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Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


the episode begins with aaliya asking mrs. mehta why she is worrying as it’s miles just 1 night remember, and the following day abhi will marry tanu. mrs. mehta tells that you each have let them on my own and given them chance to rekindle their romance. she says i received’t allow my daughter’s lifestyles wreck and is aware of what to do. dasi and dadi speak to purab. dadi says they’re inside the identical room. dasi says abhi is taking care of pragya. purab says he shall speak his coronary heart out for pragya, else he’s going to have to marry tanu. dadi says abhi expressed his love by saving her, and pragya additionally expressed her love. she says day after today it is going to be abhi and pragya’s day. purab asks her not to fear and says abhi will marry pragya di tomorrow.

abhi is sitting near the window. pragya comes there. abhi holds her hand and makes her sit down.

he asks what’s extra…pragya says she has waited for this day and idea nowadays will in no way come. abhi says whilst i have come, at the moment had to come. pragya asks while did you recognize which you loves me. abhi says it’s miles an extended tale. pragya asks him to start. abhi says lets begin from the start….and asks if she recollects when she went to palghar to her mama’s residence. pragya asks then…abhi says then i found out that i used to be lacking you. when goons stuck you, then i realized that i take care of you. he says whilst we had gone on a double date with tanu and purab, i realized that i will’t see you with each person else. he asks her to return closer.
pragya asks then you understand love. abhi says do you understand that we had taken rounds of friendship and gave vows to each different. do you remember that whilst you become locked in bloodless garage and your breath stopped and that i…..he gets closer for a kiss and says then i found out and receives dubious that i am in love. pragya says you don’t do not forget whatever. abhi says i informed the whole thing and asks when did you realize love for me. pragya says i take into account the whole thing, and recall all moments. abhi says you would possibly understand being my fan. pragya says yes. abhi says you don’t recollect when did you fall in love and asks if it became love at the beginning sight. pragya says it became not love before everything sight, however sluggish and deep love, initially i don’t such as you, however afterward…..i fell in love with you. abhi says you may fall in love with me again and again.

mrs. mehta thinks i received’t permit pragya separate tanu with abhi. abhi says even my love become not love at the beginning sight and says luckily we’ve got confessed love, and says you are my song so that it will in no way go from my mouth. he says music came in my life as a way to get you. he says human beings are looking us else…we might have…mrs. mehta thinks to keep abhi and pragya separately till he marries tanu. abhi asks pragya to come and says we shall tell dadi that i got my fuggi. he lifts her. pragya asks him to promise that he’s going to call her fuggi always. abhi is of the same opinion to name her fuggi constantly and asks her to answer him haan ji…pragya says haan ji. abhi and pragya hug every different happily. janam janam plays……………….she recollects their marriage etc.

tanu asks aaliya approximately her opinion. aaliya says your mum is like sarla and says it changed into melodramatic. tanu says can be..however she is worried as my marriage broke up once. aaliya says we will do something. tanu says i assume mummy is a whole lot hyper. dasi tells dadi that she will pass and test what abhi and pragya are doing considering the fact that an hour. dadi asks her to wait and recognize. she says the extra we allow them to alone, then simplest they will get chance to speak. purab comes there and asks why you’re scolding her. dadi says your supporter got here. dasi says abhi and pragya are locked within the room because an hour and that i need to understand what is occurring. purab says you didn’t check. dadi says nobody will check and asks them to sit silently. dasi says she will wait outside the room. dadi asks her to be affected person and says they may inform through themselves. mrs. mehta open the door of the room, and notice abhi and pragya hugging and kissing every different. she is bowled over and closes the door. abhi and pragya hold to romance each other.



Mrs. Mehta thinks how to stop Abhi and thinks Tanu don’t understand. Abhi says lets go to Dadi and tell her. Mrs. Mehta thinks to do something. Abhi says Dadi will be surprised and not shocked as she likes her and not Tanu. He says she will be pleasantly surprised and asks her to come. They are about to go, and see Tanu’s mum opening the door. Abhi asks do you have any work with Tanu. Mrs. Mehta says she was searching him and says can I talk to you alone. Abhi says okay. Pragya smiles.


Last Part of Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pragya is taking to Abhi’s pic and says you have given me a new life. She thinks you have fallen in love with me again and says don’t know how to stop your marriage, but now God have fulfilled all my wishes and I can’t stand on land being happy. She says although she trusts her love, but sometimes she gets doubtful, today whatever you told is directly from your heart.


Precap of Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update Dadi is happy to know that God has listened to her and Abhi have realized his feelings. She tells that she is not afraid of anyone and got her bahu today.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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