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Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 



Ajay says that mahek you might be rich but you stay cheap female of vintage delhi. he says now that is our house. niki says we can rule this house and they are able to have relaxation now. ajay says shaurya can come to be our servant and mahek can be our cook, i will flavor her each dish, he caresses mahek’s lustfully and licks his hands, shaurya grabs his collar and says i’m able to beat you to pulp in case you dare contact my wife. sheetal’s son rohit says to shaurya that go away my brother in any other case i will beat you lots. niki asks shaurya to prevent all this drama, we’ve your the entirety now. niki throws papers on shaurya’s face and says mahek have signed papers and have given all your private home, wealth and eating place to me, you’re with nothing so get lost from right here. niki and ajay calls their guards and makes them throw khanna circle of relatives out of residence.


Full Details of Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

At kanta’s residence, sonal calls mahek however she isn’t selecting up. everybody is involved as mahek used shaurya’s cash with out even telling him. kanta says i recognise there could be anxiety between shaurya and mahek however shaurya takes our family as his own so he will recognize and will come around quickly, i agree with him.


Mahek says to shaurya that pay attention to me, mohit.. shaurya says to hell with mohit, i advised you to throw mohit out of house but you didnt want to listen, you need to come to be exceptional everytime, i cant accept as true with i have misplaced my the whole thing because of your family, karona says atleas listen to her, shaurya says what have to i listen? her vain circle of relatives may have accomplished something stupid again, i am on roads due to her, her own family is clever that they took my the whole thing and made me supply it to mahek, i by no means idea i would say this but i regret the day i fell in love with you mahek, i dont recognise why i ended hating you, karona says you wil remorse announcing all this shaurya. shaurya says to mahek that due to you my sick mom is on roads, you simply keep worrying about your own family, their issues their the whole thing subjects most effective, your vain uncles are desirable for nothing, mahek says please pay attention to me. shaurya says shut up, he asks vicky to take circle of relatives to someplace, shaurya asks mahek to go to her own family whom she loves manner an excessive amount of. all own family participants sit down in cars and go away. mahek says shaurya please allow me explain that mohit.. shaurya ignores her. mahek breakdowns and cries on floor. shaurya says i must speak to my vintage legal professional, he calls his lawyer however his range is switched off. he calls someone else but no one listens to him.


Shaurya meets his antique investor but he says i cant help you with some thing. shaurya goes to some other investor, investor says carry a new concept and i can what i can do, shaurya seems on as he doesnt have any money. shaurya walks on avenue in daze. he recollects niki taking his the whole lot, saiyan ve plays.


Rajesh khanna meets inspector, inspector says papers are felony and mahek have signed them, its all in niki’s call now. rajesh says my son is a fool, he has turn out to be puppet of ladies again. shaurya says niki become my buddy however she was involved with that ajay and took my the entirety with fraud. inspector says there may be no proof of fraud so we cant to do something. rajesh says how the hell can you assert that you cant do something? that niki with ajay did fraud the usage of shaurya’s illiterate spouse, i wan justice, he gets hyper and says i need my property, he respiration hitches, inspector asks shaurya to take him to sanatorium. inspector says to shaurya that this is a case of fraud however we want some proof to start running on it.


Pd asks jeevan to go and take rest. jeevan says i’m involved about shaurya. ravi says i’m able to visit her house and ask her if she is pleasant. mahek comes there, she is a crying mess, all are bowled over to see her nation. mahek sobs and says the whole thing is completed. kanta asks what befell? mahek says shaurya wont forgive me ever, that niki turned into worried with ajay, everything is destroyed, she did fraud and made me give her the whole lot that shaurya named to me. she tells them how mohit got worried with goons, how niki made her sign belongings papers and how they threw them out of house. mahek says how am i able to be the sort of fool. ravi says i wont spare that ajay and rohit. nehal that i doubted that witch niki from first day. mansi gets call from a person and she or he switches on television. sharma family watches tv, reporter on television says that shaurya’s the whole lot is finished, he has come on road with none refuge or cash. mahek sees shaurya on tv, newshounds surround shaurya and ask him if he lost his everything and is penniless now? shaurya says no comments. mahek cries seeing his kingdom. shaurya screams at newshounds and ask them to leave him and his family. karona cries being asked questions from the journalists. kanta says this is all taking place due to me, i added ajay’s concept for mahek, i gave delivery to that vain mohit and i made shaurya supply his belongings to shaurya, its all my fault. pd says its now not time to cry, we could go together with me, kanta says where? pd says i’m seeing we’re crying and while did we become so weak? shall we go together with me, we’re occurring a war, i’m able to see who can forestall us from conquering.


Last Part of Mahek 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Shaurya brings his own family’s luggage and says to own family that we could pass from here. rajesh says that there’s no person for us to help when we are in want today. shaurya unfortunately says we could move. luggage slips from shaurya’s fingers and is about to crumple however mahek comes there and holds it, supporting him to get up, shaurya seems on and sees whole sharma circle of relatives status behind mahek there to support khanna circle of relatives.


Precap- Mahek says to shaurya that i will do the whole lot in power to carry your dream again but while you get your the entirety, i wont ask you to even communicate to me, you wont need to see my face however please for now, come with us, please come with me.
shaurya’s own family involves mahek’s place. shaurrya brings their baggage as khanna own family goes to live in sharma house now. associates see this, one neighbor scoffs that mahek fed on all of the cash of her rich husband, one feedback that she brought her husband on roads after marrying him, another comments that mahek looted her husband’s family and taken them on roads. sharma own family looks down in shame hearing the scoffs, shaurya looks on.


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