks who’s making you towards me, did chanda say this, or kavya or choti maa. she asks him to answer. he says best, my answer is not any, i haven’t any relation with chanda, a person is filling poison on your thoughts against me, i did not consider you may ask this to me, accept as true with me. she says i desired to accept as true with but… he says i m now not the father of chanda’s baby, i swear on you, who is most imp to me, whom i love the most in this global, agree with me, i never lied to you, my life is an open ebook, which you could read whenever, i don’t have any relation with chanda or every other lady, don’t have such doubts, go and rest. she turns to head and sees the papers fallen. she sees ragini written and asks him who’s ragini.

He asks who’s ragini. she says i m asking you, don’t lie, you shouted taking her call on my engagement, i desired to invite and forgot, you typed her name on so many papers, why is she for your mind. he says there is no one, i m writing a tale, its a man or woman. she argues. she says you stated there is no secrets and techniques of your life, what is this secret, please inform me who’s this ragini. she asks what occurred, you won’t answer now. he asks how regularly will i solution you, its a shame, you don’t believe me. she says i trust you loads, so i m asking you, who’s this ragini.

He says nobody, just a man or woman in my story. she asks simply, whilst did you penning this story, me and abhimanyu are also characters in it. he says you both accept as true with me or now not, if your trust gets shaken up, i’m able to also give up, remember one element, the believe will spoil and all relations will wreck. she says i need to believe you, how to keep away from what i can see, nobody believes me, nobody has solutions, in which to locate my solutions, tell me, a person is there, who isn’t always letting me attain abhimanyu’s assassin, a person shot on me, a person went to chanda’s room, who is father of her child, it manner radheshyam is alive, someone effective is the use of radheshyam, a person killed abhimanyu.

He asks what do you suggest to say. she says i’m able to’t say, as i don’t recognize this myself, i know all this are interlinked, until i am getting answers, i can’t attain abhimanyu’s murderer. she leaves. he says i used to be typing ragini’s call, how am i able to be so silly and careless. he throws the kind creator away.

Choti maa gets a call and asks what, gitanjali? excellent, i’m able to see her. sevakram tells her that a couple got here with their baby to get blessings. choti maa blesses them and offers gifts for the kid. the person asks her to call the child. choti maa says her eyes are massive, we can hold her name naina. gitanjali comes and asks who’s ragini. choti maa says i did no longer recognize this call, we will maintain her call ragini. the man takes the kid and says i can deliver my lifestyles on your saying, but i can’t preserve her call ragini. the lady says i desire there may be no different ragini, its like a curse, we will name the baby by using asking pandit. they depart. gitanjali asks what turned into that, they were given scared by using ragini’s name and went, what did they say about terrible fate and curse, tell me who’s ragini.

Choti maa says i don’t ought to solution you. gitanjali says rishabh takes ragini’s name and says she is not any one. choti maa says he is right, ragini isn’t any one. gitanjali says satisfactory, fair sufficient. she goes. priyam seems on and smiles.

Sevakram asks the man how did he insult rich humans, what’s in ragini’s call. the man says not anything is imp than my daughter. gitanjali stops them and asks who’s ragini, what’s her relation with this haveli, why did you get scared while choti maa requested you to hold her call ragini. he asks her to invite choti maa. she asks him to answer. he says don’t ask me something, and goes. sevakram asks her no longer to go everywhere, her life is in hazard. she runs to temple and cries. she says all of us has turn out to be strangers for me, i sense they may be hiding a few deep dark secret from me, everyone are aware of it, except me, whom shall i ask.

Bhairav comes there and earrings the bell. gitanjali sees her. bhairavi says what kingdom did you make, see your face, whom are you finding. she asks who is ragini, inform me, what relation she has with our haveli and own family, with rishabh. bhairavi says maybe she has relation with you. gitanjali asks what relation.

Bhairavi says relation of fate, i m warning you, your fate is equal as ragini’s fate, what befell with her will happen with you. gitanjali worries. she goes lower back. she sees a doli on the way. she reveals a bride inner. she gets greatly surprised. she asks the female am i able to assist you. the bride says anyone has left me, see i m dressed as bride, i ought to go to my husband’s house. gitanjali asks her to return together with her to her residence, its no longer secure for her to be right here. the bride says i can wait here, they’ll come to take me. gitanjali says there’s nobody right here, its now not secure for you, i m wonder, how can your mother and father and husband go away you this way, come with me, i can send you on your husband or mother and father house. the bride asks are you announcing proper. gitanjali says sure. she receives the bride within the haveli. the bride asks her no longer to call all and sundry, i have come wherein i needed to come. gitanjali asks what’s your call. the lady says ragini. gitanjali gets shocked. it begins raining. the bride runs. servant asks gitanjali what befell. gitanjali runs after the bride asking her to forestall. the bride is going to a room and shuts the door.

