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Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
The brand new instructor says accurate morning college students. she says i’m your new trainer kamiya. vidya says i’m chiragh’s mom. kamiya says good day. she says i’ve heard loads about you. i am here to play with you children. i received’t scold you. kamiya says to vidya i recognise the whole lot that occurred with chiragh. but don’t worry he’s in secure hands. thanks for making chiragh and yash pals. vidya leaves. kamiya does the seating.


Full Details of Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Manjila gets a name. she says is all right which you are saying approximately shanaya? shiela says what happened ma? manjila says what she turned into seeking to cover. i used to be doubting this. we have to tell all of us about it. sheila says first tell me what it is.
manjila calls vidya and says come home. i need to tell you something about shanya. vidya says but i am with chiragh. manjika says just come home.
vidya comes out of doors the class. kamiya says is there any problem? vidya says there is something pressing in domestic. can i take chiragh home? chiragh says no i don’t wanna pass. i am having a laugh. mummy i’m able to come overdue.
Kamiya says go away him. he’s going to come when the day is off. vidya says i’m able to’t go away him alone. kamiya says i’m here with you. we are able to make chiragh behave regular. that’s very essential. kids need freedom. don’t fear and cross domestic. i’m able to take care of chiragh. vidya says i experience like i will expect you. she leaves.


Scene 2
Vidya comes home. manjila says do you understand some thing about shanaya? vidya says in heart does she know about shanay’s modelling contract? shiela says its time to celebrate. manjila says shnaya is pregnant. vidya says congratulations. manjila says shanaya doesn’t recognize about it. she fainted and doctor called me. he advised me about her being pregnant. shanya comes domestic. alpesh says what is all this? manjila says you’ll be a father. shanaya is greatly surprised. shanay goes to her room.
Alpesh says what occurred? why you left? you are not glad? shanya says you know that i don’t need children. it signed modelling agreement these days for two years. this became my dream. these days when my dream is coming real i.. alpesh says so what? you don’t want this infant? your desires are greater vital than our infant? i always stood by means of you. but i have a few dreams too. every lady wants to become mom. shanaya says its no longer like that. i didn’t understand a way to react. this child is essential for me too. he picks her up and says i’m so happy. vidya is available in and congratulates shanaya.


Scene 3
Bulbul says to chiragh i known as you lovable you should purchase me ice cream. he says where will i convey ice cream from? she says i used to be kidding. there are no ice cream parlours nearby. chiragh says i will nonetheless come up with ice cream. he is going out and rotates his dice. ice cream comes in his hand. kamiya comes there. she says chiragh what are you hiding from me? he says not anything. she says appropriate boys don’t like. he says ice cream. shanya says ice cream isn’t always allowed in college. but i’m able to allow you because i know for whom are you bringing this from? he runs inside.


Last Part of Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


All and sundry does the pooja. manjila offers shanay earrings. every person prays. manjila says i am hoping he is like chiragh. vidya recalls the satan in chiragh. she says no. the child shouldn’t be like chiragh in any respect. every person is dazed.


Precap-Manjila says what are you announcing?
Paresh says our chiragh is so suitable.


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