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Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Shaurya is at his domestic and sees police outdoor his house. vicky says to him that mahek is going to depart town in 10minutes, what must we do? you cant leave house, you may get arrested, shaurya smirks and leaves.
in sharma residence, jeevan says to kanta that there is robust curfew of police outdoor shaurya’s residence and he wont be able to pop out of his residence, you and mahek can depart. kanta says to mahek that lets leave rapid, mahek hugs everybody and starts to depart however they listen wedding band gambling outdoor their residence, kanta opens door, shaurya comes interior wearing tuxedo with red bow tie, all are stunned. kanta says what’s this drama? shaurya says hi, you didnt tell me so i got here myself to mention bye. kanta says simply wait, she takes out her smartphone, shaurya says in case you are calling police


Full Details of Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Then dont, i have already taken care of it, you took gain of my innocence and right acts so i determined to cussed and a jerk, kanta says go away. shaurya doesnt concentrate to her, shaurya involves pd, she blesses him, he says to pd that i will be getting married along with your laddo(mahek) in seven days and i’ve include invitation card in your family, he asks own family to come back there please. shaurya says to kanta that may you go away after 7days? its your daughter’s wedding ceremony after 7days, you’ll be wanted for rituals however if you need to leave then i have to inform you that i’m biggest cussed of this town and licensed mental too, i will do something in loopy state, he offers her wedding card and says assume before going. shaurya says to mahek that simplest 7days are ultimate, you need it or no longer however we are able to be together forever and constantly, mahek seems at him in shock, shaurya says please all come to my wedding ceremony. shaurya claps with band playing wedding track, nehal snickers. shaurya points at mahek indicting she might be his, he smiles and leaves. mahek is tensed, kanta reads wedding ceremony card and says to circle of relatives that you nevertheless think everything may be exceptional? if me and mahek doesnt leave this city then this wedding card could be truth and we turns into drama, she tears card. balwant says if you take mahek away then shaurya can pass mad, dont you recollect he delivered bulldozer, kanta says you want me to beg and cry to him? jeevan says we wont beg or we wont runaway, that is our house, mahek is our daughter so we will guard her, we are able to combat shaurya, like he took moves to break our residence, we will destroy his ego, he may be goon but we wont permit him to do whatever, he can effective guy of this city but we wont take mahek far from food truck or home. mahek says kanta he’s right, we shouldnt runaway from his worry, shaurya is my trouble so i wont positioned entire circle of relatives in pain because of it, i’m able to do whatever you inquire from me to do however we wont leave our own family.
Vicky is awaiting shaurya come returned domestic, he hears karona coming to shaurya’s room. he hides in his mattress, karona comes there and says shaurya? are you sleeping? inspector has come to fulfill you. karona takes to the air comforter and sees vicky, she asks in which is shaurya? vicky says he has long gone to fulfill mahek. karona receives tensed. she is available in front room and asks inspector to wait, shaurya is changing garments in his room, inspector says you are making us doubt shaurya more, are you hiding him? let us pass in. inspector is available in shaurya’s room, shaurya all of sudden comes out of washroom, he says to inspector that why did you are available in my room? you can input everywhere like that? inspector says i’m sorry, we had to test, kanta referred to as us, shaurya says you may concentrate to the entirety she says? depart my room now, inspector leaves, shaurya have sigh of comfort.


Kanta is making tea in kitchen, she remembers shaurya’s declare that he will marry mahek in 7days, she gets tensed.


In morning, sonal gets shaurya’s message, he asks how became wonder? sonal shows message to mahek. mohit is tensed seeing newspaper. jeevan sees mohit shivering and asks what took place? mohit receives tensed seeing newspaper. jeevan takes newspaper from him and reads information about shaurya and mahek, he is taken aback. ravi reads information that do are available good-looking shaurya and vintage delhi’s lady mahek’s wedding ceremony. mansi says even neighbours are congratulating me.
shaurya messages sonal that if mahek appreciated wonder then name me and if mahek didnt find it irresistible then message me. balwant says our honor may be gone in skinny air now. sonal receives shaurya’s message, mahek snatches telephone from her and leaves.


Svetlana indicates newspaper to shaurya and says you have started your low class acts once more? shaurya says buy new attire, i am getting married, we can do everything. shaurya gets name, he asks svetlana to leave, i should prepare for wedding, svetlana thinks that shaurya can strive whatever but he wont get happiness so easily, she leaves. shaurya sees mahek calling him, he’s taking call. mahek says what you want? you name it love? what you probably did infront of my family turned into now not love. shaurya says kissing you is love for me, i didnt need to do it, your kanta chachi made me do it, if i didnt do it then you could have married sandeep, mahek says you believe you studied you may threaten me? you observed you could marry me like this? i wont ever marry you. shaurya says if you hate me so much then you can without problems meet me, i’m coming to fulfill you, once I come there, appearance in my eyes and say that you dont love me, that you hate me, you dont need to marry me, in case you are able to say it then i will depart your life, i will move faraway from your family, mahek attempts to mention some thing however shaurya cuts call. vicky involves shaurya and policemen out of doors our residence became feeling hate so i gave them juice which made them all sleep, now you can leave, shaurya thinks.
Mahek sits in her room dejectedly, she recalls shaurya’s confessions, his wedding inspiration, his kiss, darmiyan.. kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyan performs.. she silently cries.


Scene 2

Vicky is distributing items in mahek’s region. vicky says its our way of life to gift human beings in weddings. ravi comes there and scolds human beings which can be doing association of feature there, ravi shouts why are placing plants outside his house? shaurya comes there and greets ravi. ravi says wander off. jeevan says i am going to call police. shaurya says police goes to come in wedding ceremony directly to bounce. jeevan tries to calm ravi, shaurya says go away ravi, he is going to hug me, ravi says i’m going to strangle you. jeevan says shaurya you cant do wedding forcefully, you cant marry mahek like this so leave. shaurya says my bride is so lovely so why this street so bland? i came to enhance it. shaurya says to kanta that nowadays is sangeet, we are able to dance loads. shaurya says to jeevan that father in law, where is mahek? ravi and jeevan are fuming in anger seeing him there. shaurya says to musician that these days is my sangeet, make song so loud that make complete old delhi wake up.


Last Part of Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek comes there, she grabs his wrist and drags him away. mahek brings shaurya to remoted nook, she seems at him in infection at the same time as he sweetly smiles at her. mahek says i told you that i dont want to speak to you, to fulfill then you why you’re doing this? i requested you to now not come right here, mahek hold blabbering and blasting on him at the same time as shaurya just tunes out her scolding and keep smiling at her. mahek says this is your love? what i ask you, you do opposite of that, i asked you to not come here but you probably did specific opposite, human beings think about others in love, this is not love but stubbornness and selfishness, are you even listening? he just hold smiling at her, mahek says i’m able to throw everything you added, i’m able to see who stops me. mahek turns to depart however shaurya holds her hand.



Precap of Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek says to shaurya that what you think of yourself? dont touch me, you have recognize proper, shaurya says i will touch you, i’m able to contact you thousand instances, shaurya grabs her waist and pulls her nearer, flushing her frame with his body, shaurya leans in and in detail kisses her jawline, mahek close her eyes in sensation, shaurya actions again and appears deeply in her eyes, mahek is lost in him.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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