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Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Shaurya involves mahek, he takes off his footwear. vicky hides it beneath carpet. mohit says to sonal and nehal that we can come to be wealthy if we thieve shaurya’s 2nd hand footwear, be prepared my robbers. vicky says we are able to give lifestyles in case you ask but for ritual sake, you wont get the ones footwear. mahek and shaurya begins to visit mandap, mahek trips, shaurya holds her waist and balances her. shaurya says i am saving you for tenth time, you tripped a lot, mahek says dont act so hero. nehal asks vicky to provide shoes her, she says please cutely, he says i will supply lifestyles if you ask however i cant deliver those, dolly asks vicky to be strong and dont provide in, ravi asks nehal to maintain attempting. mahek and shaurya sit in mandap. svetlana sees mahek’s dupatta near havan, she thinks that explosive dupatta will capture fireplace from havan’s hearth quickly, she waits and thinks why its now not blasting? suddenly mahek’s dupatta catches hearth, mahek screams. shaurya throws dupatta faraway from her, he drapes sheet around her and hugs her, he says dont worry, i am right here mahek. kanta asks if she is pleasant?


Full Details of Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek says simply my hand burned, shaurya exams it. dolly says i informed you son’s mom right here is bad omen. mahek says why this is taking place with us? shaurya says dont fear, i’m here, i am with you, he kisses her brow and hugs her. mohit says how did this hearth start? nehal says mahek’s dupatta should have touched and stuck fireplace. shaurya tests mahek’s burned dupatta, he smells it and scents explosive fabric laced interior. he glares at svetlana. he takes to the air dupatta from mahek and svetlana what is all this? why there’s explosive odor in it? why there may be twine in it? what is going on? svetlana says i dont know, i didnt deliver this dupatta, shaurya asks who brought this dupatta? mahek says grandma gave it to me. grandma gets tensed and says i gave it however a person swapped dupattas, my dupatta didnt have any explosive. ravi says how can every person change it? there’s such tight safety then how did this happen? shaurya asks to call inspector munjal.
Munjal is getting drunk in bar, he says to policeman that shaurya and mahek can burn down, i dont care, tell them i am having dinner.
Grandma says we have to postpone wedding ceremony and do peace pooja. shaurya says no this wedding will take place and it’s going to manifest as it became deliberate. he says to mahek that we will get married and we are able to get married as we wanted. policeman comes there, shaurya asks in which is munjal? policeman says munjal said he doesnt care if shaurya burns down or his wife, shaurya gets indignant and leaves.
Shaurya comes to munjal and slaps him, he says how dare you say that? you know what occurred nowadays? my spouse may want to have burned down, munjal says how dare you slap a policeman? be on your limits. shaurya says i’m able to show you limits. shaurya calls commissioner, he says to commissioner that your inspector didnt take a look at safety and my wife should have burned down, shaurya offers smartphone to munjal. munjal talks to commissioner and says everything is excellent, he ends call. munjal says are you god? are you king? you dont recognise what i am, shaurya says what are you? munjal yells that i wont spare you now, vicky says shaurya commissioner will manage him, leave him, munjal says you dont understand what i am able to, shaurya shouts what he can do? munjal says you just see what i will do now, vicky drags shaurya faraway from there. munjal says shaurya were given in mess with me, now he has to pay.


Scene 2
Mahek gets ready again in her room. dolly says this become terrible omen even before wedding ceremony passed off. shaurya comes there and says to mahek that i dont care approximately these kind of rituals, i’ve already everyday you as my wife so i dont care about some thing, if you want us to get married later then i’m able to postpone wedding ceremony, in case you need wedding to appear these days then i will ensure it happens these days, i like you and in case you are with me then i will tackle international, i will face any hassle, so that you determine in case you want wedding today or later? mahek says no, i need to emerge as mrs. shaurya khanna nowadays best, we have visible everything, we’ve long gone thru the whole lot, i simply need to get married to you this night, we are able to get married rightnow, shaurya nods and says i will wait in mandap for you, he leaves.


Karona is status outdoor wedding ceremony venue. mansi asks her to come back internal, karona says no, if what dolly said is genuine then i dont need to are available, mansi says because when you believe it? karona says i dont want to emerge as trouble in wedding, so i will come after kanyadan, mansi nods and leaves.


Rajesh meets munjal and says you wont say anything. munjal says your son suspended me? i can ship him to prison for killing, should i call commissioner? and tell him approximately your son? rajesh says you’ll get your money, munjal says if i dont get my money in time then i can make you all bare. karona comes there and says talk in restriction. munjal shouts which you dont speak about limits, i havent received my price till now, if you dont supply me cash then i will send your son to jail. karona says we are able to throw your money at your face, dont scream. munjal yells that i’m not a dog that you may throw money, i will ship your son to jail, i’m able to make you all naked infront of media in case you dont provide me cash.
Shaurya and mahek comes in mandap, shaurya asks in which is karona maa? mahek says wedding ceremony cant appear without her, bring her shaurya, shaurya nods and turns to go away. mahek recollects how shaurya left her on my own at regulate when they had been getting married first. she turns and says shaurya.. i’m looking ahead to you proper here on this mandap. shaurya says i am convey maa here to spend entire lifestyles with you any further, please look ahead to me, mahek calms down listening to it, miley ho tum humko plays, shaurya leaves.


Last Part of Mahek 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Munjal says to karona that i will tell every person what shaurya did. karona attempts to prevent him however munjal pushes him away. karona falls down, shaurya comes there and sees karona fallen on floor, he shouts munjal. shaurya kicks munjal and beats him, he says how dare you boost hand on my mother? shaurya beats him. karona pleads him to prevent, munjal shouts which you know who i am? i did prefer on you thats why you’re residing an amazing life in any other case you’ll be in jail. shaurya grabs his collar.. munjal shouts you are a killer.. shaurya is stunned, karona is terrified. munjal says you realize you killed whom? karona silently pleads him to no longer tell. shaurya says what rubbish is that this? are you that under the influence of alcohol? munjal pushes him away, shaurya asks karona what is going on? munjal says i’m able to tell you. shaurya says i want to recognize fact. munjal says you wanna truth? you already know what sin you did 12 years again? the woman you’re marrying, you beaten and killed that woman’s parents under your automobile. shaurya is frozen hearing it.


Mahek 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap- Shaurya involves mandap and sits beside mahek however is in trance. mahek and shaurya gets up and begins taking pheras, mahek holds shaurya’s hand and leads him in pheras while shaurya continues to be in haze. shaurya looks at mahek and makes her wear mangalsutra even as absolutely distracted. shaurya takes sindoor(vermilion) and is ready to fill mahek’s forehead but recalls munjal’s words that the female he’s marrying, he crushed and killed that lady’s parents beneath his car, shaurya stops.


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