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Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Amla is bowled over to look abeer and tells bhao that he’s certainly one of them and asks them to ask him to head. she asks mando, what you’ve got executed? you got me married to this guy, he’s one most of the rapist. abeer takes viren to aspect and says why didn’t you inform her. viren says what shall i say? he tells that she is in surprise and tells that her bhabhi agreed for marriage. he tells that many marriages happen with out bride and groom seeing every other faces before. abeer says this isn’t always a everyday marriage. viren says her lifestyles will be pleasant now and he or she will begin afresh. mando asks amla why she is staring her, when she shall be ashamed after getting her recognize stolen, and asks her to thank her as she were given her married to her rapist. amla refuses to simply accept the marriage, wipes her sindoor and breaks her mangalsultra. she asks bhao how can he permit her marry her rapist. she says this isn’t always a person, however an animal. bhao is bowled over and asks mando if she knows approximately his truth. he gets angry at abeer and beats him. viren asks what happened to you and says abeer stored your sister’s recognize, calls him mad. amla says he is not mad.


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Viren says he has rectified his mistake and that’s why married amla. bhao says all and sundry shall get chance to rectify the error. amla says his mistake can’t be rectified. mando says she is a mad sister of a mad brother. amla shouts asking her to prevent and says she heard her taunts all existence and says nowadays anything you have got done with me is a large betrayal and i don’t take delivery of this marriage. viren and mando laughs. viren says your marriage is accomplished. mando asks her to call dev if she can marry her. amla says she goes to meet dev and is prepared to die together with his hand. mando stops her. bhao tells amla that dev is irritated and could kill all of us folks. amla says dev is higher than him and it is right for me to die together with his fingers.


Dev is in police station. neeru refuses to let him pass. dev guarantees that he’ll not do whatever. neeru asks what you want to do? she tells your laadi were given married and have done the entirety, not anything will exchange in case you fear. she tells she had an affair with that man at the back of your back and taken back case. she provokes him against amla. dev cries.


Mando asks bhao to trap amla. he slips and falls down the steps. amla shouts bhao. abeer helps him get up. amla asks him to transport and pushes him. mando asks amla to push her also and tells that she thought of her betterment. she tells that she tried to wipe her kalaang with sindoor and says what shall i do. where to run with manno. bhao tells that dev is surely indignant and will kill us. amla says not anything will happen and tells that she will no longer pass and could undergo everything. mando signs and symptoms viren and smirks wiping her faux tears. abeer seems on sad.


Karuna tells nikitai that the whole lot became deliberate and tells that what abeer and amla have to be thinking. nikitai tells that we will visit press. karuna says no one will move against malik, who’ve the strength and says she has lost and failed to convey up abeer.


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In Mumbai, suveer comes viraj’s residence. evan asks him to play sport with him. suveer says i got information for you, abeer got married to that woman. evan gets glad and hugs suveer. viraj is unhappy. evan says we’re saved, marriage befell. viraj is depressed. pallavi appears at suveer’s formative years percent and cries. she says suveer….servant comes and says i delivered juice for you, and asks what took place? pallavi says she is tired and asks her to take lower back juice. servant is going. viren gets tickets from the attorneys. mando asks viren approximately the cash. viren gives her money. he says he’s going to give envelope to abeer additionally. mando says what became the need? viren says he’s now your sister in regulation’s husband. he attempts to offer cash to abeer. abeer refuses to take it. viren asks how a good deal money do you have? abeer says he has some money in cash and in account. viren says amla is his obligation now. amla sees viren giving money to abeer.


Kya kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Amla tells mando that she can visit foreign if she wants and tells that she will be able to now not move anywhere. yuvraj informs dev about abeer. dev involves karuna’s residence and breaks the matters. karuna calls abeer. abeer is greatly surprised to recognise that dev got here to his residence. amla hears abeer taking dev’s name.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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