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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts vijaylaxmi saying i did this to control the situation as you were melting in madhav’s love. rajmata says matters spoiled more. madhav shouts to servant to get the car. vijaylaxmi asks rajmata to prevent madhav. rajmata asks you suspect your dad will harm madhav. she stops madhav and says we must do matters exceptional with rana ji first, you can’t pass there. madhav leaves on his horse. kamini calls him.


Full Details of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Hina comes and says congrats, your marriage got constant, i m happy. kamini smiles. hina indicates candies and says rajmata has sent this for you. kamini takes the sweets and eats. she asks hina to have it. hina receives satisfied and is going. servant tells vijaylaxmi that work is carried out earlier than madhav went there. she says nice, get the auto. madhav comes to meet kamini. he runs to her and hugs. she says everyone will see. he says i don’t care now. she asks him to prevent. he says i need you this night and kisses her palms. he asks her now not to transport returned please. she says no, now not this time, we aren’t on my own, my mother and father are here, we have to no longer pass a few limits.
Madhav says quality come with me. hina eats candies and coughs. ali asks what took place and gets water for her. he makes her lie down. madhav and kamini spend romantic time. he does shayari. she smiles and reminds the day when he has showered many plants on her. jalte diye…..performs…. madhav and kamini get intimate.


Madhav rests in her lap. she faints. he asks her what passed off. he receives involved. hina’s own family checks her and cry. ali is going to name physician. vijaylaxmi asks what’s madhav doing, did you meet him. servant says madhav is nice, don’t worry, i got information. she says i don’t pay you to get information by way of a person, move there and inform me what’s occurring, ali and his circle of relatives is likewise there.


She says then depart it, if you go at this time, they are able to point finger at me, they all realize you’re dependable to me, madhav is pleasant, he can’t do whatever, we have to wait till poison influences, i need to recognize what’s happening. servant says ali’s daughter hina had sweets, she is serious. she says its pleasant.


Madhav sprinkles water on kamini and wakes her up. he asks her is she pleasant. she says i m getting dizzy, this in no way occurred with me. he says thank god you are best. she receives dizzy. he says you want a few rest, come. he lifts and takes her. hina vomits the candies. the person says all poison came out, now its fine. the ladies fear. the man says don’t worry, i can get medication, don’t make her sleep, it is going to be risk for her existence, i m hakim, do as i say.


Ali says i did no longer get doctor, we are able to take her to clinic, what occurred to her. his dad says this chocolates have poison. ali says no, rajmata has sent this. his dad says it has poison, don’t attempt to devour it, let hina get best. ali asks why will every person add poison on this. madhav and kamini come on the pony. madhav asks ali to keep kamini. madhav receives kamini down the pony and asks him to send warm coffee. ali attempts to say. his dad stops him. ali asks why did you stop me, we’ve to inform madhav, kamini and hina need to be taken to medical institution. his dad says police may be involved, some smart man or woman did this, rajmata or a person else, we must be cautious.


Madhav asks kamini is she pleasant. he makes her relaxation. ali is going there. he says my dad is hakim, need to he check kamini as soon as. madhav says no, she might be first-rate with relaxation. his dad receives kada. kamini says i m exceptional, don’t fear, i’m able to get sparkling by way of having sleep. he asks her to drink kada and not sleep, perhaps its affect of water trade. ragini comes and asks what took place, you right here madhav.


Last Part of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Madhav says kamini did not take relaxation, so she were given dizzy, this is ali’s dad hafeez, he was giving medicinal drug to kamini. kamini drinks the kada. rana says what does madhav think about himself, i can destroy him, how are you so calm viju, you continue to take care of him. vijaylaxmi asks him to calm down, anger is not true for his health, we will find a manner. he says there is just one way for madhav, to transport him off the way. she says we have to stop that typhoon, now not madhav. he says you signed divorce papers and did stupidity. she says it became time’s call for, you should express regret to rajmata, we are able to get victory if we undergo this insult, i’m able to tell you while time comes, just do what i say. he says i’m able to in no way apologize to each person. she says madhav’s existence is in 3 parrots, i’ve moved one off from the way, you’ll convince other one, i can win this recreation with the aid of the use of the 1/3 one.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Kamini stores for marriage. shekhar says her mystery lover will no longer be hidden now. madhav says kamini can’t recognize my mystery. arun says whose marriage, its simply rumors. kamini seems on.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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