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Kuldeepak 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kuldeepak 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Scene 1
Diwan attempts to fix his car. he says everything looks satisfactory why is it no longer starting then. what need to i do. he says i’m sorry vidiya. i shouldn’t have left you on my own. i shouldn’t have taken this brief cut. she says don’t blame your self. he says i get the opposite car. his telephone is off as well. vidya says what will we do?he says don’t fear. i won’t let some thing happen to you. allow me look for some thing. she says don’t pass anywhere. i am so scared. he says i am coming don’t fear.

Babu comes domestic. he says to baa you stopped vidya from going to sanatorium? she says i just desired tonight to pass. babuji says shame on you. what if some thing had came about to her? or her baby? kids do no longer come to your mohorats. alpesh says allow me name diwan. vidiya is crying. she sees an owl on a tree. diwan is searching out help madly. vidya continues looking in eyes of the owl and forestalls screaming. she walks out of the auto. she walks towards an vintage vicinity. all at once she stops with a pain and feels the hard work pain again. vidya screams.
alpesh says his cellphone is off. vidya turns back and sees some thing. she screams. diwan is looking for assist. a girl is there. she says what are you doing here in this situation? she says our automobile has damaged. please help her. the female says your condition says the kid will come every time. you have to provide start right here. she says my husband is looking for assist. the girl says the time is right here and the kid ahs to return. she says come right here. a number of women/witches include lanterns. they lay vidya there. she says please bring my husband. allow me go we have to go to health center. the girl says i dai don’t worry.

  • Diwan comes there and says what is taking place here? viday says she stated she is dai. she says i have to supply proper now. he says no manner. who is dai? the lady involves him. he says just do some thing that her pain abates and we are able to visit health center. she says i realize human beings like you don’t accept as true with dai’s can treat too.

Diwan says we can do shipping in hospital besides. i won’t allow her supply right here. she says upto you. we can make her sit down inside the vehicle. he says our vehicle is damaged. he says but your fate isn’t. you could’t get another help right here. anything takes place to her you may be accountable here. diwan says but how can you do it here on this jungle. she says i have years of enjoy. now suppose and determine.

Scene 2
paresh, manjila and alpesh come to health facility. doctor tells her diwan and vidya have not reached. they are greatly surprised.

Diwan has the same opinion. he says what is going on inner? she says we want more light. she lits fireplace round vidya. diwan says what are you doing. she says this is jungle. animals odor learners and come to eat them. for safety of infant and baby it’s far important and it’s going to provide light too. diwan says vidya.. he’s out of doors the circle.

The beast is doing is mantra somewhere else. dai says in coronary heart nobody can come among us now.
paresh keeps calling diwan but his smartphone is off. vidya gives beginning. dai holds the child and says you’ve got a son congratulations. diwan says vidya congratulations. i am dad. i love you. is it a son or daughter? she says its a son. he says we could visit health center now.
TThe dai looks on the baby. she reads a mantra on his head. he stops crying. diwan says is he k? why is he now not crying? vidya screams all at once. she cries. diwan says what happened? please inform me what is occurring inner. why is vidya crying. the dai comes outside with the toddler. she says no.. diwan is dazed. she offers the toddler to diwan. the toddler isn’t moving. diwan is taken aback. diwan is crying. he hugs he child and sobs. dai takes the baby from him. she caresses his face and reads a mantra. something shines in his chest and he starts crying. diwan is stunned. she offers the child back to him. diwan hugs the toddler. vidya smiles in tears. diwan kisses the infant. diwan says see our baby is alive. he is fine. diwan hugs vidya. dai looks at them. she says in coronary heart don’t be so satisfied. he is our kuldeepak.


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