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Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Abhi tells pragya he does no longer care about himself. it wont be proper with tanu if we marry. i can sacrifice and ignore my happiness but can not back off on my beliefs. i don’t care about myself however tanu and her own family has dispensed cards already. their call can be maligned in society if this marriage does not occur. you know what occurs in our society while marriages don’t occur! don’t recognise what step tanu will take. her mother too has last stage most cancers. i don’t know what to do. pragya leaves from there with out announcing whatever.

Full Details of Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dadi wonders what tanu’s mom could have stated to abhi. he regarded truly tensed when I saw him. he stated he will talk to pragya. purab tells her no longer to fear. he’s going to marry di if he has proposed her. why do you fear approximately what tanu’s mother could have said to him? abhi usually does what he comes to a decision once. dadi nods. you forgot people use him to their benefit for the very equal motive. she would possibly have pressured abhi for marriage. sometimes it isn’t desirable for yourself to be so nice. they see pragya coming downstairs looking all sad. dadi asks her why she is so unhappy. what did abhi say? pragya tells her that everything is over. my desires and hopes are over. dadi asks her to give an explanation for. pragya tells all of them that abhi had stated to her. purab desires to talk to her however pragya stops her. you wont say whatever to him in case you care for me. purab motives that they may need to prevent abhi from taking the incorrect route. he even confessed his feelings to you and now he is chickening out? please allow me pass. i understand he’ll listen to me. pragya gives him her swear. dadi asks her why she is stopping purab. don’t you need to marry abhi? why don’t you stop abhi? pragya walks away disillusioned.
abhi recollects the instant whilst pragya had confessed her love for him. he heads out of his room upset.

Purab cannot understand why abhi is doing this. wont or not it’s wrong with pragya didi if he marries tanu in spite of everything that? they see abhi coming downstairs. abhi avoids them and runs out.

Tanu and aaliya are enjoying champagne. they communicate funnily about tanu’s mother who enters simply then? are you guys accomplished along with your celebration? aaliya asks her why she dint sleep till now. tanu’s mom replies that those who’ve to accomplish their goals can not talk. tanu laughs. i am consuming but it is affecting mother. you want to sleep to acquire your goals. her mom tells her to shut up. your relation with abhi become approximately to interrupt due to your careless mind-set only. aaliya gestures tanu on her mother losing it. tanu tells her mom she said the identical component while going out and is simply repeating it. just loosen up. her mother tells her to go and test at the preps. pragya loved abhi however now he too has come to realise it. aaliya calls her inebriated. you imply to say abhi has proposed pragya? we too will confess our love to every other. tanu’s mother nods. aaliya and tanu get severe in a while. aaliya and tanu fear being thrown out of the residence if pragya and abhi marry. tanu’s mom tells them to be quiet. abhi did confess to pragya however he will marry tanu most effective. i constant the entirety. she tells them everything. i emotionally blackmailed him to fulfil the last want of a demise mom. tanu hugs her mom and thank you her. my mom has long past after me. aaliya denies. aunty has taken after me. remarkable! we were planning to do it considering a long time but aunty did it in a single cross. she will be able to by no means come lower back inside the residence now! tanu has the same opinion. pragya’s story might be over as soon as this marriage occurs.

Pragya is walking absentmindedly on the road. abhi’s phrases echo in her head. she recalls her marriage and stumbles in her step. more memories flash before her eyes leaving her teary eyed.

Pragya’s bee ji tells dadi pragya isn’t home but. whilst did she go away from there? dadi says she left someday lower back most effective. bee ji says then it’s going to take some time. dadi tells her to inform her once pragya reaches there. bee ji asks her if there may be something. dadi dismisses it. they quit the decision. bee ji tells sarla ji the entirety. they experience some thing has really passed off. door bell jewelry. sarla ji is certain it is going to be pragya. we can ask her. sarla ji opens the door only to discover pragya in tears. pragya walks in without announcing whatever. sarla ji and bee ji ask her what took place. abhi’s dadi turned into also inquiring for you. has some thing passed off? sarla ji asks her if she fought with abhi. pragya is going internal with out saying some thing and closes the door of her room. pragya breaks down. her circle of relatives contributors bang the door requesting her to atleast talk with them. they get involved.

Pragya notices her wedding photograph at the bedside desk. she cries hugging it.

Abhi’s nani may be very a lot worried for pragya. she dint even attain her domestic. even abhi isn’t anywhere to be visible. dasi offers her water.

Abhi is in a eating place / pub. he gulps down his drink considering his remaining convo with pragya.

On the other hand, pragya maintains to cry hugging the picture. she caresses abhi’s photo. you continually do this with me. it is wrong together with her (tanu) but is it right with me? you always try this with me! why continually me?

Abhi mentally apologizes to pragya. i confirmed you desires and then broke them. please forgive me.

Purab says this takes place each time. we constantly are left dejected after coming so close. abhi confessed his like to di for which she was waiting. that moment turned into right there however then he snatched her happiness from her. this had took place ultimate time additionally in lonavala. the whole thing might be over after the wedding tomorrow! dadi vows no longer to allow abhi and pragya part ways. abhi has held her hand after a lot problem. i wont allow it go down the drain. i wont allow her tough work go waste. i best introduced her in this residence in advance. i’m able to do the identical this time. this time they haven’t come near be separated. i wont allow it show up atleast till the time i am alive. dadi goes from there.

Next morning, aaliya and tanu’s mom compliment each different. tanu’s mom tells aaliya to inform her if she likes a person. we are able to get you married too. aaliya indicates focusing on tanu’s marriage first. tanu’s mother smirks. i made it happen as i am in the last level of most cancers in any case. they do excessive five. dadi and dasi see them. tanu’s mother has delivered haldi from home this time. it dint take place last time. haldi could be very unique this time as i have introduced gold dust in it. aaliya and tanu’s mom communicate loudly to ensure dadi and dasi hear them. bride and groom have to stand out within the wedding ceremony. tanu’s mother tells dadi to add some gold dust too. it need to be equally balanced. aaliya says let’s start the ritual. tanu’s mother asks approximately tanu. aaliya sends her off to head on degree. i’m able to check preps. she is going lower back to tease and taunt dadi and dasi. you too should preserve drinking cold water as you seem indignant. your head may burst. such element shouldn’t happen as it’s far your grandson’s wedding ceremony. i will bring tanu.

Aaliya does not discover tanu in her room. dress is likewise here. where is she?

Last Part of Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tanu comes to meet pragya. how are you? looking at you, every body can tell how you’re feeling although. why did you like? it simplest destroys humans. same is going on with you. now you’re long past. why are your eyes so crimson? dint you sleep complete night time? it might be impossible as the moment you will have closed your eyes you’ll have seen me marrying abhi right? pragya avoids her gaze.

Precap: abhi tells purab there’s absolute confidence that he loves pragya. i really like her as tons as i’ve by no means loved anybody. as large as a truth that it, it’s also a fact that i cannot spoil the promise that i’ve made to tanu. i will must marry her most effective.

Update Credit To: Aneesa

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