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Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update. Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Abeer tells karuna that he knows where is amla and says she ought to have long past to isha’s house. karuna says sure, she would possibly have long past there and says isha had given her number to amla. they start trying to find anisha’s number questioning her to be isha. karuna receives it and gives to abeer. mando says i can call on this variety. she calls anisha and says she is mandakini, amla’s bhabhi. she asks her to offer call to amla. amla hears her and signs and symptoms her no longer to tell mando. anisha says i don’t know where is she and ends the call. mando says she is not there. karuna says didn’t she know something about her. mando says i talked infront of you. raghu gets concerned. abeer asks her to present the variety and says he will strive together with his smartphone. he calls her. anisha picks the call. abeer says he’s amla…..anisha says i just talked to her bhabhi and says i don’t recognise in which is amla. raghu takes the call and says we all are very worried, he starts offevolved crying and asks her to go looking his amla.


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Amla takes the call and tells that she is exceptional and asks him not to cry. raghu says amlu and asks her to come back domestic. abeer takes the decision and asks her in which is she? he says i’m able to come to take you. amla says she don’t need to speak to him and asks him to offer name to raghu. abeer says anyone is crying right here. amla says they’re crying due to you and asks why didn’t you leave you whilst you said that you’ll go away. she asks why did you come back and says i realize you had been a liar. she asks how dare you to like me and says you saw me with bad eye. abeer says you heard the whole thing and says you need to have relied on me and read the letter. amla says she did a mistake and says she don’t like him. she says i didn’t tear that letter as you have written all approximately your crime, some thing you have done that night time.


Abeer feels terrible and asks her to tell her address, says i will come and take you. why you desires to punish bhao. amla says my ache is mine and i need to stay on my own. abeer says i can no longer stay right here and could pass, and asks her to think about ragho and go back home. amla says i don’t need to come home and says i simply hate you and ends the call. she gives cellphone to anisha and is going. anisha appears bowled over hearing amla. she says this an awful lot hatred and pain between them, what should have came about among them.


Mando asks abeer what she stated. karuna and raghu ask if she is coming. abeer says she said that she will not come. mando asks what does she imply? she says we are able to convey her again retaining her ear. she asks if she will be able to come after blackening her face. karuna says we will seek her. abeer says she stated that she can now not go back until i’m here. raghu says she will come, if i name her. he says in early life each time we used to play cover and are looking for, she used to pop out. abeer assures him that he’ll deliver amla again and tells that he will deliver isha’s number to police to get address and goes.


Raghu tells karuna which you understand how the metropolis guys. karuna asks him no longer to worry. mando calls viren and tells him that she has some thing to tell him. she says she wishes cash for this news. viren says you already were given the cash and asks her to tell. mando tells him that police needs them. viren asks what do you want? she asks for 5 lakhs rupees. viren asks her to go to police and get the money from them. rishan asks viren, are you crazy. viren says she will call once more being grasping. mando thinks now see how she fetches cash from him. anisha gets geared up to move for workand does her make up. anisha asks amla to be careful and cope with herself and says tonight you may be on my own. she says she is going out with sunny.


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Abeer comes with constable to the brothel and asks him why did he carry him here. constable says the phone’s deal with is this. he asks owner of the brothel approximately isha and offers her description. different girl asks if he is talking approximately annie. owner indicates annie/anisha’s %. abeer says she is the only. girl says she is annie and no longer isha, and used to paintings with me earlier than. abeer is bowled over. girl says she meets personal clients and says escorts. abeer asks what? constable says escort manner call woman. abeer is greatly surprised.


Precap: Sunny calls a person and says that female might be alone in night time. viren tells rishan that he’s going to make a large wall between evan and abeer. rishan asks how? viren asks him to see. inspector tells abeer that the case isn’t easy and he has to investigate and enquiry from every attitude. dev comes to anisha’s residence holding bouquet. amla steps closer to the door being scared.


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