Gitanjali asks her to open the door. choti maa and kavya ask what passed off. gitanjali says ragini went within the room, she was dressed in bridal wear, she locked the door from internal. rishabh and all of us come and spot. the door opens. they don’t see each person. gitanjali says no, i got here here following her, she locked the door, am i lying. choti maa says no, it can be phantasm. gitanjali asks servant to inform choti maa that he has seen someone. defend says no, you got here by myself, i requested you from wherein are you coming alone, you did now not answer, after I came to you, you have run away. gitanjali says he is lying.

She asks rishabh to trust her, the lady was in bridal get dressed. choti maa says concentrate to me, calm down. gitanjali says absolutely everyone thinks i m mad, i have seen her. priyam looks on. priyam says i m worried for gaura, see her state is so horrific, did ragini genuinely come. rishabh issues. kavya asks gitanjali is she feeling higher. choti maa dries her hair and asks kavya to tell sevakram to make soup for her. gitanjali stops kavya and asks do you believe me. kavya says i consider you. gitanjali says you are saying this to preserve my heart, even i don’t consider myself, choti maa tell me am i going mad.

She says just i m seeing ragini, abhimanyu is lifeless, and that i meet him, i don’t realize distinction among reality and desires, i m scared. she cries. rishabh exams the room and recalls gitanjali’s words. he steps on the floor and says ragini…. there’s water at the floor, it method ragini truely came returned. he cries and says how can this take place, no this can’t show up.

Gitanjali is sleeping. priyam wakes up gitanjali and asks her to locate radheshyam. she asks in which. he asks her to see lower back. she sees radheshyam with a knife in hand. she cries in fear and asks who are you, what do you want. priyam smiles. radheshyam stabs her. she screams and wakes up. rishabh comes and asks what befell, the whole thing is okay, did you notice terrible dream, its k. she says sure, it turned into peculiar and scary dream. she says priyam had insanity in eyes, then he signed to reflect, a man with blanketed face had knife in hand, anybody things i have hallucinations, i m not lying, the person had same knife, but why did priyam take him to my room. he gets stunned. she cries and hugs him.

She says i feel this dream is a warning which i don’t apprehend. sevakram goes to priyam and asks him to have milk. priyam asks for tea, i gained’t have milk, i m now not a child. he goes. sevakram says he made the blanket fall. he receives a knife below the pillow. he sees priyam. he hides knife and leaves. priyam sees the knife gone. gitanjali says i m now not able to forget that knife and kada. sevakram comes to them and says i got this from priyam’s mattress. she says its identical knife which i’ve visible in that guy’s hand. rishabh tests it and asks are you certain. she says yes. he asks what was it doing in priyam’s room. priyam comes and asks rishabh to offer knife. rishabh asks is this yours. priyam says i got this in corridor near chanda’s room. rishabh asks do you want to kill all and sundry through this. he says i preserve this below pillow, mummy said if i m scared, i should preserve metal knife below pillow.

Rishabh asks with the aid of whom are you scared. priyam says haveli partitions cries at night, even rishabh heard it, give it to me. she asks him to metal kada beneath pillow and sleep. she sends him. gitanjali says a person simply got here here, now you consider me proper. he says we can’t ignore this, get ready, police determined that defend, we can cross there, you observed no one is assisting you in finding abhimanyu’s murderer, i m with you, i need to understand what’s going on, who wants to kill my sister and why. she cries.

Last Part of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Rishabh and gitanjali attain the village and asks for guard’s house. the vintage guy asks what’s the problem, police is coming to his house due to the fact 2 days. gitanjali takes rishabh. inspector asks where did he cross. rishabh asks did you locate some thing. inspector says no, i suppose he has run away, we circulated his photographs, we will find him. there’s crowd at a few residence. inspector asks who’s house is that. the person says its devkinandan’s residence. she says he’s priyam’s dad, what took place to them. the man says they may be saying the awful smell is coming from the partitions. rishabh and gitanjali go to see. rishabh tells them which wall is hole. he asks them to interrupt it. the men ruin the wall. priyam’s parents our bodies are recovered. gitanjali recalls the note by way of his dad and mom. she thinks did they realize approximately abhimanyu’s assassin, so in addition they got murdered.

Precap of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Itanjali fears such mystery gets found out which she couldn’t bear. she receives greatly surprised seeing a person, protecting his face in shawl.

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