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Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode starts with pragya and abhi’s communique. pragya says he shall now not flirt with her as he goes to marry soon. abhi says i used to be no longer flirting with you. pragya says i used to be scared and stunned and that’s why hugged you and asks why did you hug me returned. abhi says while a person shakes hand with you, you shake hand with that person. he says while someone hugs you, you need to reciprocate else you may suppose that i’m arrogant. pragya says you’re smart. abhi smiles. pragya says the matter is something else. dadi calls her. pragya says i can take your solution once i am again and is going. abhi thinks he has feelings for her and asks while he’s marrying tanu, but has something for pragya.

  • Nikhil tells tanu that he become nearly near dying and tells that he desires to kill abhi. tanu says our dream isn’t yet fulfilled. she says i think i shall kill you and that they start fighting. she says i wouldn’t have come to bandage your wounds. nikhil asks him to go and bandage abhi’s wounds and reminds her that he isn’t always her boyfriend now. tanu angrily walks out. purab thinks approximately nikhil’s phrases whilst sleeping and gets flashes. he thinks if that person was nikhil and thinks his enemies are aaliya, tanu and nikhil only.

Abhi thinks why did i hug her again when she hugged me. why do i want her to hug me like one hugs her/his smooth toy. he thinks to name her and pay attention her and thinks of an excuse. he thinks to call on landline wide variety to hear her voice. he calls on landline range and hopes pragya alternatives the call. pragya picks the call…and says hey…are you getting my voice. abhi gets glad listening to her and gives a clean calls again and again, smiles. pragya tells sarla that voice is not coming. sarla says there can be go connection. beeji says it is a right connection and tells that a person’s sleep is disturbed. she indirectly tells that lover wants to hear her voice, but couldn’t speak. sarla asks how do you recognize that abhi is on name. pragya says he will name on mobile. beeji says he’s going to name again. abhi thinks her voice is like hearing musical concert and thinks to call her again. beeji says her assumption is right and asks sarla to let pragya speak to abhi. they go inside. pragya alternatives the call and asks abhi to say something as she has stuck her lie.

Abhi begins speakme and says i’m announcing. he says i was talking, but you couldn’t pay attention me. beeji and sarla are satisfied. sarla says she is satisfied and says abhi can be glad there also, and hopes their happiness could be for forever. beeji asks her to depart everything on them and on god. sarla says lets see what god has written for them. abhi tells pragya that after he couldn’t hear her, why he would communicate. pragya asks why did you name presently, or called to just listen my voice. abhi says no and thinks of a solution. he says i need to inform you about the work to be completed via you. he says you need to meet me, see in my coronary heart, recognise my heart communicate and many others. pragya asks what? abhi says proper night. pragya says you too and ends the call.

Abhi thinks what is occurring to him and thinks if she remains with him for forever then he’s going to get mad. purab sees the cctv pictures and says it’s miles nikhil and thinks to capture him. pragya comes and asks what you are doing here early morning. purab tells that he came to recognize approximately the attacker and asks her to check cctv. pragya sees cctv footage and says nikhil. purab says he got flashes in his dream and that he known as him here today. he says he will tell holi day related questions after which he could be stuck. pragya says this is not the way and says he shall now not realize that we’re doubting on him and says we will get any evidence from his residence. purab says he may have left from his house. pragya says i’ve an idea.

Nikhil is in his car and thinks why did purab referred to as me. he thinks if purab asks him in which he changed into whilst the accident came about and why he didn’t come for holi birthday party then he will reply him. abhi asks purab how is he? purab says it seems he has woken up from lengthy sleep. pragya comes and asks purab to speak to abhi and asks him to get his clothes ready for his bestfriend’s wedding ceremony. she asks abhi if he wants to marry tanu or not. abhi says don’t know. pragya asks him to stop the work before purab brings jacket. abhi asks purab why did fuggi behaving as though she is his spouse.

Tanu thinks friends are becoming enemies and thinks Purab and Pragya never dies. Pragya smiles. Abhi says I called you sweet. Pragya tells him that they are going to buy jacket for Purab and asks him to talk to Nikhil. Abhi says okay baby ji…gyaani. Pragya thanks him.

Precap: Tanu says she don’t want inauspicious person. Nikhil asks if I am inauspicious. She slips and falls in his embrace. They have an eye lock. Abhi comes and sees their romantic pose.


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