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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with kamini contemplating some thing came about and operating out. she does skipping and falls down. ragini asks her how did she fall, is she great. kamini says yes, i m simply concerned, i can no longer take any help from all of us. mili comes and says media does not want to eliminate the ban, its impossible for any new project to return, there may be one interesting offer, you are getting 5 crores to carry out in wedding ceremony anniversary, king madhav’s fifth wedding ceremony anniversary birthday celebration is saved, his father in law rana invited kamini. ragini says no, i don’t recognize any king, kamini will now not dance in every body’s anniversary. mili says kamini has no paintings, 5 crores for 10mins performance.


Full Details of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Ragini says no want. mili asks kamini shall i refuse them. ragini says refuse to them. kamini stops mili and says i receive this offer. ragini asks what, are you mad, you know the whole lot. kamini says yes, however inform them i m geared up to perform, i’ve two situations, i want 5 crores earlier and i’m able to carry out with ghunghat on face, madhav will lift my ghunghat on the stop of the performance. mili asks is this no longer ordinary, sorry, i can call. ragini says no. kamini says include me, i can provide an explanation for. ragini scolds her. mili calls rana. he asks her did kamini say anything. mili says kamini common your provide. rana laughs and says thank you. she tells her situations.
Kamini asks do you watched i m doing this for happiness, my reason is some thing else. ragini asks what are you thinking. rana says inform kamini that she will get five crores, and ghunghat situation is a laugh, we haven’t any hassle. mili thanks him. rana says when madhav removes her ghunghat, it will be amusing. ragini asks will you get the whole thing through doing this. kamini says sure, a remaining face off is important, pray that i be triumphant.


Madhav feeds madhavi. vijaylaxmi comes. madhavi says moms and dads’s marriage, i need kamini aunty. madhav says don’t say this. vijaylaxmi asks her to be quiet. madhavi asks him to marry kamini. vijaylaxmi asks her to behave like a child. madhav says she is just a child. anu says i just got here. mili says rana agreed, and requested if you will take money by way of cheque or coins. kamini says by way of cash, my bank money owed are seized, its his hassle, i’m able to determine what to do approximately it.


Mili says rana has to make preparations for one who’s accompanying you. kamini says i don’t need anyone except shekhar. mili asks why shekhar. kamini asks her now not to invite nonsense questions. mili says atleast you may need hair and make up artist. anu says you usually take us, why are you fending off this time, any special motive. kamini says simply one motive, i need to move in advance with minimum aid, sorry in case you men felt awful. anu says kamini is changing lots. mili says i will continually help her. anu says i’m hoping some thing occurred does no longer clutch her innocence.


Rana involves vijaylaxmi and gives goodies. vijaylaxmi says let marriage manifest. rana says kamini is going to dance to your anniversary. she asks what, i notion she will be able to refuse. he says she did 5 crores cope with me. he tells kamini’s circumstance and laughs. she asks why. he says perhaps she is ashamed to dance in front of madhav, keep this a secret, if madhav and rajmata recognise this, it is going to be bad. she says you are announcing proper, it will likely be a brilliant second, kamini will pass away from his coronary heart.


Shekhar thinks of suyyash and says i assume i have to have offered kamini’s pictures to suyyash. kamini comes there. she says you should have referred to as me. she says i had to come for my paintings, i need you lots, i need to thanks, you had massive evidence and did no longer leak my incomplete marriage snap shots, karanveer told me the whole lot, i honestly admire you, you may have bought it to suyyash. he says i did this for my ethics, how am i able to help you.


Dhe offers him cash as token, and says it slow were given wasted because of me, i need you to start your profession, so one crore rupees. he says no, i don’t need to make my profession this way, else i’d were in any big bungalow sponsored via suyyash. she says quality, hold this as charge on your mission. he asks what undertaking. she says you have to expose someone. he asks who. she says i m going rajasthan for a dance overall performance, i want your assist and entire a few paintings, will you guide me, if yes, take delivery of this money, if not, then i wager i’m able to locate other alternative. he says i m geared up to help you with out cash additionally. she says money is likewise imp in life, please keep it.


Last Part of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update


He is taking cash and says i m no longer so innocent and recognize everything, is this the identical guy whom you have been watching for marriage, he did not come, it k if you don’t need to mention. she says its no longer like that, if you have grow to be my secret keeper, what will i do by way of hiding this mystery, hold this mystery with yourself, just my parents know this. he says i promise. she says its him, i m going to carry out in his 5th wedding ceremony anniversary. he asks what’s this cheater’s name. she says madhav singh ranawat, i m coming madhav, our fate has any other meet written.


Precap: Madhav misses kamini. rana welcomes him. madhav doubts on kamini in disguise and says kamini…..


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