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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Maharaja Ranjit Singh 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
mahan involves jai and asks you called me? he says sure is the whole lot excellent in punjab? mahan says yes thank god there may be peace. jai says peace appears like before the hurricane as properly. its a sign of warning. our three spies are missing. mahan says perhaps they may be underground, jai says no there is something wrong. mahan says i’m able to discover. mahan says our door will usually remain closed for ebnemies.

The sikh spies are going for walks in the jungle and the army of ghulam is following them. they kill the three and handiest veer is left.

Mahan asks lakhpatrain to invest about those spies. he says i want to realize all of their sports. ranjit comes in, mahan says when you develop up you’ll be part of these politics too. ranjit says after coronation? mahan says stay early life a touch more.

Shis time gained’t ever come lower back. mahan says at my time of coronation my father wasn’t with me. then i met jai singh and gurwaksh. they gave me circle of relatives and desire. ranjit says i’m lucky to have you. they hug every different. raj comes there and says dal ji is waiting for you ranjit. she asks mahan what had been you speakme to him? mahan says he is best 12 and wants to be part of me in politics. raj says genuinely? that’s satisfactory. perhaps after that you’ll get time for me. mahan says once i retire all my time could be yours. she says eat food now.
Scene 2
All of the preparations are being achieved.
gurwaksh asks mehtab why you’re concerned? mehtab says i’m able to’t decide what to gift to ranjit. i need to give him something this is mirror of our friendship. like thread and kite, he says what if any other thread cuts the thread? mehtab says then sword and cover? mahan says cover is by no means with sword in hassle. mehtab says then something like gurwaksh and mahan. gurwaksh says thats the right example. sada comes in and says wow i think you could provide them this house as nicely. i’ve prepared ghulab’s presents. determine what you want to offer to that ranjit and get geared up. she says to gurwakhs get geared up.

Ghulab is getting prepared. he says now i seem like the sardar to be. make more gold embroidery on it. ranjit comes to khan and says is my get dressed prepared? he says two greater stitches. ranjit’s get dressed is very simple and white. khan says the dress seems proper with the aid of the one who wears it. ghulab throws away his and says to his tailor who can pay for all this gold? take it from here. ranjit says i am sorry for his conduct.
he goes after ghulab. ghulab says they made your get dressed so suitable and mine so heavy and bizarre. ranjit says you can take mine. ghulab says i can’t take guess. but i’m able to win. lets have horse race. whoever wins receives it. ranjit says ok. they both pass for horse race.

Veer is walking the navy is coming after him. he falls down and they surround him but he throws sand in thier eyes and beats them. veer runs from there. the solider of navy comes to ghulam. he says punish me lord i’ve misplaced veer. he hangs that soldier. he says give me one more risk i will carry you his head.

Mahan’s men locate the blooded garments of these spies. he says jai was proper. a hurricane is coming closer to punjab. we’ve got to analyze.
ranjit and ghulab are doing horse race. ranjit has taken the lead. they are in jungle. ranjit wins. he sees an antique guy who is shivering. ranjit offers him his dress. ghulab says this is your coronation get dressed what will you wear? ranjit says he desires it extra than me.

Veer comes wherein ranjit is.


Precap-ghulab says i provide you with those gold made pots on my coronation. ranjit says i give you all a cow. so that you can serve it and it could feed your family milk. ghulab hits him and says you usually take my happiness. whatefver i do for them they don’t see it because you’re 1/2 blind. rnajit gets mad and is about to slap him. mahan comes there.



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