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Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update. Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Mando says what do you observed that in case you go from right here then you can conceal out of your crimes and asks him to do penance. bhao asks mando to come back. mando tries to pay attention her and bell gets pressed with the aid of mistake. karuna opens the door. mando laughs and says she forgot what to say. she then say that they have to help each other as they’re alone in the metropolis.


Full Details of Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishan gets viren’s name and he asks him to shift some stocks on his names. rishan says he’s going to see seeing the corporation’s overall performance. viren says enterprise performance is solid and can be always. rishan says he’ll get shares transferred on his call inside the morning. viren thanks him and ends the decision. rishan thinks he is looking emi for my favors. he gets his secretary’s messages and percent massages. he desires her satisfied birthday. she asks him to return earlier than 12 and desire her. rishan says this is not feasible as pallavi is conscious. secretary takes pictures in revealing garments and sends to him. she asks him to make her sleep and continues to ship the snap shots. he smiles seeing her pix. pallavi comes there and something falls down. rishan gets alert and maintains the cellular down. pallavi asks why he is bowled over. he says nothing and switches off his cellular. secretary tries calling him. pallavi asks him to return for dinner. he goes.
Karuna involves amla and says she wishes to speak. mando says she is very cussed and takes karuna to side. she says we will manage ourselves, but she can take care. she asks her not to make amla consider justice and asks her to make abeer recognize his responsibility for her. she asks her to reserve her food. karuna says adequate and is going.


While karuna and abeer are about to have food. mando comes there and says she didn’t order paneer vegetable seeing the charge. she tells that amla makes paneer curry well and says i can make her have this. she takes the dish pronouncing she will be able to make amla have it. karuna and abeer are surprised seeing her greediness. karuna asks him to have dal.
Divya involves viraj’s room. viraj says mother. divya signs and symptoms him not to speak to him and goes. viraj gets dissatisfied and liquids wine.


Secretary rasika asks rishan why did you turn off your smartphone after I despatched you message and pix. he says he became with own family with whom he became sorting out a few problems. secretary says that is the identical own family, because of whom, you came to me, to get rid of them.


She says it needs to be something extreme and asks what happened? she says handiest she attempts to preserve their dating and says it hurts each time he ignores her. rishan says these days is your birthday so we can have fun it nowadays. she says she has some expectancies from their relation and if he can’t fulfill then tell her now. evan is about to move within the cabin, however suveer comes and takes him to expose some thing. rishan tells rasika what is her expectation. he says he will not divorce pallavi, and asks who advised you this. be practical, who am i? pallavi is my lifestyles and i can’t depart my circle of relatives, children and commercial enterprise in a single pass. he says you aren’t sixteen years of age to have fallen in love. rasika receives irked and is going.


Evan sees rasika coming out of room disenchanted. he tells suveer that rishan hurts many people and it’s going to fee him at some point.


Last Part of Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev is sitting at a tea save. manisha says it’s far less sugary and asks him to take sugar replenish. she asks him to sit down. dev sits. she appears at him and says i’m seeking to recognize you. dev asks her no longer to try and understand him. manisha asks what came about? he receives a name and disconnects the call. his smartphone earrings again. he switches off cellphone. manisha says you’ve got come right here, combating with your own family and tries to wager. she asks what is the tale? she says each of you is probably false impression every other and asks why you’re going to mumbai. she asks if he goes to act in movies and asks if he has any relative there. dev says no. manisha says you may stay in my house. dev asks in case you let stranger live in your home. manisha says we’ve travelled together and asks him to befriend her.


Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Amla shouts seeing bhao and abeer bringing her box and says it’s miles container of her desires. abeer is shocked. mando asks abeer to hold the furnishings inside the room. amla stops him.


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