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Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with pragya asking abhi to strive their marriage sherwani for his marriage, and says if he wears this then she will no longer refuse for marriage. tanu receives jealous and angry. aaliya tells her that pragya might be more jealous whilst abhi will marry you carrying equal sherwani. they get happy. abhi says i’m able to put on this sherwani most effective. pragya says there are a few precise reminiscences connected with it. dadi is happy and thinks abhi will get back his memory quickly. aaliya and tanu taunt pragya. tanu says she is attempting to make him get returned his memory. aaliya says what is going to manifest if he marries tanu in that same sherwani after 6 days. she says you are making futile effort to dangle flora on cement wall. abhi wears the sherwani and thinks why did pragya said that i’ve some recollections with it. he thinks if i had worn this earlier than and attempts to take into account. pragya thinks to make him take into account the entirety slowly.

Abhi receives flashes of his marriage with pragya which is still blurred. he shouts pragya……pragya says i’m able to test him, and hears him shouting her name. aaliya says if abhi referred to as her. tanu says no. pragya runs to his room. pragya, dadi, purab and others and make abhi relaxation on mattress. abhi says he saw some thing which turned into blurred and then he fainted.

Pragya asks him not to fear. abhi asks her to be with him continually. he faints again and takes her call. purab says he got subconscious. pragya asks him to call medical doctor. Doctor tests him and says there may be not anything to worry. pragya sits at his facet. dadi asks pragya if abhi slept. pragya says yes. health practitioner tells pragya that he wishes to speak to her. pragya asks him to say. health practitioner says abhi got a random assault, and were given flashes of his beyond. he says even his bp were given accelerated and requests them not to attempt to make him keep in mind his past. pragya says remaining time, when I showed you his reviews, you said that we ought to make him get back his reminiscence.

Tanu says so pragya became attempting, and we didn’t recognize. doctor says i stated, but we are able to’t are expecting how frame will respond. purab says his future and profession are at stake, we must do something. dadi asks if there is no manner. doctor says abhi’s existence is greater essential than his memory and asks them now not to attempt to make him consider. pragya thank you him.

Tanu says health practitioner dropped bomb on them. aaliya says he gave happiness to us, now come and see the melodrama. pragya cries. dadi asks her not to lose wish. pragya says my husband is getting married in few days time and i can’t inform him that i am his wife. she says these days someone have snatched all my happiness, and ultimate manner is also closed. tanu and aaliya smirk thankfully.

Pragya says i can live faraway from him, but can’t see my kumkum on a person (tanu) who isn’t always precise. purab tells her that atleast she is having wish and abhi is infront of her. he says bulbul isn’t with me and then also i’m able to pleasing my love for her. he promises her that he will make abhi understand his love for her and says then he’s going to realize who’s his properly wisher and who isn’t always. tanu gets angry at him. aaliya follows her and asks what passed off?

Tanu says whenever purab says something, you turns deaf and dumb. she says he said that he’s going to not permit abhi marry me. aaliya says purab stated, however he can’t do anything. tanu blames him and asks aaliya to stop him in any case. she says don’t blame me if anything occurs to purab.

I can now not supply him a chance and could marry abhi. aaliya asks what you’re going to do with him and says i have emotions for him, i love him and says he’s my obsession and love. she asks her no longer to do anything towards purab, as she will not leave the character harming him. tanu thinks to kill purab and says i’m able to’t lose abhi in your one sided love.

Abhi feels stressed and additionally headache. he switches on television and sees a couple marrying. he gets flashes of his marriage with pragya and thinks if that female turned into pragya or her lookalike. he thinks if pragya wants him to keep in mind his beyond lifestyles with her. he is clueless.

Precap: Pragya promises Sarla and Beeji that Abhi will not marry Tanu and hopes Purab do something. However Purab meets with a preplanned accident by Tanu.

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