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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Maharaja Ranjit Singh 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Scene 1
ghulamm peer mohammad is also grown up. he is available in and says preserving a truban i killed this sikh undercover agent. those sikhs will have to pay for you homicide. i’m able to wreck their country. that mahan singh pays for his sin.
he has locked veer singh in a small chamber. ghulam says i informed you, you may live underneath my foot on your whole existence. he says i can offer all the sardars to exchange the map of punjab. then i’m able to slowly wreck this kingdom. no one can stop ghulam mohammad.

Ranjit is walking in streets after a man. ranjit catches that man. aziz says there may be no one like our saradar. aziz says in coronary heart ranjit has made himself so robust that he became celebrity of all people’s eye. the man says forgive me please. ranjit asks soldiers to take him to mahan and says he’ll determine his destiny. i simply needed to capture him. ranjit says although i need to realize what he stole. he opens bag of that man. he says had been you stealing this? he says yes.

Scene 2
ranjit’s sister roop involves palace along with her husband sahib singh. sahib says thanks for coming. jai says roop is our daughter. we had to come. sahib says there may be cause for calling you all in gunjrawala. jai says you call human beings to reveal both you new palace of your ammunition. sahib says i am used to of showing off. anyway only that character can display off who has something. raj says what is it? sahib says sure certain i can show you all. he says come son.

  • Ghulab singh comes. sada says he’s so strong. human beings talk about him so much. sahib says because he is really worth praising. the fastest rider, the master of sword fighting. my complete country respects him as sardar of my state. i’ve invited you involved in his coronation today. gurwaksh says what? sahib says what befell? gurwaksh says coronation is the day whilst we put turban on a infant’s head. we do that whilst we think that baby is grownup enough. sahib says what you mean? gurwwaksh says the first infant to have coronation have to be ranjit. there’s adulthood you want before it. in these kind of topics ranjit is greater geared up than some other infant.
    mahan says gurwaksh.. ghulab is not any less than everybody. i am equally happy for both. we will all come for positive. lakhpatrain says to mahan i want to mention some thing. you don’t forget a thief become stealing things in gujrawala. mahan says yes turned into he stuck? lakhpatrain says ranjit stuck him, but then released him. mahan and each person is dazed. mahan says however why? sahib says is this his maturity? ranjit is so infantile. mahan says gift ranjit within the palace.

Scene 3
mehtab is walking throughout the palace. she comes in front of ranjit and slips. ranjit offers her hand. he says why do you preserve walking? she says first inform me what new feat you probably did. he says i stuck a thief. she says wow. he says then i released him. mehtab says however why? what in case your dad receives to realize. ghulab comes and says he is aware of already. he become so angry. he has known as ranjit. mehtab says you would be so satisfied? ghulab says i’m continually satisfied. and these days is unique considering that i can have coronation today. now anyone will recognise my actual self. ranjit says its approximately telling your self who you are. mehtab says that’s the distinction between you and him.


Precap-mahan says these days ranjit has broken a rule. he should be punished with 100 belts. every body is dazed.



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