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Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lolllyupdates. Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
ratan asks mahek if she is first-rate? mahek is in tears. shaurya hears it, he turns and sees mahek’s returned to him and tying thread on scared wall, he runs to her however when he comes near, mahek and ratan are long past, he looks round and gets dejected.


Full Details of Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shaurya comes in dargah prayer place and wipes his tears, maula mere lale meri jaan performs. mahek comes to water filter out and beverages water, she turns to go away and sees shaurya strolling there, she panics and hides in the back of pillar, she hides faraway from him. one guy is spying on shaurya, he smirks.
At night, mahek is unfortunately sitting, ratan brings her smartphone and says i have changed your telephone range and most effective kanta have its quantity, now nobody will irritate you, he talks together with her and says all are using fb so please upload my photograph too. mahek says i will take your image from my telephone, she takes it and opens her fb account, she shows him how to upload it and uploads it. shaurya is sitting in dargah and says i will discover a way to find you mahek. shaurya’s cell shows notification, he opens it and sees meera sharma’s image uploaded on meera sharma’s account, he sees recipes uploaded on her profile and recollects how he started out together with her on facebook too and ms is truly mahek, he smiles and thank you god. shaurya opens fb and messages mahek ‘how are you?’. mahek sees message from her on line pal and writes i’m fine, how are you? you’ve got come on line after 4months, he writes you too, mahek messages i used to be busy. shaurya writes you appears unhappy. mahek writes i am fine. shaurya messages there is some thing, inform me. mahek writes i’ve left my own family again, i’ve left man or woman at the back of whom i.., shaurya writes which you love most, you didnt inform me all this. mahek writes lifestyles moved on plenty, i were given someone and lost them too. shaurya writes wherein are you presently? mahek says in heart of city of affection, love’s identity, but a long way far from my love. shaurya reads it and gets link. ratan involves mahek and says we could eat. mahek writes to shaurya that i am going now. shaurya reads her message and says i informed you i can find you mahek in 24 hours.
Next day, mahek is working at ratan’s dhaba. ratan says to mahek which you have brought electricity right here, mahek unluckily seems at him. waiter comes there and says you have to put board outside to no longer insult me, one guy is pronouncing that there is a lot of salt in food, call chef, i will complain. ratan says i will see that guy. mahek says i’ve cooked so i will manage that individual. mahek comes in eating place and says what’s trouble in meals? she sees man sporting hoodie, she tastes his food and says the whole thing is exceptional as in keeping with me, what’s less? man says spices are pleasant but.. shaurya takes off his hoodie, shaurya says there are tears in food, perhaps you had been crying whilst cooking right? mahek seems at him in tears.


Scene 2
Kanta gives tea to balwant. pd comes there, kanta tries to give her chair but pd takes it herself, kanta attempts to serve her food however pd asks sonal to serve breakfast, she nods. jeevan comes there and asks ravi to come back for paintings, kanta asks him to have breakfast, jeevan ignores her and says to pd that i might be overdue, consume dinner, dont await me, kanta asks him to take lunchbox, he says depart it. kanta brings lunchcbox and says inform me you are miffed with me, dont display anger towards food, you watched i really like to try this? i have completed all this for mahek. jeevan says no you have got performed all this in your egocentric benefit, you dont even know what mahek desires, who are you? i dont even apprehend you anymore because the man or woman i’m married to for 23 years, you are not that kanta, now not forgiving shaurya is simply your stubbornness, you dont care what mahek needs, you’re doing what you need simplest, and one last component, you may want some thing however what mahek has in her destiny, she will get it, you might try to prevent it however you cant. he glares at her and leaves.


In restaurant, mahek and shaurya stocks eyelock, they hug each other tightly, mahek smiles whilst crying, ratan comes there and sees them hugging, he says he got here here too? shaurya says to mahek that i realise how on my own i’m without you once I had to spend few hours with out you, i like you mahek. mahek cries and touches her brow along with his, he hugs him again. mahek remembers kanta’s words that she has to go faraway from shaurya’s lifestyles, she breaks hug and says you cant be here, we cant be collectively, no, she runs faraway from there, shaurya runs at the back of her. ratan calls.
Shaurya runs in the back of mahek, a few guy is spying on them. shaurya grabs mahek on road and says have you ever long past mad? mahek says dont forestall me, she pushes him and shaurya strikes with pole, she runs to him and asks him if he’s hurt? shaurya says what has took place to you? are you jogging from me or from your self? mahek says depart me, we cant be collectively, we cant live existence collectively, shaurya says why i have fought with complete international for then you why? mahek says because i dont want to be with you, i dont want to live with you, shaurya grabs her hand and pulls it returned, she says allow me move, go away my hand, shaurya puts hand on her face and asks why we cant be together? why? mahek says we cant, just cant, individuals who we like are in ache with us collectively, we cant live existence for ourselves, we need to stay for our households, shaurya says then why you saved me? why you stated that you could stay with me forever? you promised me to set the whole lot proper, why did you do it mahek? mahek pushes him away, she runs to rickshaw and asks driving force to pressure, shaurya runs at the back of her however rickshaw leaves. shaurya looks on. he brings his car and starts following her rickshaw, he shouts for her to stop, mahek is tensed seeing him follow.


Full Details of Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


kanta calls mahek and asks how shaurya reached to you? mahek says i dont recognise, kanta says this isnt proper, my curse will fall on him if he keeps following you want this, he might be destroyed and will die in ache slowly. pd snatches telephone from her and says has your mind long past mad? you’re cursing your very own? pd says to mahek are you fine? dont fear, mahek cries. mahek sees shaurya following her in his vehicle and his car gets hit with the aid of truck, shaurya hits his head on steering wheel and faints, mahek shouts shaurya. kanta and pd hears it too.


Precap- Mahek sees shaurya’s automobile burning, she shouts for shaurya and runs to car however ratan and different humans forestall her, mahek says permit me visit my shaurya, she pushes them away and is going hysteric seeing his car in flames, she begs human beings to keep him.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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