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Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
gurpreet and his goons beat shaurya badly, mahek pleads them to leave him, he’ll go away, kanta forcefully keep her away from shaurya, jeevan cant see anymore, he asks goons to prevent it, he asks kanta to prevent it, ravi and mohit ask them to prevent it. kanta sees shaurya badly crushed, she asks gurpreet so forestall, shaurya has got his message, goons stop, shaurya is dizzy with all beating, kanta tries to take mahek far from there but shaurya crawls and grabs her hand, he receives up, mahek is greatly surprised to see his guts. gurpreet says you wont move again jerk? he punches shaurya on head, shaurya falls on ground, mahek shouts shaurya.. shaurya attempts to get up once more, his head is spinning. gurpreet punches him again and blood falls from his mouth, mahek is in pain seeing him like this, she begs and cries.


Full Details of Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


kaun tujhe yun pyar karega jaise important karta hoon as shaurya hold searching at mahek intensely, gurpreet kicks him inside the back, shaurya faints and falls on ground, mahek cries and says arise, shaurya you came for me, you cant lose, combat back shaurya, you cant lose, kanta asks mahek to comeback in home. mahek sees shaurya lying nevertheless on floor, she says you cant lose like this, shaurya opens his eyes and hears her pleas, goon is ready to kick him but shaurya holds his foot and throws him returned, he receives up and pushes gurpreet away, he starts offevolved beating him continuously, gurpreet falls on his knees, shaurya punches him and pushes him to ground, gurpreet faints. pd claps for shaurya while all stare at him in surprise, mahek is in daze, kanta takes mahek in house. vicky comes to shaurya’s facet and sees his injuries.
Mahek comes in house, she recollects shaurya getting overwhelmed badly, she knees buckle and he or she falls on ground, kanta sees her state. mohit and nehal involves mahek’s aspect and consoles him.
Vicky attire shaurya’s wounds and offers him sangeet clothes to wear.
Shaurya involves mahek’s road sporting waist coat and kurta, vicky asks if he is excellent? shaurya says i’ve a few wounds on floor but i am sturdy from inside nonetheless. shaurya sees visitors and says why you are all standing? its my sangeet and we could have dance. shaurya comes out of doors mahek’s house and says on mic that sharma family come outdoor, you beat me so much so atleast are available in my sangeet, come outside sharma family. inside house, all pay attention shaurya out of doors asking them to pop out, kanta says what’s this new drama? pd involves mahek, she makes her stand up and opens door. she brings her on street wherein shaurya is looking ahead to her, shaurya smiles seeing her. all guests start dancing, mahek is sad seeing his wounded face. pd asks shaurya if he’ll dance on my own? she pushes mahek in the direction of him and smiles. shaurya grabs mahe’s hand, gerua performs, shaurya pulls mahek toward him, mahek shares eyelock with him, shaurya caresses her hair. pd, nehal, vicky and mohit are dancing with guests. shaurya softly smiles at her, he leans in and touches their noses. kanta comes there and turns off tune, she turns to spot shaurya and mahek however they are long past, she says in which did they pass?
Shaurya has delivered mahek in a few nook, mahek attempts to transport away from him, shaurya says dont yell else i can get scared and kiss you again, what’s going to people say? he indicates her dupatta and bangles, he says maa has sent it, wear it on mehndi day after today, mahek says i wont put on it, your whatever will no longer contact my body, arent you senses after you have beaten a lot? shaurya says you need to put on it, we are able to see how is greater stubborn, mahek says you are forcing me, this isn’t right, shaurya says you’re unfair to me, you adore me but you dont confess it, why? this is unfair. shaurya holds her hand and attempts to make her wear bangles which karona sent, mahek says leave my hand, she tries to jerk it away but shaurya holds it forcefully and makes her wear bangles, shaurya puts pink dupatta on her head and is mesmerized by using her beauty, mahek appears at him even as sobbing, she says will you settle after making me cry? shaurya wipes her tears and says i just want to make you smile, to make you glad, and you’re making us both cry by way of not taking my aspect, why? i’ve turn out to be shaurya that you desired me to turn out to be, why you’re fighting towards our love? say yes to my love, please mahek say it, say you cant stay with out me, mahel seems down and cries. shaurya says dont cry, in case you dont like this dupatta then you can throw it away, karona said this is ritual thats why i brought it however you could throw it away if you dont want to put on it, even i dont agree with in those type of things, mahek seems at him, he wipes her tears, mahek seems at the back of him and is taken aback to see kanta and family coming there, she movements far from shaurya and appears down. shaurya turns and sees sharma circle of relatives there, shaurya asks kanta to bless him, shaurya tries to the touch kanta’s feet however she actions lower back from him, shaurya says i’ve passed first step of turning into your son in regulation, kanta glares at him, shaurya snickers seeing their scowling faces. shaurya smiles at mahek and leaves from there. mahek is tensed seeing kanta, kanta sees bangles in mahek’s hands.
shaurya comes domestic. karona dresses shaurya’s wounds and cries, she says do you even take care of me? shaurya says ofcourse i take care of you, karona says then you definately would have concept how plenty it harm to peer you wounded, you hold getting overwhelmed, i need you and mahek end up one too but this isn’t always the way to expose love, how dare kanta make my son get overwhelmed by means of goons? shaurya asks her to no longer be indignant, i promise to not get overwhelmed again ever, vicky says yes we will beat them next time


Shaurya wipes karona’s tears and says this is time for happiness, i’m bringing daughter in regulation for you that you like so much, the following day is mehndi, will you move there with shagun?


Last Part of Mahek 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


I didnt spend time in gym for nothing, i need strong body with strong heart to win heart of girl like Mahek, this is time for happiness, i am bringing daughter in law for you that you like so much, you dont have to cry, its time to make others cry by becoming mother in law, tomorrow is Mehndi, will you go there with Shagun? Karona emotionally looks at him and says okay i will go there, Shaurya smiles at her and lies head in her lap, Karona silently cries.


PRECAP of Mahek 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Karona comes to Sharma family and says to Mahek this is Shagun for your mehndi, Kanta says we dont want to marry Mahek with your son, you can go away, she throws shagun plate away, Mahek is shocked. Later Kanta comes outside Mahek’s room and draws line there, she says if Mahek cares for me and my respect then she will not cross this line(Laxman rekha) and if she crosses this line then she will see me dead, Mahek is stunned to hear it.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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