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Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
They take chiragh upstairs. doctor checks chiragh. she says hopefully the fever would hamper via morning. chiragh says dai ma.. where is dai ma? physician says who is dai ma? diwan says his caretaker. she had been with him considering that childhood. she isn’t here in the meanwhile. health practitioner says he can be higher is she comes back. please call her lower back.


Last Part of Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yashodin says on call. no please don’t let her come lower back. manjila says but chiragh has excessive fever. yashodin says he’s a baby. i sent a e book and a letter for paresh. if he had examine it he would have recognised the reality too. manjila says i assume dai ma stole that e book. she tells him while dai was hiding something. manjila says i’m positive she concealed them somewhere. manjila says i urge you please keep my chiragh. please shop him. yashodin says don’t worry. chiragh may be nice.
Yashodin says day after today chiragh will be five. he may be on a factor wherein darkness may be on his manner. we should save chiragh besides. Dai maintains doing black magic. she says they may have to name me again. she says soon my cellphone will ring and they will beg me to come back.
Vidya does bloodless strips on chiragh’s head. she says please god get better chiragh. diwan says we should be strong. vidya says i can be strong. i will take care of my child. whilst chiragh became born there had been quite a few troubles. god sent dai ma for help. we should deliver her back. diwan says however ba will in no way agree. vidya says you need to convince him for our toddler.


Manjila is praying with the family in temple for chiragh. diwan comes and says chiragh nonetheless has temperature and he desires dai ma returned. i assume we have to name her. manjila says in no way. dai ma received’t come returned right here. chiragh is struggling because of that female. she is doing all this. so chiragh falls unwell. yashodin despatched a ebook and letter to your dad that dai ma concealed. diwan says you checked her room there has been no e book. manjila says but we observed a puppet with chiragh’s garments on it. the toy isn’t always chiragh’s and dai ma is simply too antique to have toys. so what become it doing there? do you have any answer? diwan says ma you are mother yourself. you ought to apprehend how vidya is feeling when she sees chirgah’s this way. manjila says vidya needs to be sturdy. i won’t allow besides play with chiragh’s lifestyles. i’m able to stand between her evil powers and my chiragh. she does the arti.


Diwan comes upstairs. he assessments the fever and says he’s getting better. vidya says thank god.
dai ma shouts and says are they mad? they’re now not calling me even if he is unwell. it receives 12. diwan says happy birthday champ. vidya says happy birthday my son. might also god always shield.
dai does greater magic. she says i wont’ give up. she coughs. chiragh says is dai ma back? dai falls down and coughs. chiragh shouts dai ma..


Diwan comes downstairs. everybody asks him how is chiragh? shiela says is he k? vidya brings him downstairs. shiela hugs him. all of them caress his face. chiragh says did dai ma come lower back? diwan says i have decided. i’m going to carry her returned. manjila says no. chiragh says please let her come again ba. manjila says no she is not a very good female. you’re sick because of her. diwan says ba please don’t say all this to him. manjila says i’m telling him the reality. dai ma tries doing black magic on him. she made that puppet. chiragh says i requested her to a puppet for me as birthday present. please show me that puppet. mili brings it. chiragh takes it and says yay. it is so first-rate i requested her to make precisely the equal. vidya says you requested her to make it? chiragh says yes i forced her to make this.


Diwan says what answer do you’ve got now ba? manjila says yashodin stated.. diwan says don’t deliver him in now. she made this puppet to make him glad. paresh says why didn’t she inform us? vidya says perhaps due to the fact she became hurt. we insulted her. vidya says diwan we should bring her lower back. she says chiragh we are bringing dai ma returned.


Scene 2
Diwan and vidya attain outside dai’s residence. she says they may be right here to take me again. she appears again at all her magic stuff. dai ma comes outdoor. she is locking the door. vidya says where are you going? dai ma says i am leaving the city. diwan says we are all ashamed. vidya says i’m sorry. we all realize you made that puppet to make chiragh happy. vidya says you need to come for him dai ma. he’s ill. he desires you lower back. dai says my toddler.. he is sick. please take me to him.


Last Part of Kuldeepak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Chiragh is crying. dai ma comes there. chiragh hugs her. he says thank god you are again dai ma. dai ma whispers get nicely now. chiragh says dai ma it’s far my birthday. where did you pass? you needed to supply me my present. chiragh says promise me you won’t leave me ever. she says promise. manjila touches him and says his fever has long gone? each person smiles. vidya says dai ma please rest for your room. chiragh says i can take her to her room. alpesh says lets all visit room and sleeps. we have to put together for the party day after today.
manjila says to shiela isn’t this all weird? chiragh had excessive temperature and its long gone. this is magic. what does this dai ma want.
dai says in coronary heart manjila you will have all your solutions.


No Precap


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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