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Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
shaurya comes out of doors mahek’s house and asks her to come out, sharma family gets tensed listening to him. mahek says shaurya? one neighbor asks shaurya if its mehndi these days? shaurya says see mahek complete world knows its our mehndi, did you overlook mahek? i’m expecting you, come outdoor. mahek appears on. kanta comes to mahek and says come with me, mahek says wherein? kanta drags her interior residence. kanta pushes mahek in her room and glares at her, kanta brings paint there and draws line there, shaurya is calling mahek to pop out, he says i’m looking ahead to you, pop out please. kanta draws boundary outdoor mahek’s room and says if mahek cares for me and my appreciate then she can now not pass this line(laxman rekha) and if she crosses this line then it’ll mean she desires shaurya and not my love and upbringing, mahek pleads to now not try this, kanta says pay attention to me in case you cross this line then your and relation will end. jeevan says this is madness kanta, pd says until while you may prevent mahek with those foolish things kanta? kanta says i cant stop that shaurya but i’m able to deliver orders to my kids, i’m testing my youngsters if they care for me or no longer, she says to mahek that in case you go this line then i am lifeless for her, she leaves from there, mahek is torn hearing all this, her head spins with kanta’s words. own family regrettably looks at mahek, mahek goes in her room dejectedly.


Full Details of Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sonal involves shaurya and says dont placed mahek on this predicament, please postpone this characteristic and dont ask mahek to pop out. shaurya says no mahek has to come out. sonal says dont positioned mahek in this examination, you dont put her in this situation, shaurya says i am no longer taking her check, its kanta who is taking her test, i have simply cherished her, its both kanta prevailing these days or our love will damage each rock that is in our love’s manner. shaurya calls tattoo artist rick and asks him to return.
Shaurya says to mahek that these days is our love’s check, its k even in case you dont apply my name’s mehndi on your hands but i am going to put your call on my chest these days infront of anybody. kanta comes on street and sees shaurya starting up his blouse. mahek involves room’s window and sees shaurya on street, tattoo maker comes there and says shaurya you’re injured a lot, did you have coincidence? shaurya says some thing like that, shaurya asks to create tattoo on my chest, vicky says you have wound on chest, you cant have tattoo there, you’ll bleed, you are totally damaged, you cant have this tattoo, shaurya says they’re my internal pain, these outer wounds are nothing. vicky says to sharma family that please name mahek and stop shaurya, he has fever and he is going for this insanity, please call mahek, he shouts for mahek’s name, kanta says dont shout, mahek isn’t going to come. mahek sees from window that shaurya’s wound on chest bleeding, tattoo artists begins tattooing mahek’s call on shaurya’s chest, shaurya flinches in pain, mahek is not able to peer him getting so much pain, she extends her hand as if to reach him, shaurya clenches his jaw in pain, mahek cries seeing his pain, she close her eyes, shaurya screams in pain, mahek says please dont do this shaurya, she begs him to forestall however he doesnt concentrate, shaurya says you may not positioned my call’s mehndi on your arms but i have put your call on my heart all the time, i like you, tattoo maker engraves mahek’s call on shaurya’s chest, shaurya looks at mahek and says i love you mahek, mahek cries seeing all this.

Shaurya feels dizzy with ache, mahek is unable to undergo it, she runs out of her room, crosses boundary which kanta created, she runs downstairs, she mistakenly throws vase on her way and her foot gets injured, her foot bleeds however mahake doesnt stop, she comes out, ravi attempts to stop her however mahek runs to shaurya, she pulls him close and hugs him tightly, she caresses his neck and cries in his palms, shaurya smiles feeling her warmth in his palms, kaun tuhje yun pyar karega jaise mei karti hun performs.. sonal sees mahek’s foot bleeding, she says mahek your foot.. circle of relatives sees mahek not worrying about her foot. mahek says to shaurya that see i’ve come, she breaks hug and appears at tattoo on his chest, she caresses it and lovingly gazes at him, she says you won shaurya, you won, your stubbornness received, shaurya cups her face, she leans in his hand and sobs, kaun tujhe yun pyar jaise mei karta hun performs.. shaurya intensely seems in mahek’s eyes, she smiles, shaurya calls vicky, vicky brings mehndi cone, shaurya takes it and makes layout with mehndi on her hand, they each share eyelock, she shakes her head at him, sonal smiles seeing them,


Shaurya says nowadays i am positive that no person can break our love, he hugs her, mahek hugs him tightly. ravi says i can name police proper now, kanta says dont do it, police cant do something, there is no use for all these items now, she goes lower back in residence, shaurya and mahek appears on.



Last Part of Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek looks at Shaurya tensed, Shaurya cups her face, and says dont worry, i will talk to Kanta chachi, she says no, you will silently go back to your house, she asks Vicky to give him turmeric milk and medicine at home and if acts tough to not take it then call me, Vicky says okay, shaurya smiles at Mahek, Vicky starts taking Shaurya away from Mahek, Mahek looks at her mehndi filled hand then at Shaurya, Shaurya keep looking at Mahek while leaving, he puts hand on his chest where Mahek’s name is engraved and goes from her street, Mahek looks on and thinks that between Kanta and Shaurya’s fight, i lost.


PRECAP- Kanta comes to Shaurya’s house and says to Karona that i accept Shaurya and Mahek’s relation, Mahek and Shaurya are stunned to hear it, Kanta says but before taking your relation at its destination, i have one condition, everyone looks on.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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