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Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with tanu speakme to her parents. tanu’s mum tells that she is busy in purchasing. her dad asks if she needs some thing and says they may be coming for her wedding. tanu thinks she forgot about her wedding and thinks even pragya have to have forgotten it. nikhil comes domestic. mitali asks what you are doing right here? nikhil says purab called me right here. mitali says he went out now. tanu asks nikhil what you are doing here and takes him inside her room. mitali thinks to ask him about breakfast. tanu asks why did you come right here? nikhil asks her not to get scared and tells that purab didn’t hear some thing. it become dhol wala who attempted to kill him and nowadays i…nikhil came. she asks why did you return? nikhil says he came to talk approximately ad. tanu says yesterday he were given focus and today he called you for ad work. she asks why did you return? nikhil asks him to talk with appreciate. tanu says she is getting married after 2 days and don’t need inauspicious people around her. nikhil asks if i am inauspicious and pushes her. they crumple at the mattress and come to be in a romantic pose. abhi comes and sees them on mattress. tanu and nikhil gets up from bed.

  • Pragya and purab come to nikhil’s residence. they test for keys, however couldn’t get it. purab asks when you have pin. pragya says no. purab manages to open the lock and gets interior. abhi asks nikhil why did you return? nikhil says he came to speak to purab. he says tanu was there and known as me here. she says she concept to speak to him approximately advert. abhi says you would have talked to every other infront of me. tanu says i idea you may be disturbed. she says i fell down and nikhil changed into supporting me. nikhil says i used to be supporting her. abhi says human beings slip frequently. tanu says now you may talk. abhi says we will have assembly in hall. nikhil asks about purab. abhi says he went to take healthy and asked him to do assembly. tanu thinks pragya need to have normal her defeat and that’s why went for shopping.

Purab and pragya check for proof in nikhil’s house. pragya asks him to be cautious as nikhil shall now not recognise that they got here right here. she asks what you was speakme to him. purab says abhi felt like you’re his spouse, by means of the way you scold him. he says you gives him feeling that you are his spouse. pragya asks him to pay attention on proofs. purab says nikhil is smart. they seek inside the different room. pragya tests and tells purab that almari is locked. purab thinks what there is probably inside and thinks some thing is near his heart. they search for the keys. they get tanu’s pregnancy report in which tanu and nikhil’s names written as parents of toddler. purab says can be he turned into emotional attached to infant. pragya says nikhil may saved it to blackmail tanu later if she betrays him. purab says that is tanu’s man or woman certificate and says what he’s going to do if he involves recognise that tanu became once pregnant with nikhil’s toddler with out marriage.

Pragya asks if we are doing incorrect? purab says this will paintings for us and if we don’t try this then many lives will be ruined. he says we are able to ruin tanu’s face with this. pragya says shall we cross. they depart from there. abhi tells nikhil that he’ll study the settlement and sign and says purab will talk to you. nikhil says ok and goes. abhi thinks where is fuggi and thinks to invite her. he thinks to call her and then thinks what she can tease him. he checks the clause and thinks to call her. abhi thinks pragya entered his body like a deadly disease and he’s stressed with out her. pragya comes and asks him to have water to calm his heart. he is set to take the glass and thinks her gone, thinks it become his creativeness. he thinks to apply her method and is derived to kitchen. he asks robin to provide him cold water. pragya dressed as robin gives him water. abhi spits the water and dances along with her luckily. naa paana hai yeh music performs…..he is ready to kiss her….while she symptoms him no longer to.

Robin shouts and asks him not to kiss him. abhi involves his senses and tells that robin….you. robin thanks him for dancing with him and respecting him. abhi thinks i imagined pragya in robin’s get dressed and thinks she become looking lovable.


Precap: pragya tells tanu that she will divulge her before the wedding. tanu asks her to excuse her as she can cross and attempt her wedding ceremony outfit. pragya asks her to try it today itself and says atleast your dream to wear bridal dress can be fulfilled.



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