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Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Karona says to svetlana that dont make a scene here, svetlana says you need to see a scene? you really want to? she throws wine at mahek’s face, all are shocked, svetlana says you want greater scene? she throws water on her face and says see i’ve made her pure to be our daughter in law, shaurya shouts mami.. karona slaps svetlana and says how dare you do that? svetlana that this reasonably-priced female dared to go into our residence? shaurya says out, he grabs svetlana’s hand and drags her out or restaurant, he says i will see you at domestic, she says i’m able to not spare you too, shaurya yells out, she leaves. shaurya runs to mahek and hugs her and says i am sorry, i’m able to throw her out of house, i promise i wont let it manifest, mahek says its okay, i understand she doesnt like me, you take into account my own family used to now not like you, jeevan chacha broke this eating place, kanta chachi made you get beaten with the aid of goons but you received their hearts along with your goodness so i can win hearts with my goodness, promise me to now not take any movement, i can manage the whole thing my way. karona says she is greater realistic than my son, she asks shaurya to do announcement. mahek cups shaurya’s face and asks him to smile, he appears at her and smiles.

Full Details of Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shaurya says to visitors in birthday celebration that meera sharma is not with us nowadays whose dishes you are tasting however we’ve got her daughter mahek, mahek in no way informed me but i understand she wanted her mother’s weird dishes to be tasted and praised by humans so i’ve arranged some thing unique for her on this occasion. he calls mahek on stage, mahek comes there and asks what is all this shaurya? he says take off curtain from item and you’ll realize. karona is getting call from someone and he or she is tensed. mahek takes to the air curtain from a massive portrait of meera sharma, karona is shocked, shaurya says this is meera sharma mahek’s mom. karona says she is mahek’s mother? mansi says sure and all recipes have been written by her, karona gets tensed.

Shaurya reveals ebook and says that is coffee desk ebook and meera’s recipes are in it, i need all of us in india to recognise approximately her recipes. karona thinks what sport god is gambling with us? karona receives name, she takes name and says dont name me over and over, i advised you that you’ll get your cash, supply me time, i’m in a party, what you did in parking zone, if you do this once more then you may now not a single penny from me, she ends name and turns to peer kanta status there, she gets tensed. shaurya opens champaghne and celebrated. kanta says to karona that i desired to say sorry to you, i’ve harm shaurya and mahek, i simply saved seeing his terrible facet not his true aspect, shaurya has forgiven me and i need you too, karona says you dont have to say sorry on your own humans, i am sorry on svetlana’s behalf, we could overlook everything and hug, they hug every different. kanta says meera become very close to me, shaurya has gained our hearts by means of giving her this plenty admire, karona receives tensed hearing her name, she attempts to drink water but glass falls from her hands, kanta asks if she is pleasant? karona says sure, she leaves, kanta seems on.

In birthday party, shaurya asks mahek if he could have a satisfaction of dancing with her? mahek nods and smiles. shaurya takes her hand and places other hand on her waist, he dances along with her, mahek sees shaurya’s hand on her bare waist, she says maintain it simplest dance, no longer take a hazard, everybody is seeing, shaurya says let them see, they must recognise who has right on you, mahek says my own family and your mother is watching us, i’m uncomfortable, are we able to forestall dancing? shaurya sees one guest eyeing mahek’s naked waist with lust, he receives possessive and grabs mahek’s waist tightly, guests drinks wine and tries to get toward mahek and moves with mahek even as shaurya is dancing with her, shaurya gets irritated and grabs his collar, he says how dare you touch her? mahek asks him what’s this foolishness? forestall it, shaurya shouts on guest, mohit and ravi attempts to forestall shaurya, guest says if she is that unique then hold her in treasure container, shaurya receives indignant and slaps guest, he beats visitor, guest says i can not spare you shaurya, guest leaves. shaurya says i am sorry mahek, he sees mahek gone. kanta asks him why you get so irritated? why you begin beating humans on such small matters? shaurya feels guilty listening to this.

Scene 2
At night, Mahek is in her room and thinks that i shouldnt have left party, Shaurya beat him because he was misbehaving but i am scared of Shaurya’s anger. Sonal comes there and says you should be thankful to get such possessive husband. Mahek says this world is filled with lustful people and he cant beat everyone, his anger is so much, what if he kills someone someday? Shaurya comes there, Mahek glares at him and says i wont listen to your apology, go and become goon. Nehal and Sonal leaves. Shaurya says i will stay here and say sorry, how dare he touch you? Mahek says will yoyu beat everyone that touches me? Shaurya says yes you are my Mahek. Mahek says what is this my Mahek? i am not your property and i dont like this violence, you are educated and you want to handle everything by violence? what will people say? she pushes him away, Shaurya looks at her intensely, he pins her to wall and puts her hands above her hand, she winces, Shaurya says i dont care about people, i will beat everyone that tries to touch you, i will bust every eye that tries to look at you with lust, i love you Mahek, he grabs her hand forcefully, she winces in pain and says you are hurting me. Shaurya sees Mahek’s finger get cut and blood oozing from her wound, Shaurya sucks on her finger and says you are my Mahek, mine only, Mahek hugs him tightly and says ofcourse I am yours and if i am yours then you dont have to fight with anyone for me. Nehal and sonal comes there, Nehal says leave something for marriage night too, Kanta chachi is coming so run Shaurya, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and kisses her hand, he leaves. Sonal says he is so romantic, i should send Mohit to him for romance classes, Mahek blushes hearing it.

Karona comes in garden, mysterious person comes there, Karona gives money to mysterious person and says dont comeback in my life, if Shaurya sees you then he wont spare you, I have removed CCTV footage of you trying to hit Mahek with your car otherwise Shaurya would have found you anywhere and wouldnt spare you.
Shaurya is driving to home, Mahek calls him and asks if he reached home? he says no, i am just reaching there, if you are missing me then I can comeback to you, its just few days then we wont have talk on call, remember tomorrow we have to go to shopping, she says yes, he ends call. Shaurya arrives at home and sees some silhouette in garden. Karona says to person that dont you dare threaten me again, this is your money, dont interfere in our lives now, you should be concerned about only money and leave our lives. Shaurya ignores silhouette in garden and goes in house. Karona is hiding in bushes in garden and prays that Shaurya remain away from his past.

Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap- Mahek and family surprises Shaurya on his birthday. Shaurya sees whole room decorated with balloons and ribbons, he sees cake and gets angry, Mahek says surprise and claps for him. Shaurya kicks cake away and tears all decoration, he grabs Mahek’s shoulders and yells how dare you do all this? on whose saying you did it all? who asked you to do this? Mahek gets scared seeing him that much angry.

Update Credit To: Dolly

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