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Mahakaali 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahakaali 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahakaali 11th November 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Shiv says you have to prevent at the border parvati. parvati says are you preventing me from coming to my home? he says no i’m preventing you from bringing the only who doesn’t belong here. she says he simply came and also you aren’t letting him in. he keep in mind your promise. she says that become a spouse and this is a mom. how a whole lot ache will you deliver me? he says this could handiest carry ache for your destiny. you bringing andhak here will spoil the whole lot. assume earlier than you make a decision. andhak has darkness in his persona. parvati says he is my baby and he has to stay with me. he will come to kelahs with me.
ganesh comes and says ma.. both of you’re right. dad way that he being in kelash cannot be desirable. but he can come right here a visitor. we welcome all guests. parvati says in that case i also invite
Saniyashk who delivered andhak up as properly. shiv leaves.
parvati says to andhak i’ve something for you. he says what’s it ma? everything turns a light a stunning place builds. andhak performs with flora. he choices animals and performs with them. parvati says you may live here. he says thank you am. she says this is your proper. ganesh says a son has proper on his mother’s love. parvati says you constantly carry smile on my face ganesh. you’re amazing. andhak gets angry. parvati says both of you relaxation. ganesh let andhak rest. andhak says i want to come with you as properly mata. she says relaxation here.

vishnu says we didn’t need this to happen. shiv says parvati will comprehend quickly too.
ganesh says mata do you accept as true with andhak? parvati saays if there’s darkness in him i have to easy it. he’s my son.
shiv says the hassle is coming toward parvati.
parvati involves her cave. andhak is there. parvati says you here? he says i want to be with you. parvati says don’t worry i received’t leave you presently. he says why did you leave me mom? because i’m blind and unpleasant. she says no son for a mother her infant is continually perfect. he says why did you go away me? why you left me? i want solutions. i used to be stored faraway from you. parvati says i really like all my sons. he says will father be given me? i can win his love. she says you don’t need to.. he says i ought to because he doesn’t want me right here. i need to make a space in his heart.


Scene 2
saniyashk says to shiv i know you should be wondering why i brought him here. shiv says i recognize you had been afraid of dropping him. andhak comes there. saniyashk says lets cross from right here. he says i want to ask shiv a question? shiv says what is it. he says why you hate me? shiv says i don’t hate you. andhak says due to you i lived away from my mom and lived as a blind character. saniyashk says he’s mahadev. andhak says he has to reply me. parvati says relax andhak. you could begin your life anew. he says simplest you apprehend my ache mom. no person else here is mine. saniyashk says i am sorry on his behalf.


Andhak involves his location. ganesh comes and offers him modak. he says don’t disturb me. ganesh says k then i can take a seat right here and consume by myself. he says that is so tasty. ma makes such properly food. flavor it. andhak tastes the modak. andhak says who becomes the prince of kelash? will there be a war between us? ganesh says all of us stay right here as own family. we’ve got any other brother. he is kartika. he could be the rate. andhak receives irritated. he says kartika.. shiv says andhak dwelling right here isn’t always right. parvati says he’s my son;. shiv says he isn’t born in proper time. he’s full of darkness. i will accept some thing making a decision.


Andhak says i don’t wanna lose you mom. kartika comes there and says who’re you and why are you right here? andhak attacks him. kartika stops his fire. andhak and kartika fight. paarvati comes there. she says he’s your brother. kartika is dazed. he says i am sorry ma. he alternatives him up. andhak says i am sorry. saniyashk says i have to ship him returned. andhak says i won’t go everywhere. parvati says i have determined this andhak. andhak says i’m certain mahadev compelled you into identifying this. he desires to maintain you faraway from me. saniyashk takes him. andhak says i wont depart everybody.


Shiv and ganesh comes. ganesh says i know you’re unhappy ma. now and again we must take tough decision for our children. i recognise andhak becomes a higher man or woman. parvati says sure. parvati says kartika this is.. kartika says i recognise he’s my brother. kartika says i heard this information and came right here. my dad and mom had a son and nobody called me right here. parvati says no there so such element. he says i realize you were busy with younger one and forgot the older son. its okay ma. ganesh says brother..


Scene 3
andhak sits down and thinks approximately kelash. he says i dont’ wanna include you saniyashk. he says meet your guru. andhak says i don’t need to examine whatever. i can make mahadev remorse his choice.
parvati remembers kartika’s phrases. she says how do i tell you son a mother never forgets her toddler. shiv comes. parvati says why a mother is constantly in problem. must i inform kartika that he is certainly crucial to me? he made my mom first time. each time he is going far from kelash i sense the identical. i could never give any of my children a proper happiness.
shiv says don’t worry. he says look at those flora. she says why are my kids questioning you? shiv says you aren’t expertise that kids end up what they try for. they decide for his or her lives and parentss could make them walk on a avenue. we can only display them the manner. our youngsters will check us.


Precap-Kartika says lets have a mission among me and ganesh. they both do a competition.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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