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Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
balwant says to circle of relatives that mahek has damaged my accept as true with too, pd says dont be so tough on her, she is our daughter, start to be given and neglect, the whole lot could be high-quality, balwant says kanta might forgive her but i will in no way, jeevan says loads has came about out of doors so dont create mess here, leave the entirety to kanta and mahek. kanta is silently sitting there in ache. mahek comes there and sits infront of kanta, she says i recognize you’re miffed with me but please forgive me chachi, i am sorry, she cries and says i recognise you need my true, you are scared that if i am going lower back to shaurya then i’m able to get pain again however shaurya is making an attempt to trade his errors, i agree that this is equal shaurya who stole my mother’s recipes but equal shaurya familiar it infront of world, gave recognize to my mother, apologized to us, fought with goons, stored me from ajay often and today simply to reveal love, he saved bearing ache for me, this all cant be lie, please say some thing, punish me but speak to me. kanta glares at her, she leaves from there, mahek is broken. nehal comes there and bandages mahek’s foot. otherside shaurya is taking shower, he caresses mahek’s call on his chest, he recollects her smile. mahek is in pain otherside, roke na ruke naina plays.. they each omit each different. shaurya remembers their love confession, their kiss, their dance, their hald wedding ceremony. shaurya looks at mahek’s call near his heart and smiles extensively. shaurya comes out of bathe in towel and looks in reflect, he takes cellphone and calls mahek.. mahek doesnt see her phone being involved about kanta and doesnt see shaurya calling. shaurya receives dejected that she didnt get hold of his name.
In morning, pd says to mahek that dont fear, time is tough however it is going to be excellent, kanta will forgive you, she loves you loads. jeevan says kanta has locked herself in her room for the reason that ultimate night, i dont know if she took her bp medicinal drug. mahek says i’m able to cross and spot, ravi says you have got hurt kanta lots the day gone by by using crossing her border line, you dont want to do whatever. kanta comes out of her room, mahek says dont communicate to me however eat some thing, you havent eaten because the day prior to this, kanta says to mahek that cross and get equipped, ravi asks wherein are we going? kanta says to shaurya’s house, all are shocked.


Karona puts ointment on shaurya’s wounds and says i’m uninterested in seeing your wounds, simply look at your bruised frame. shaurya says they’re now not bruises, they’re proof of my love, this many wounds are both on warrior’s frame or on lover’s. shaurya turns and sees kanta, jeevan and mahek standing there. karona says you people right here? kanta comes interior and says sorry to return here early. kanta says to karona that i accept shaurya and mahek’s relation, mahek and shaurya are taken aback to pay attention it, kanta says i’m sorry karona, i talked with you very rudely, karona hugs her. mahek smiles and hug kanta. kanta says however before taking your relation at its destination, i’ve one condition, all people looks on. shaurya asks what situation? kanta says you each will no longer meet every other for one month, jeevan says what are you pronouncing? kanta says i’ve bowed on your love but i still suppose shaurya’s love is his obsession simplest, this getting injured, engraving her name on chest, that is just his blood boiling, i dont realize if this is love or stubbornness to be together, its like whilst a toddler wants a toy, he receives captivated with it but while he receives it, he performs with it after which receives bored and throw it away, shaurya says not anything like that. kanta says then show it, live far from her for one month, look forward to her and are available to her after one month and prove that you will love her continually, karona says i believe kanta, shaurya says what’s this rubbish? i dont need to offer this silly examination. kanta says satisfactory, you each are adults, both are half married so visit any mandir and get married then invite us to reception, mahek stops kanta and says we accept as true with your situation, we are able to not meet for one month, shaurya says what are you announcing? mahek says to kanta that i promise you that our obsession and love can be no much less even after one month apart, we are able to show which you and agree in your circumstance, shaurya receives mad at her, he holds her hand and drags her out of room.
Shaurya brings mahek out of room. shaurya says have you long gone mad? why i must supply examination? i have passed all exams, mahek says she has taken step to simply accept us so we must take one step beforehand too, its simply one month, we will prove her that our love will live to tell the tale it, do it for me, shaurya says i like you a lot however i cant do this, you do this but i cant live away from you. mahek looks at him, she comes nearer, places hand on his neck and pulls hello nearer, she softly kisses his cheek and looks in his eyes, tum his ho, shaurya calms down together with her kiss, mahek appears at him last time and leaves.


Mahek is in rickshaw with kanta, she puts her head on kanta’s shoulder, kanta puts hand on her head.


Shaurya says to karona that why i should live faraway from mahek? karona says you have executed a lot of their lives, allow them to have peace, win kanta’s trust, its simply one month, wait for it and permit kanta be confirmed incorrect. shaurya says no this isn’t always that easy, something goes on in kanta’s thoughts.


Scene 2
Mahek, kanta and jeevan are in rickshaw going domestic. some jeep comes infront of vehicle, they prevent rickshaw, goons pop out of jeep wearing mask. they bring about out jeevan, kanta and mahek from rickshaw, they start beating kanta and jeevan, mahek tries to prevent however they positioned kanta in jeep and takes her faraway from there kidnapping her. mahek and jeevan shouts her and cries.


Police involves mahek’s residence, mahek tells about jeep and kidnapping of kanta. mohit says pammi and ajay ought to have carried out it, they have rivalry with us. shaurya comes there with karona, sonal says to mahek that i referred to as shaurya. shaurya calls commissioner and takes records. shaurya says to jeevan that police have determined that jeep empty close to bridge, he says to jeevan that i promise you to find kanta chachi, i’m able to bring her and wont allow some thing appear to her, the folks who tried to harm mahek and chachi gets punished badly, shaurya sees mahek crying and leaving, he goes behind her.
Shaurya involves mahek in kitchen and sees her crying, he says i promise my spouse that i will convey chachi lower back home till this night then i’m able to anticipate you even for 2 months, will do as chachi needs after which be with you, mahek emotionally appears at him and hugs him tightly.


Kanta comes home. kanta is overwhelmed badly, limping, her hair is raveled, she is dizzy, all see her, jeevan makes her take a seat and asks if she is pleasant? mahek and shaurya comes there, mahek asks to carry water and primary useful resource kit. ravi says pammi need to have executed it, inspector asks who did it to her? jeevan asks kanta who did this to her? changed into it pammi? ajay? kanta says it changed into no longer pammi, this changed into performed to me by way of.. she factors at shaurya hinting that he kidnapped her and says shaurya did it, all are stunned and angrily looks at shaurya. shaurya cant believe it.


Precap- Shaurya is in jail cellular, criminals grasp shaurya in mobile and start beating him badly, they brutally beat him and shaurya faints in prison. Kidnapper meets kanta outside her residence and says it become your idea to get kidnapped and set this act up, you need to take mahek away to every other city. mahek and sonal hears the entirety. kanta turns to head in residence but is shocked to see mahek status there, mahek seems at her heart damaged.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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