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Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update. Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Chiragh comes downstairs and performs along with his toys. vidya says nowadays i’m able to make him indignant. vidya says chiragh.. he says we could visit party. vidya says we aren’t going. he says i want to head. vidya shouts and says you have got come to be so cussed. she ties him to chair. chiragh says depart me mummy please. what have i completed. viday says you’re cussed. no greater parties or going to highschool. all of sudden chiragh’s eyes turn pink. he says go away me. release me from those ropes. he shouts. lighting begin sparking. vidya is scared. chiragh breaks the ropes and stands up. vidya says you observed i might be scared of all this? i’m laughing. you’re a drama. i will see what are you able to do. your palms are shivering. see your are scared. chiragh seems at her angrily. vidya says what are you able to do? chiragh selections up a knife. vidya says so you will kill me? you’ll kill your mom? the mom who gave beginning to you. chiragh movements towards her. vidya falls down. she says come on kill me. chiragh increases the knife. vidya sings the lullaby. chiragh stops. he is about to stab her however throws the knife away and looks in different path. vidya says i’m standing in the front of you. looks like you’re scared of me. chiragh breaks matters and says i can’t kill you. i really like you. vidya hugs him and calms him down. vidya says you could hurt me but you didn’t. you broke things but didn’t hurt me in any respect. why? churagh says you’re my mother. how am i able to kill you?


Full Details of Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Vidya says in heart i’m able to make my son a better individual. please don’t screen his fact. all people arrive outside. viday says how did they come? they’ll ask what’s all this? she hides the ropes and knife. diwan and all of us enter. they see stuff damaged.
Diwan says what is all this? who did this? manjila says you have been going to a birthday celebration what are you doing domestic? diwan says sure vidya? manjila says chiragh how did all this occur? chiragh says sorry i did all this. diwan says you probably did? but why? chiragh says due to the fact mummy didn’t take me to party so i used to be indignant. diwan says why did you change your plan vidya? vidya leaves. shanaya says i have been noticing. she had been behaving weird. shiela says its k it occurs on occasion. manjila says don’t fear. we will make chiragh satisfied. you are indignant because mummy didn’t take you to birthday celebration. i will get you ice cream and new garments. chiragh says lets pass now. manjia says we are able to pass the next day. i’m able to study you a tale right now.


Paresh says to diwan speak to vidya. ask her if there may be any trouble?
diwan comes to room. he says you promised her you will take him to birthday party and didn’t. why did you do this? why are you not answering. are you hiding something? she says no. he says why are you not telling me without a doubt then? you know you and chiragh are my lifestyles. why are you behaving this manner with chiragh? vidya says my silence has all the answer. we’ve right to scold our youngsters is they’re incorrect. its like the ones bittern drugs.


Vidya involves manjila’s room. manjila says come take a seat. why did you bring milk? it might take it myself. vidya says i want to apologize you each. if you suppose i have made a mistake then please express regret me. manjila says don’t apologize you are chiragh’s mother. its your proper to scold him. paresh says you stood via your toddler when anyone become against him. manjilka says you are an excellent mom and we are all proud of you. manjila hugs her.


Last Part of Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Vidya sings chiragh lullaby as he sleeps. she remembers the whole thing. vidya says i am sorry son for doing all this to you. however some thing i’m doing is to your right. your mother is constantly with you. this is your and my war. we will’t tell all of us truth. no longer even your dad. diwan comes in and asks what are you hiding from me?


Kuldeepak 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Chiragh hears puppies barking.
He wakes up and screams. he’s taking his bat and is going out. vidya runs after him. he shoves vidya. viday stops him and says where are you going? he says i am going to kill those dogs.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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