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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with arun announcing i recognize the kids’s pain. ragini asks madhav to have dinner. madhav says sorry, i’d leave. kamini goes with him. ragini asks what happened. arun says i will see a few problems coming. she says madhavi will go away with madhav. he says if kamini is his soul, madhavi is like life, he needs both of them. kamini and madhav are at the manner. madhav misses madhavi. she asks him to head and meet madhavi. he says i don’t want to visit vijaylaxmi. she asks him to go rajgarh, till then she will be able to do her work. he thanks her.


Full Details of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Theyreach domestic. madhav calls vijaylaxmi. she smiles and solutions. she says its past due, madhavi is snoozing. madhav says i wanted to talk to you, did your paintings recover from. she says no, i’ve to finish it. he asks can you come rajgarh tomorrow, i need to fulfill madhavi, please. she says fine, i will try to attain in morning. madhav luckily hugs kamini.
Rajmata gets a letter and concerns. arun gets the letter and says its a letter for kamini from it branch. he reads it. madhav asks kamini what is she doing. kamini asks why, can’t i iron your blouse, i really like doing this. he says i recognise, sorry, i also like doing this, servants don’t allow do anything, you give me your garments, i will iron. she asks him to press his blouse, its enough. he irons his shirt. she says no longer awful. he says now i can make special breakfast for you. he is going. she irons the blouse properly.


Rana says simply do as i say, get money for your pocket, you’ll get money for information. he laughs. vijaylaxmi comes. she gives him cards and says i need to go away for rajgarh these days. he sees the anniversary invitation. she says i assume you forgot my wedding anniversary, i invited many people, its proper danger to be in political circle. he asks did you get mad, your divorce papers are coming these days. she says divorce did not happen, inform me what subject to maintain for the birthday party. he gets angry.


Madhav receives geared up. kamini comes and buttons his shirt. he says i m going away these days. she says you are going as you are coming near all the time, divorce papers are coming these days, we will marry next week. he says we turns into mr. and mrs. madhav singh forever. she says its our closing moments here on this metropolis, we will make those moments memorable. he asks will our love get less after marriage. she says you say something. he says i do common guy things so nicely, see my blouse. she says superb. he asks what did you think to make this memorable. rana asks vijaylaxmi what’s her plan to prevent divorce. vijaylaxmi says madhavi will burn divorce papers, madhav’s dream global will also get burnt.


Kamini and madhav dance on tum hello bandhu…. rana says like madhav showed his love for that lady in the front of all and sundry, i don’t think all people can stop him from marrying that girl, i don’t suppose your plan will work. vijaylaxmi says believe me, name the minister in party, its imp for madhav’s victory. he shouts come to senses vijaylaxmi. madhavi gets scared. rana says i’m able to’t take big chance, it will be defamation, there may be one way to stop marriage, kamini’s death. madhav and kamini take selfies. they like the images. madhav and kamini communicate romantic. she says your bride will meet you quickly. he hugs her.


Last Part of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Rana asks her what’s your plan, else i will get kamini killed. vijaylaxmi says no, you gained’t try this, this could move in opposition to us, she is a massive movie celebrity, if she receives murdered, her loss of life can be high-priced for us, we ought to do something and smash her courage, we should scare her and end her energy, simply trust me. she asks him to provide invitations and thanks him. she says i can leave for rajgarh now.


Precap: Rana says arun mathur, kamini’s dream of marrying madhav can be only a dream, viju’s marriage will now not quit now. pratap tells madhav that letter is already added inside the palace.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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