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Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
dai has locked chiragh in the trunk. chiragh continues knocking and saying please open someone. mama please open this. this has locked. dai goes out. yashodin is searching out chiragh. he comes to save however couldn’t see chiragh.
dai says in corridor please pop out all and sundry. i will’t locate chiragh. i looked anywhere. vidya says how is that viable. manjila says we could all look for him. vidya and dai appearance collectively. vidya drops the thread too. yashodin sees every body looking for chiragh. he comes to dai and says in which is chiragh? vidya is going upstairs. yashodin says you have been with vidya? she says this is just my one electricity. you better get out earlier than i show you extra.


Full Details of Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dai says vidya i couldn’t locate chiraghj anywhere. handiest one region is left. vidya says what?
chiragh says mummy please open. he is set to faint. dai brings vidya to store. she says this is the best vicinity left. chiragh says mummy. vidya opens the trunk. chiragh is there and fainted. she screams. vidya takes out chiragh. vidya is crying. she says chiragh open your eyes. they take him to hall. yashodin sees the thread at the table.
Diwan comes and says chiragh please open your eyes. chiragh opens his eyes. he says i didn’t bolt the trunk. a person else came and did that. diwan says who did that? chiragh factors at yashodin. yashodin says i didn’t lock you there chiragh. chiragh says i saw you got here there. chiragh recollects yashodn got here there to search for him before dai locked it. dai says i noticed him coming out of that save room as nicely. yashodon says don’t trust her. she is harming chiragh. dai says you are harming chiragh. you tied knot in hos hand. yashodin says i did that.. diwan says enough yashodin ji. he throws away the thread and says please go from right here. paresh says shut up diwan. i understand yashodin for years. he would never try this. vidya says he has done so much for us. diwan says stop this drama all of you. my baby is scared. and you please go. vidya says don’t say that. yashodin says you’re indignant we can communicate later. he leaves. there may be a trouble that this house is beneath and this is why i came right here. diwan says please leave us on our very own and cross. diwan is going upstairs.
paresh apologizes yashodin.
Scene 2
Vidya is crying at night time. diwan says i am sorry but you supported yashodin and now not me. she says i desired to give up all this. now not most effective chiragh i used to be genuinely scared too. she is sobbing. diwan hugs her. he says not anything would show up to our son. they hear chiragh screaming. chiragh is screaming in sleep. dai is making him.
Vidya and diwan are available in. diwan says what passed off? chiragh says i was scared. diwan says you noticed a horrific dream. you’re my lion son. they hug chiragh. diwan says that is due to yashodin. he has scared my baby. parehs says why would he do this? diwan says he on my own went to the room. vidya says don’t do all this dialogue in front of chiragh.

vidya calls yashodin and apologizes. she says i felt such as you wanted to say something. he says no person might believe me atm. supply me 24 hours everybody will know the reality.
yashodin reads mantra on a water. he says by some means i have to make it drink to that dai. so her fact is available in the front of each person.
Dai comes outdoor chiragh’s room and says his call. chiragh starts offevolved strolling in sleeping. yashodin appears like some thing is incorrect. he says no this shouldn’t happen. his apprentice asks what passed off? yashodin says that dai goes to play a new recreation. chiragh is taking walks outside the room. he comes in the direction of dai and appears at her. chiragh appears at his mother and father dozing and smirks.


Precap of Kuldeepak 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Chiragh is going for walks in jungle. diwan runs after him. he jumps from the cliff.



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