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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with madhav lifting the ghunghat and getting away. absolutely everyone gets bowled over seeing someone else in kamini’s region. a guy says rana, this isn’t kamini. rana receives stunned. madhav turns to look. he sees another female. every person asks rana where is kamini. rajmata gets relieved. the guests ask rana what’s all this. minister says you should have checked as soon as before making an declaration. all vip visitors go away. rana asks the lady who’s she, wherein is kamini mathur. the lady says i m menka, organization dancer, kamini asked me to bop in ghunghat and she left. rana says it means she has cheated me. madhav says that poetry became in kamini’s voice. menka says i had kamini’s recorded voice. she plays the recording.


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Rana asks safety to find kamini and get her. madhav thinks why did kamini try this, wherein did she cross, was that waiter kamini. menka says permit me cross. rana says you received’t cross till we get kamini, i paid her five crores, i will make her dance proper here. madhav shouts it does no longer count number in case you locate her, she gained’t dance right here, i can no longer permit this take place, send this lady. he asks menka to depart. menka thanks him. vijaylaxmi asks rana what’s taking place, in which is kamini. rana says she cheated me, i will now not leave her, she commenced this game and i can stop it. rana says you started out this game, why did you name kamini, i’m able to in no way forgive you for this. she goes.


Vijaylaxmi says kamini insulted us these days. rana says don’t fear, we will no longer go away her. suyyash says i warned you, i have visible a reporter here as waiter, that reporter is close to kamini, i m certain there may be some plan, i have seen a digital camera with shekhar, i m positive there may be some mystery in that camera. rana thinks does that camera has madhav and vijaylaxmi’s marriage mystery.


Madhav comes to his room and throws the chair. he sits tensed. kamini calls him out. he receives stunned seeing her. she asks are you amazed seeing me, i just wanted to settle rankings with you, i had to attain you. madhav asks what do you want. she says a closure, something we had, its end, no longer the way you ran away like a coward, i will show you how to give up relation, do you have got braveness. he hides his emotions. he thinks kamini should not realize why i left her, i ought to get her hatred, not sympathy. rana unearths a curtain torn and says someone has in reality come here.


Kamini asks madhav is he ashamed to fulfill her eyes, why is he silent. he says i can apprehend your annoyance, you may scold me. she claps and says wow, you gave up so soon, you’re a stain on the call of affection, you are a cheater, humans will remember your fraud for years, i m satisfied that my existence were given ruined, i did no longer marry a fraud such as you, just some greater time, then you’ll be long past. vijaylaxmi comes there and sees kamini. kamini argues with her. vijaylaxxmi says how dare you, will you agree rankings with my husband, if you say anything wrong about him, i’m able to not go away you. kamini says your relation appears robust. vijaylaxmi says a lover can in no way recognize the power of husband and spouse’s relation, our relation is of five years.


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Kamini gets shekhar’s name. shekhar asks her to return speedy, its time for flight. kamini says i m coming. she says i’ve finished and said what i must, i m going, congrats for the remarriage. madhav and vijaylaxmi get shocked. kamini leaves. rana is available in her manner. he says i gave you five crores, you need to pay for it. she says it was a debt in your and madhav’s game towards me, i have paid the debt. he calls safety and asks them to seize kamini. madhav stops the guards. he asks them not to come in advance, none will touch kamini. rana asks what are you pronouncing, she insulted us in front of absolutely everyone, i will not permit her go with out punishing her. madhav says you could’t do this with a defenseless female. kamini receives the protect’s gun and factors at them.


Precap: Madhav asks kamini to handover the gun to him.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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