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Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
kanta points at shaurya and says he has completed it, all are bowled over. kanta says i heard kidnappers speakme on name, one kidnapper stated on name that you may loose this oldie from us and emerge as hero in people’s eyes, shaurya says what garbage? kanta says no, you abducted me so then keep me and become super in all and sundry eyes. shaurya says i didnt try this mahek, trust me. ravi says we knew you’re reasonably-priced but you are criminal too. jeevan asks inspector to take him away else we can do justice. karona says my shaurya cant do that reasonably-priced act. jeevan says i’m able to beat him, kanta falls down, shaurya rushes to her but mohit asks him to now not contact my mom. shaurya says mahek i dont recognise reality but agree with my love,i didnt do it, mahek turns away from him, shaurya holds her hand but jeevan pushes his hand away and police takes shaurya from there, bheji thi dua performs.

Full Details of Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Health practitioner tests kanta and says she has high bp because of now not taking medicine,she shouldnt have any pressure, mansi gives her medicine, and asks have to i bring turmeric milk for you want mahek used to? kanta nods, all depart. kanta stops mahek, mahek sits beside her, kanta says i told you he will hurt you again, you forget about him, mahek says i’m able to curse shaurya, i can combat him but i can in no way forget about him until my final breath. kanta is frustrated listening to it. jeevan comes there and says i talked with inspector, he promised that shaurya wont pop out of jail this time very without problems, mahek wipes her tears and leaves. jeevan seems at kanta.

Shaurya is in police station and shouts on attorney that i didnt do something, you cant show me proper? why are you nice attorney? karona says chill out, shaurya says i didnt do whatever with kanta, either kanta is mendacity or a person is setting me up, karona says i believe you however the way you’ve got behaved those all days, humans together with sharma own family can effortlessly accept as true with that you have finished this, shaurya says i need to speak to mahek rightnow.
Inspector call svetlana and says your wish has come real, mahek’s circle of relatives has charged shaurya with kidnapping charges, he is going in jail for long term, svetlana says great. beautician is manicuring her nails, svetlana shouts on her to do it, she grabs her neck and strangles her being indignant.

Shaurya is in police station and lacking mahek. otherside mahek is operating in kitchen and crying silently. bheji this dua performs. shaurya walks around his lockup and looks at mahek engraved on his chest, shaurya punches his already bruised hand, his hand bleeds. otherside mahek hurts her hand too while cooking. mahek says my coronary heart doesnt trust that shaurya can try this, kanta need to have heard something incorrect, my shaurya cant do some thing like this, he cant do it.

Scene 2
Kanta says to family that i was wondering to take mahek far from city for few days. balwant says you are right, you could take ravi or jeevan with you. kanta gets name, she gets tensed, she comes in nook and takes name, she says dont come near residence, i will come on the end of street, sonal hears all this and goes to inform mahek. kanta leaves. shaurya drinks water in prison mobile. some criminals are glaring at him, he glares returned and looks away. sonal comes to mahek and says come with me with out asking anything, mahek says wherein? sonal drags her out of residence.
Kanta comes out of house and looks round. kanta involves kidnapper. mahek and sonal hides there and pay attention their speak. kanta says to kidnapper that we are able to depart city in two days, i am feeling little awful that shaurya is in jail, kidnapper says it was our concept to set up your kidnapping, there has been no different way to eliminate that cussed shaurya, you take mahek far from metropolis and nobody will recognise that we deliberate this kidnapping and trapped shaurya, kanta asks if shaurya will pop out of jail? kidnapper says when you’ll leave, we are able to carry him out, we’ve got resources in police. kanta turns to go away and sees mahek standing there, she feels responsible, mahek says why you probably did it? kanta says i’m sorry however i didnt have any preference, mahek says i know shaurya did mistakes but he is attempting to trade, cant you spot that? you dont need to consider that he is converting so you trapped him in fake case? he’s paying manner too much for being in love with me, this is incorrect, very very wrong, mahek cries and runs from there, kanta feels guilty.

In prison, criminals surround and begin beating him, shaurya attempts to retaliate however they keep beating him badly, shaurya falls down and faints, they hold beating him, police comes there and forestall them. policeman says i will call doctor and his own family.

Karona is leaving residence, svetlana comes there and asks if there is every other hassle? karona says in case you are behind hurting shaurya then i can reduce your fingers and take off your teeth that are showing your smile, svetlana says shaurya is in jail due to mahek’s own family so threaten them no longer me and shaurya were given fruit of karma, what took place nowadays must have happened manner back, karona gets indignant and says dont even say this once more alone else you’ll face my wrath, she glares at her and leaves. svetlana says i wont say it once more however i wont allow it go away your thoughts.

Kanta says to mahek that i did mistake but i desired to forestall you from doing any mistake.
Mahek says to kanta which you wanted to forestall me from doing mistake so that you did sin? kanta says you have been first daughter of this house, i didnt give you birth but you were always my daughter, your mom gave your duty to me so then how should i let you fall in darkness? kanta says i was simply shielding you, mahek says shielding from whom? from his love? how will you store me via hating him? kanta says i dont hate him but i love you way too much thats why i couldnt see you breaking from his fingers thats why i couldnt forgive him and will in no way forgive him.

Karona and vicky involves clinic, they see shaurya lying on bed injured, karona says you hold going for walks the whole thing with your pace,be it your commercial enterprise or love. nurse says he became calling out some mahek even in dizzy kingdom, call her if you could. shaurya is mendacity in hospital mattress injured, karona cries seeing his nation. shaurya holds her hand and asks maa wherein is mahek?

Last Part of Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kanta says to mahek that you might forget but i can in no way forget the day shaurya ditched and also you were broken absolutely, you locked yourself in room and we had been begging you to open it, in those moments i died so normally,i had many incorrect thoughts that you could harm your self, you would take a few incorrect step. mahek says shaurya has modified, kanta says until when? what’s the guarantee that his mind will not pass crazy and he wont throw you out of his life again? you can trust him but i cant.

Precap- Mahek begs to kanta that allow me visit meet shaurya, he is injured in hospital, a person has attacked him in prison, kanta says you are not going everywhere, mahek cries and pleads that permit me cross, i want to peer him, he wishes me.
Mahek involves shaurya’s room in health facility, she sits beside his bed, shaurya makes her lean in and kisses her brow. mahek leans in greater and kisses his brow.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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