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Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with purab telling abhi that nikhil is tanu’s boyfriend. tanu says she don’t understand nikhil and tells that she just knows that nikhil is aaliya’s buddy. aaliya comes there. tanu asks aaliya to assist her and tell anyone that she doesn’t recognize him. aaliya asks why you are lying. tanu says we are friends and asks her to help. aaliya asks do you need me to lie, and apologizes. she says you’re asking me to deceive my own family and says i can’t mislead my family. all of us is shocked. aaliya says you wishes me to inform my family which you don’t have any relation with him. she says you met him infront of me, then why don’t you have any relation with him. tanu says i met him thru aaliya, but he isn’t my boyfriend. aaliya says who advised that he’s your boyfriend. tanu says purab advised.


Aaliya asks how can he body her pal. purab says he is saving his buddy. he says you knows the way to defend your pal and asks if you are also betraying abhi.

Purab says tanu was once pregnant with nikhil’s toddler. tanu asks him to shut up. aaliya asks how ought to you are saying this, you don’t care about her popularity and appreciate. purab says this accusation is big, however she didn’t think before doing this. aaliya asks if you have any proofs for this allegation. purab says i have a evidence. pragya offers him proof. tanu says so that is your conspiracy and tells abhi that his secretary is trying to separate them. purab says this proof is brought by using me and no longer her, and asks tanu to tell that he’s jealous of her. tanu asks what is the proof? purab says that is the pregnancy record in which it became written that you was pregnant with nikhil’s child. tanu says i’m able to no longer agree. purab says i delivered this record to show abhi and he has study it. tanu says this is fake. purab says it can be, however it may be original too. tanu asks him to stop it. abhi feels disgusted.


Tanu asks him to tell that he trusts her and asks him to say some thing. abhi recollects salesgirl informing him that tanu came with nikhil few days ago. he remembers seeing them in romantic pose in tanu’s room. abhi says i need to trust you and say something, however can’t seeing what i have visible. he says i don’t want to marry, but agreed to save your appreciate. i have long gone in opposition to dadi’s happiness and desire and idea i was doing proper, and what did you do with me in go back. he says i’m able to undergo your beyond, however now not your lie. he says you didn’t betray me with the aid of keeping your relation with nikhil, however by way of hiding about him. he asks why didn’t you marry nikhil when you become pregnant with his child. he asks her to answer. purab says abhi could have forgiven you, but who is aware of if this pregnancy record is first or 2, 3 four….


Tanu slaps him and asks how dare he to wreck her individual. abhi says purab have proves. purab asks her if she has any proof that he is a liar and she or he is sati savitri. tanu says she has proofs for his all accusations and goes to her room. she thinks she will provide them a fitting reply and could supply reply to them along with her document. she searches for the file and thinks she will be able to make pragya decrease in abhi’s eyes and get her kicked out of house. she thinks you have ended your 48 hours and says no person can stop my marriage. she gets a few record. pragya thinks if i shall talk to abhi or depart him on my own. abhi thinks don’t realize what fuggi is probably considering me. he feels suffocated. aaliya is going to room. dadi asks pragya what is probably the proof. mitali tries to listen them. dasi asks her to head. pragya concerns that tanu might tell some thing which can also deteriorate abhi’s fitness. she says we will chance abhi’s lifestyles to forestall his marriage. purab says she will be able to now not do any stupidity and says they don’t want abhi to get returned his reminiscence.


Aaliya involves tanu and asks what changed into the evidence? tanu tells her that she will be able to display the faux dna file wherein her child’s father is abhi. she says abhi will marry her seeing the document. aaliya asks her to prevent and says i gained’t permit you to move. tanu says you desires to lure me like them. aaliya slaps her and asks her to suppose what’s going to happen then. tanu says she wants to shop her marriage. aaliya asks in case you show dna record to abhi then he’ll ask why didn’t he marry her. she says then tell him that he changed into married to pragya and that’s why they did this plan. she says abhi gets lower back his reminiscence and we can be kicked out of this residence. tanu seems on stunned. she says if i had proven the file, then pragya could have been gained, and i have misplaced. she asks aaliya to assist her. dasi comes and asks tanu to show the proofs. aaliya says we are coming and asks her to move. aaliya keeps lower back the dna file. pragya thinks why did tanu haven’t come until now and thinks she have to be planning. abhi seems at her, and thinks he needs her and desires to hug her. pragya thinks even i want to hug you and might’t see you want this.


  • Pragya and abhi promotes zee cineawards tomorrow.


Precap: Tanu involves abhi. abhi says he needs to know the fact for his circle of relatives.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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