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Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Mahek sees shaurya’s car burning yup, she runs to him. ratan comes and holds her returned, she goes hysteric. the undercover agent who has put shaurya’s automobile on fireplace, he calls svetlana and says i’ve performed my work, svetlana laughs and says shaurya’s death ceremony is going to be organized now.
jeevan comes in room, he says to kanta that your obsession goes to madness, leave it and i’m able to not be miffed with you, kanta says this isn’t insanity, i am doing right element.
kanta calls mahek however she isn’t always selecting up, all family members start calling her however her telephone is not reachable.


Full Details of Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ratan and other try to prevent mahek from going to automobile burning up however she runs to car and brings subconscious out burning car, she lies him on street and cries, she asks him to wake up, she says i will die with out you, see i’m here, i am not going everywhere, please wake up, shaurya murmurs i love you mahek, mahek hugs him and says i’m sorry, i really like you, i will never move far from you, i’m incomplete with you, i can die with out you, shaurya opens his eyes and hugs her in dizzy nation, mahek kisses his head and weeps.
Doctor comes on spot and exams shaurya, ratan is there too. shaurya coughs mendacity in mahek’s lap. doctor says car is completely destroyed but he’s fine how? shaurya says i am high-quality because i’ve got my medication, she smiles at mahek, mahek hugs him. ratan says their magic is their love, i accept as true with that their love’s strength has saved shaurya. shaurya holds mahek’s hand and places it on his coronary heart, mahek hugs him and says we can pass returned to delhi the following day morning, shaurya says now not in morning however in evening, i need to take you to a few unique earlier than leaving from here, she smiles at him.
Scene 2
Subsequent day, shaurya puts blindfold on mahek’s eyes and brings her to some site, she says wherein have you ever introduced me? shaurya says if you dont consider me then you could leave, mahek says you need to do drama in the whole lot. shaurya stops her at website and asks her to take off blindfold, mahek takes off blindfold and sees love landmark taj mehal infront of her, she is surprised and smiles at him. shaurya holds her palms, they smile at every other, shaurya says mahek what i need to say these days, i’m now not announcing infront of taj mehal due to the fact its love landmark but i need it to remain witness to my communicate, shaurya turns mahek round, he hugs her from at the back of and places hands around her waist, shaurya says this is not just structure, that is one reminiscence so as to remain there continually and our love is same like this, he caresses her hair and says our love might be remembered forever like this, mahek leans in to him extra and close her eyes feeling peace. shaurya turns her around and appears in her eyes, he says i have done errors and sins but love forgives the entirety like you have got forgiven my sins, love cleans your heart like your love wiped clean my coronary heart, now there’s no problem, we just ought to love, we have to neglect everything and stay our lives with love filling it, he cups her face and smiles at her. shaurya takes out featuring ring from pocket, mahek is stunned as shaurya goes down on his knees, he holds her hand and says mahek will you deliver me chance to complete our dreams, to finish our marriage? to fill my life once more with colorings? with this love landmark as our witness, will you marry me mahek? mahek emotionally nods, shaurya slips ring in her finger, bolna plays as shaurya kisses her hand, shaurya gets up, they lean in and hugs every different tightly.
Svetlana calls her killer and says you attempted to kill him twice and you failed? you dont realize where he is? discover him and that i want consequences, shaurya and mahek need to not be stored this time, end their sport. karona comes from in the back of and asks whose recreation are you completing svetlana? svetlana receives tensed and says its about horse race, i’m betting on new horses so vintage horse’s sport is finished. karona says there’s some thing cooking in your head, i recognize you aren’t as innocent as you seem, shaurya become attacked in prison and also you and sanjay have connections in prison. svetlana says your son can destroy his existence with his acts, i dont want to do some thing. karona says i recognize you have filthy and black coronary heart and you’re in opposition to my shaurya. svetlana says i am filthy then what’s your son shaurya? blo*dy illegitimate, karona is hurt listening to it, svetlana says dont recognize whose grime he is, who’s his parents? no ones but you made him son of this house and gave him all assets which vicky deserves and my son is legal inheritor however cant get anything, the way your son is going loopy for this middle class mahek, we will be destroyed, the day shaurya brings that mahek in this house, she will become proprietor of this house and we will be working as servants here, we will be nothing, svetlana leaves karona in surprise kingdom.


Last Part of Mahek 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suno na sangemarmar ki yeh minare performs as shaurya chases mahek in taj mehal, he pulls her closer and hugs her from at the back of, she smiles at him. they arrive internal taj mehal, mahek runs faraway from shaurya but shaurya grabs her, he lovingly caresses her hair, he pulls her closer but she pushes away and runs away, she blushes seeing him observe her, shaurya attempts to trap her however she runs away, shaurya moves toward her and she or he moves returned, shaurya holds her from at the back of and kisses her earlobe, she gets shy and moves away, they hold sharing eyelock hiding behind monuments, shaurya holds her hand and smiles.


Precap- Shaurya is shirtless. mahek and shaury are in hut as its raining out of doors. shaurya kisses mahek’s cheek and says this for converting me, he leans in, mahek gets nervous as he kisses her bare neck, he says this for forgiving all my sins, mahek appears down and blushes, shaurya pulls her face closer, he says this is for announcing sure to my marriage notion, he leans to seize her lips.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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