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Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Shaurya asks mahek to wander off. mahek says i came here to take care of your mother and in preference to taking my want, you’re threatening me? shaurya grabs mahek, he strangles her and says if anything happens to any family member here then i can kill you, i swear i am going to kill you, i wont spare, mahek gasps for air, vicky movements shaurya far from attacking mahek, mahek says that is my house, you could shout as tons as you need, she is going upstairs, shaurya runs behind her and says i’m no longer finished. svetlana says to grandma that our plan is working. grandma smirks and says to dolly what sort of daughter in law we have. shaurya and mahek are hiding upstairs. mahek asks if they are able to do it this time? shaurya says i’m hoping we are able to catch svetlana pink passed this time. flashback suggests mahek saying to shaurya that i didnt do anything to karona, shaurya says i realize, he suggests her faux nail to mahek, mahek says this is svetlana’s faux nail, shaurya says sure, i discovered this in bowl of your treatment, svetlana desired to kill karona, she tried to kill you too in advance. mahek says they wanted to entice me so you can blow up on me, shaurya says we are able to trap svetlana crimson passed now, i’ve an idea, flashback ends. mahek says to shaurya that svetlana muist have mixed toxic leaves in my remedy, i’m worried about maa’s safety, shaurya says dont fear i wont let anything occur to her, mahek says to make this plan work and trap svetlana, you have to maintain your anger managed, you have threatened to kill me these days, svetlana will react to it, just stay calm, she holds shaurya hand and asks if he is fine? they percentage eyelock, mahek says we shouldnt be visible together, shaurya says take care, mahek leaves.


Full Details of Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek finds poisonous leaves on hall ground outside grandma’s room, she says if grandma is with svetlana? no this cant me. mahek involves grandma’s room and unearths greater poisonous leaves, she recalls how dolly said that grandma is aware of about herbal drug treatments, she is greatly surprised.
Mahek comes to shaurya and says grandma is involved on this plan with svetlana, shaurya says what rubbish? mahek says i discovered toxic leaves in her room, take into account she delivered svetlana in residence back, she gave me that explosive dupatta to me too. shaurya says my grandma cant do anything like this, you just discovered leaves in her room and are doubting her, mahek says perhaps she isn’t always concerned, shaurya says i’m positive, mahek prays that they find fact.


Shaurya is sitting with karona. he gets mahek’s message to offer injection to karona. shaurya does. svetlana and grandma opens door and secret agent on shaurya. grandma says to svetlana that we wanted to ship karona out of worldwide then how mahek got here in picture? svetlana says we desired to kill karona in order that shaurya blames mahek and kills her and now shaurya have given her dying hazard, why not we kill mahek? then we will inform police that shaurya killed mahek. grandma says what can we do now? svetlana says we can transfer off ventilator, all people will think that its mahek’s fault, they’ll search for her but they’ll find her deadbody, shaurya can be purported to kill her and i can get all this belongings, grandma says you’re actual evil, svetlana says that i am. they see servant coming to karona’s room and hides. servant brings milk for shaurya, he’s taking it. unexpectedly karona’s heatbeat device start beeping, shaurya panics, he attempts to prevent it, machine stops then. shaurya sits down and drinks milk. svetlana and grandma sees it and smirks. grandma says now shaurya could be slumbering for 12 hours, i’ve spiked shaurya and mahek’s milk glasses. svetlana and grandma involves mahek’s room and finds her asleep on chair. grandma checks that she is subconscious. svetlana and grandma drags mahek, grandma says when you get belongings, will you give me money? svetlana says you are already on demise limit, i can make you’ve got so much a laugh with cash. svetlana and grandma drags mahek upstairs wherein they’re going to throw her from roof. shaurya falls unconscious in karona’s room.


Last Part of Mahek 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Grandma and svetlana brings mahek on roof. they are trying to push mahek from rooftop however cant as she is heavy. grandma is going to carry dagger. svetlana is set to throw mahek from roof but shaurya comes there and puts arm round mahek, he pulls her faraway from roof boundary. grandma sees shaurya near mahek, she hides with dagger before shaurya can see her. mahek opens her eyes, she turned into now not subconscious, shaurya holds her face in his palms and asks if she is nice? she nods. shaurya says to svetlana that first you attempted to kill my mom and now you wanted to murder her? svetlana says its nothing like that, shaurya says you made good plan however we are more smart than you, he shows her fake nail and says i found it in karona’s treatment however then mahek and i thought we are able to trap you with proofs thats why i fake threatened mahek to kill her. grandma is hiding and shivering behind wall. mahek sees her and narrows her eyes. shaurya says when servant added milk, i messaged mahek and requested if she sent milk to me? she instructed me that servant gave her milk too, i understood it become your plan. mahek says to shaurya that one minute, we stuck svetlana however what approximately her associate? mahek brings out grandma from in the back of the wall, shaurya looks on taken aback. mahek pushes grandma to stand with svetlana, they both look terrified.


Precap- Svetlana says to shaurya that your real enemy is your grandma, your grandma knew from first day which you killed mahek’s family and rather than telling you, she saved blackmailing karona to provide her cash occasionally, shaurya appears at grandma, grandma seems down in disgrace.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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