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Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Sheila makes chiragh devour. mili says from today i’m able to have a look at as well. chiragh says you will come to school as well. mili says like your mother. she informed me she will be able to go together with chiragh to highschool. manjila says are you analyzing again vidya? viday says no no i’m able to come again with him. manjila says what approximately the house chores? vidya says i’m able to entire them before going. its crucial that is why i’m going. for a few days i want to be with him for each moment. manjila says don’t suppose an excessive amount of about it. but when you have decided what can i do.
Shiela runs after chiragh to make him drink milk.


Full Details of Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shanaya is about to faint. vidya says what are you doing chiragh. sheila says its not due to chiragh. i assume she turned into not feeling properly. vidya says ma i and chiragh are going to highschool. they depart.
vidya and chiragh come to school. vidya says you like coming lower back here? chiragh says bulbul could be so satisfied to look me. i wanna purchase chocolate for her. he buys candies. vidya says you don’t forget what mummy informed you? he says i will bear in mind. i am an amazing boy now. vidya says you have to make a crying youngsters smile. chiragh looks round nobody is crying. he says i’m able to make a person cry and them make him smile. he makes a child’s juice spill on him through magic. every body makes a laugh of him. he cries. chiragh says forestall anybody. its simply juice that spilled on him.
Chiragh involves elegance. bulbul says you’re returned. i really become missing you. chiragh says i bought something for you. he offers her chocolate. he shows him that toy. bulbul says what’s this? wherein you got it from? chiragh says determined it. chriagh says don’t cry. i can come up with a chocolate. chiragh gives him chocolate. he says thank you. everyone ask chiragh for goodies. chiragh shakes his block. his bag will become complete of goodies. he gives them to absolutely everyone. the guy selling out of doors has his cart all empty. he says where are they all long gone.


Chiragh performs music together with his block. all of the children dance on it. trainer comes to magnificence. the door is locked. vidya says what occurred. she says the door is locked. she opens it. trainer comes in and asks who locked the door? solution me. she asks vidya to head from there. bulbul says i locked. any other stands up and says i did. they all separately says i did. chiragh says no i did. she gets stressed. she punishes all of them.


Vidya meets chiragh outside the magnificence. she says you locked the door? bulbul says we have been simply having amusing. chiragh gave all the children goodies. we did chocolate party. vidya says why chiragh? chiragh says i made that crying youngster glad. vidya says who was crying? he says no person. i made rahul cry then gave him chocolate and made him smile. then every body turned into asking me for sweets so i gave all of them. vidya says where did you get such a lot of candies from? chiragh says were given them. he says i didn’t like trainer scolding me. i gained’t do whatever appropriate aspect once more.


Scene 2
shanaya comes downstairs. mili says you look exact. manjila says you had been not feeling well. in which are you going? doctor requested you to relaxation. shanaya says in heart i can’t surrender on my dream of becoming a version. i’m able to’t lose this settlement. shanaya says mummy my friend is in sanatorium. i must pass. mili says you are goin to over dressed to health center? shanaya says she is my great friend. i am feeling a lot better. manjika says okay pass however come back on time. she leaves. manjila says she have to have long past to birthday party. vidya will live in school half day and now shanaya goes to celebration.


Last Part of Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 3
Chiragh is sitting in garden. vidya says you’re mad? he says sure. teacher scolded me. despite the fact that i did what you requested me to. vidya hears someone coming. she says who’s there? that man or woman with black shoes is there. vidya says who’s there? chiragh sees the shadow. he says why was i punished. he throws away the milk glass. vidya says calm down. churagh runs. vidya runs after him.he comes towards his room. the lighting are sparking. vidya sees the shadow. vidya says that shadow goes towards shanaya’s room.


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