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Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
mahek says to shaurya that i will throw the whole lot you added right here, she turns to go away however shaurya holds her and pulls her towards him, he hugs her from behind, mahek tries to transport away, shaurya says you seems very warm whilst you are irritated thats why i make you irritated, mahek attempts to break his preserve on her waist, shaurya permit her move, mahek says what do you believe you studied of your self? dont touch me, you don’t have any proper to the touch me. shaurya pulls her nearer, shaurya says i can contact you, i will contact you thousand instances, mahek tries to go away his grasp, she turns to leave but shaurya grabs her from behind and tucks her hair in the back of her ear, mahek loses manipulate and turns to take a look at him, she gets misplaced in his eyes, shaurya holds her hand and kisses her knuckles.. mein toh bas teri chahat mrin chahon rehna sada performs..


Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shaurya caresses her face, shaurya grabs her waist and pulls her closer, flushing her body together with his frame, shaurya leans in and intimately kisses her jawline, mahek near her eyes in sensation, shaurya actions back and looks deeply in her eyes, mahek is misplaced in him. mahek comes again to her senses, she pushes shaurya away however he pulls her returned, he says you could lie to me as a whole lot as you want but i recognize handiest i’ve proper to the touch you, i wont listen to you presently, the whole thing is a large number due to being attentive to you, you requested me to now not be stubborn, to be first-rate, however what took place? your kanta chachi tried to make you marry forcefully, i did errors however i apologized thousand instances, i begged for your family infront of entire world but what occurred after that? not anything, i did the whole lot your own family wanted but no person like me being pleasant, absolutely everyone started out trying to separate me from you however its enough, now i am going to marry you at any value and i’m able to see who can forestall me, not to mention your own family however not even god can prevent me from marrying you, its only you, handiest you can stop me from marrying you, appearance in my eyes and say you dont love me, say which you hate me, can do it? mahek looks away and says i hate you, i said it now, shaurya pulls her toward him and says say it once more, mahek appears down and says i hate you, i want to you depart my life, pass a long way far from me and by no means comeback to me, shaurya caresses her face and says say it again, please. mahek appears at him and says please shaurya.. shaurya places finger on her lips and says now dont say something, get prepared this night, its our sangeet, he leans in and kisses her forehead, he movements away and says go internal in any other case your circle of relatives will say that i kidnapped you, he smiles and leaves, mahek is flustered.
Kanta calls someone and says come right here speedy, we are awaiting you, she ends call.
Sn mahek’s house road, vicky is doing decorations. shaurya comes there and board which has ‘shaurya weds mahek’ written on it, he caresses board and says to jeevan that shall we have selfie, he pulls jeevan however he scoffs and leave. kanta comes there, shaurya says in which were you mother in regulation? a few goons come there, kanta says we were looking ahead to you. goon puts hand on shaurya’s shoulder and says will you go away or need to depart on stature? goon suggests him thick rod. kanta says that is my sister’s son, i didnt want this stage to come however you most effective listen to beating thats why i name gurpreet(goon), he turned into emptying land thats became forcefully taken but he got here right here. gurpreet punches shaurya weds mahek board, it falls down, shaurya is about to rate at him however mahek says no shaurya. vicky says to shaurya that dont mess with him, we will get overwhelmed. kanta says now i will see the way you input my street. shaurya says i can need to come as its sangeet in night, kanta says most welcome. shaurya smiles to mahek and says i will meet you in night, i like you, mahek is shocked at his blunt his confession, shaurya leaves.


Gurpreet and his goons are ingesting in jeevan’s house, jeevan says to kanta that they’re consuming so much, they ate of around 500/-, kanta says they will now not take any prices as they’re our circle of relatives, gurpreet stated simply give him and his pals lunch and he’s going to cope with the whole lot, now i’m able to how shaurya might be able to input residence this night. mahek receives tensed hearing it. nehal offers telephone to mahek. mahek sees shaurya on call, she takes name and says why you are doing it? kanta chachi have decided which you cant input residence this night, shaurya says she ought to understand i dont pay attention to myself if i determine to do something, i really like you lots and dont fear child, i am coming this night, we can have dance and fun as its our sangeet night, he ends name, mahak is tensed.


Scene 2
vicky says to shaurya that i’ve an idea, you can put on joker get dressed and might cross there. shaurya says you’ve got reasonably-priced ideas, we can pass there with head held high, i have cherished now not stolen some thing of anybody that i need to be ashamed, there is no fear in love, lets move.


Gurpreet and his buddies are doing frame building, jeevan is impressed with their muscular tissues.
vicky and shaurya comes to mahek’s street, they cover and see gurpreet and his buddies. vicky says we can die today, you have got muscle tissue made in gym but they are goons type, we ought to leave, shaurya says enough, i’ve sangeet at 7pm and i cant be overdue, i’m going.


Shaurya involves mahek’s residence avenue. gurpreet and his pals stop him, shaurya says its my sangeet, i am going in house, prevent me if you may. shaurya pushes goon aside who’s blocking his direction. gurpreet involves him and punches him. nehal comes there and sees shaurya getting punches. goons starts offevolved punching repeatedly. nehal calls each person out of house. goons throw shaurya on floor. mahek comes there and is greatly surprised.


Last Part of Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shaurya smiles at mahek, goons seize him and beats him greater, iss lamhe kiya kar jaon.. meri bebasi ka biyan hai plays.. goons maintain kicking and beating him, vicky attempts to forestall them however they push him away, shaurya keep smiling, mahek starts offevolved crying seeing shaurya get overwhelmed again and again, she closes her eyes and goon punches him. goons clutch shaurya’s palms to prevent him. shaurya doesnt forestall and maintain going to mahek however goons pull him and throws him away, shaurya hits head on wall, his head oozes with blood, he falls on floor, mahak is pained to look his country, she tries to run to him but kanta holds her back, shaurya hold searching at her as goons beat him. mahek says chachi please forestall it, shaurya is a idiot, he will leave, kanta says he’s getting paid for his foolishness, mahek attempts to free herself, she struggles however kanta keep preserving her lower back forcefully.


Precap of Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Shaurya pulls mahek closer to him, he is wearing sangeet dress however has wounds and injuries on face. whole society is dancing in their sangeet, pd and nehal are dancing too. kanta comes there and turns off music, she turns to spot shaurya and mahek however they’re long past, she says in which did they pass?


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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