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Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Shaurya is in the room n MS helps him cover blanket on Karuna ma feet’s.he says thanku n asks Mahek if she needs any help in desi medicine. He will ask ciky to help her.
She says fine n comforts him that pls don’t b sad.maa will b fine soon.
Ms gets a cal from KC n it’s nt shown wat she spoke.
Mdh is shown n jeevan chachu n Ravi chachu r nt in happy mood.
KC comes there n tells her hubby wat happened at his house.


Full Details of Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi chachu again argues that Mehek should nt b their in that evil house.
BT KC defends meheks decision. still Ravi chachu counter replies.
Even jeevan chachu sipprts Mehek n so Ravi chachu n jeevan chachu r in argument.
He says u will never be able to forgive urself if something happens to our Mahek.n Ravi chachu leaves from.there.
SKn Ms apply medicine on ma feet.n SK is looking into some reports.
Mehek tries to lighten SK mood.BT he is sour mood again.don’t try to joke with me.I just want to concentrate on my mother,not on u or anyone else.
Leaves frm there.Vicky is worried n he tells that tmrw delegates r going to come n taste the food.BT SK rashly tells I want to concentrate only on mother.let WC b closed.dotn expect anythg from me.
WC is locked.KC n JC c that.

Mahek suggest that she will take care of Ma.BT again SK taunts her.u go check WC as ur the Malkin of my business.u just foucs on ma.if u r that worried, go n run WC.anyways ur family has already names eveyyng on ur name.
Mahek says i never asked u anythg .neither this house or business.never taunt me about onwver of property.
By again SK rudely talks to her.that he won’t leave his ma at this moment..
Nexy day mrng
Mami gets her bag ready to leave km BT maasi stops her.
SK wakes up n he reads a note from Mahek where she has mentioned recipe for the desi medicine.he enquires about Mehek to awara.
Mehek reaches the room n takes Karuna ma blessing.he asks her wat this new drama.wru going.
She tells him I am going to do some neccesaey work.he asks her again BT she doesn’t reply.
Ms then tells that I am going to run WC.u only asked me to go m I am going.they again argue.
She leaves. From there.he looks very frustrated.
U can cal me whenever u need me if i cn’t handle alone.he just stares at her.
After there she leaves n maasi supports Mehek.
In WC Mahek gives instructions to the chefs there.
N waves her hand to the Sharma family.all r happy except Ravi chachu.

SK sees the note n he doesn’t understand anythg
SK calls Mahek n is highly frustated n he asks her do u write hand or leg.I cudnt understand ur handwriting at all.
He asks her for recipe of the medicine n on the other way Mahek is instructing the people in WC.he asks wat do I need to add in the medicine.Mahek tells mushroom replying to the WC people.he gets irrtatited.n shouts wat mushroom.Ms says sry Shaurya it was not for u.n then again she talks to WC people that add mushroom properly in gravy.he gets irritated there.
Ms then instructs how to make the medicine. He gets highly confused with all the bottles of the recipe n cannot handle. To prepare anythng.


Last Part of Mahek 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update


SK shouts on awara. Delegates r praising the food m enquire about SK.BT the girl says his wife is present here n the menu was prepared by her.Mehek thinks j need to leave soon as I need to take care of ma.

Precap-SK could nt prepare the medicine n is very very tensed n is waiting for Ms n doesn’t lift his call as well.ma health is deteoragating.
Ms is busy there in WC talking with the deligates.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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