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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 



The episode starts with madhav pronouncing i m going to remarry you. vijaylaxmi receives satisfied and acts greatly surprised. she thank you him. he says our relation can be just namesake like earlier than. she says so you aren’t marrying through happiness, better don’t try this marriage. he says i don’t want to argue extra. she says quality, its some other chance for me to rectify my errors, i wish our marriage is full of happiness. he says i don’t think of all that. he is going. she says even i don’t assume, i m no longer fascinated to end up your spouse, i will become mp and my dream will be completed.


Full Details of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update


Suyyash comes and greets kamini. she asks what do you want from me. he apologizes. she asks him to talk about present. he says you probably did right to slap that reporter, i need to aid you, you have to do an special interview. anu signs kamini. kamini asks approximately what. suyyash says humans should recognise about current topics. she refuses. he says people are making a laugh of you, this can cross on. he attempts to convince her. ragini agrees with him. she asks why do you want to help me. he says i won’t lie, i m doing this to repent, i m sorry. kamini says excellent, just ship the questions listing to me after which i will assume. suyyash says finished, i will see you on the interview, thank you. he goes.
Rana says your smile shows madhav gave the good news. vijaylaxmi says sure, this remarriage is rebirth for me. he praises her. rajmata blesses her. he makes vijaylaxmi contact madhav’s toes as nicely. madhav gets back. she says its fine, you’re remarrying me, i’m able to regard this as blessing. rana asks madhav to inform this exact information to public. rajmata asks why, that is personal be counted. madhav says i m against this. rana says i stated in your true, birthday celebration high command is asking about your divorce. madhav says they did no longer ask me. rana says query turned into approximately you, you’ll want time to recognize politics. rajmata says it does no longer madhav becomes an issue. rana says no, i mean madhav need to hold vijaylaxmi’s hand and say divorce is a lie. madhav says but its true, there may be prison record of my divorce. rana says how is it imp, we can burn the papers, don’t fear. he asks vijaylaxmi to go and get the papers.


Mili says i don’t locate any question wrong. anu says he honestly desires to pass on. kamini says best, restore the interview time. vijaylaxmi gets the papers. rana says now this reality won’t are available in the front of the world. he burns the divorce papers. madhav says what you desired has befell, am i able to depart now. rana says you need to calm the hearth. madhav says i stored private lifestyles far from public existence. rajmata says you don’t pressurize madhav. rana says i did all preparations. vijaylaxmi asks what’s this paper. rana says madhav and your unbreakable bond is written, take this paper, examine this properly and tell everything to public, then see the miracle. madhav is going. rajmata thinks how can madhav pass thru this difficult time. suyyash welcomes kamini and thank you her for coming. kamini asks when will interview start. he says 20 mins. she asks in which is green room. he says right here, come. madhav reads the speech and says what a terrible speech, such a lot of lies. he receives a message from pratap. he says kamini stay on cutting-edge times. he asks pratap what did you message.


Last Part of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update


Pratap says human beings are gossiping approximately it. madhav says kamini isn’t always on suitable phrases with suyyash, why will she supply interview, discover the reality, if she getting harmed, cal me. vijaylaxmi gets servant’s room and asks rana approximately kamini’s interview, you said media banned her. rana says its suyyash’s channel, i’m able to call him. he calls suyyash and asks what’s going on, are you mad, kamini slapped you, you desired revenge, you are taking her stay interview. suyyash says its in my hands, you will know what will show up via the interview, take a look at it and then you may be praising me. rana laughs and says your intentions look genuinely excellent, high-quality, my quality desires are with you, don’t damage things. suyyash asks him no longer to worry, all scores gets settled nowadays.


Precap: Kamini asks suyyash will you are taking my interview. he says yes. madhav and vijaylaxmi move for the meet. suyyash starts accusing kamini for cheating usa. karanveer, ragini, shekhar and kamini get greatly surprised.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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