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Kuldeepak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kuldeepak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Chiragh walks downstairs at night. he has something in hand. its a scissor. he is going closer to manjila’s room. dai advised him manjila is turning into a trouble and we should remove her. chiragh is set to stab her. she opens her eyes and screams. paresh wakes up and says what came about. manjila says he will kill me. paresh turns on the lighting. he says that is chiragh why could he kill you. absolutely everyone comes there. manjila says he came to kill me. vidya says what are you doing right here chiraggh? manjila says he got here here to kill me. diwan says you have to have visible a nightmare. he is a 5 12 months old child. how can he kill you? manjila says he isn’t always a child. there may be a person in him.


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I am not mendacity. he wants to kill me. you’ll all see the proof too. ask him what is he doing here with a scissor at midnight? display all and sundry the scissor. chiragh extends his hands. there is a chocolate in his fingers. diwan says so that you name a chocolate a knife? manjila says that is magic. it became scissor. i noticed it myself. diwan says sufficient ba. why could anyone accept as true with you? first you said he was floating and now you are announcing he desires to kill you?
Manjila says can’t see my bruises? he injured me. which baby does that?
Diwan says chiragh did you hit dadi? vidya says say reality chiragh? chiragh says sure i did. i hit her and bit her. vidya says why did you do that? chiragh says she turned into forcing me to visit temple. i advised her i don’t wanna move there. vidya says so you will hit her? is this what i taught you? chiragh says sorry mom. vidya says why did you pressure her into going to temple? diwan says he was kidnapped. how will you assume him to be normal? you think chiragh got here here to homicide you.


Shanaya says but why did he had to come here at this hour? chiragh says i did incorrect. i got here here to mention sorry and give chocolate. manjila says he’s mendacity. diwan says this is your superstition. vidya says we will’t recognize all this. its too overdue. she goes to her room. manjila says i am now not mendacity. paresh says calm down. diwan sits with her. paresh offers her napping pill. she falls asleep.
diwan says dad you ought to sleep too.
Diwan says chiragh is cussed however he is a toddler. the whole lot may be exceptional. we all ought to be affected person.



Scene 2
Diwan is worried. Vidya says are you worried about what happened last night? Vidya says please don’t stay silent. Say it all out. Vidya says I am your wife. I can understand your silence too. He says I can’t see ba like this. I am scared she would be ill. Vidya says don’t worry. She is just scared. We will kick that fear out. Diwan says is it that easy? Vidya says yes its very easy. He hugs her and says I am so lucky you are my wife. He kisses her forehead. Vidya says in heart I won’t let your trust break. Nothing would go wrong.


Kuldeepak 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Vidya is looking for Chiragh. devil says to dai you have to stay with chiragh till he is 25. You have to teach him. There is one trouble. Vidya. adi is teaching Chiragh. Vidya is looking for him.


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