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Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
ratan greets mahek and asks her to take care, shaurya places mahek’s luggage in automobile and asks if they must depart? ratan asks shaurya to no longer irritate mahek anymore, shaurya smiles and greets him. shaurya and mahek sits in vehicle and drives away.


Full Details of Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

While using, shaurya places his hand on mahek, he keep retaining her hand even as changing gears, she asks what are you doing? shaurya says i wont depart your hand now, what if you runaway again? mahek says stop pronouncing dialogues, she pulls her hand away and performs tune, tum ho pas mere plays, shaurya holds her hand, she squeezes his hand, shaurya smiles at her, mahek appears down and blushes. vehicle stops, shaurya tries to start again however it doesnt work, they arrive out to look what happened, shaurya opens bonnet, mahek says what was the need to come
from jungle? you may have chosen dual carriageway, shaurya says this automobile is like your kanta chachi, she cant endure our happiness, mahek says how can you get her attractiveness if you talk like this approximately her? mahek attempts to ratan but he isn’t always able to hear it, shaurya says there is no mechanic close to here, there’s no community for smartphone, its just me and you here, mahek pushes him away and says you’re thinking about all this? automobile isn’t running, do something, shaurya smiles at her.
At night time, mahek is sitting vehicle and asks shaurya that its night from day however you couldnt restore car till now? what are you doing? shaurya closes bonnet and comes inner car, he preserve searching at mahek, mahek gets worried and says prevent staring, he says i am now not staring, i’m looking at you with love, he holds her hand, mahek says shaurya.. shaurya says why you are frightened? mahek says i am now not anxious, i recognize what goes on in your thoughts, you need to have hazard on dance. shaurya holds her hand and kisses it, mahek says dont do it, she opens car door and is derived out to keep away from him, shaurya comes at the back of and hugs her, mahek says please depart me, dont do it, thunderstorm begins, shaurya says its bad weather, we should visit that hut there, they pass inside because it starts raining.
Svetlana’s killers are attempting to find shaurya and says we hit his automobile but he got stored but until while he can be saved? he is going to die.
Shaurya and mahek are strolling to hut, shaurya pulls mahek closer and caresses her face, mahek pushes him away and tries to run but she sees shaurya stumbling and retaining his knee, mahek runs returned to him and asks if he is exceptional? she gets concerned, shaurya laughs, she shoves him and is going to face in hut, shaurya gets drenched in rain, mahek asks him to come internal, he says you come outside, she says its raining, come internal, shaurya involves her and sneezes, mahek says your garments are moist, i’m able to convey bags from automobile, he says you stay here, i can convey it.
Shaurya brings his and her bags in hut. shaurya says to mahek that your baggage was above mine in automobile, its zip turned into damaged so water got inner and all your garments are wet, mahek says what’s going to i wear now? shaurya opens his luggage and gives her his kurta, he asks her to put on it, she hesitantly takes it and goes in the back of curtain to put on it, shaurya comes closer, she asks him to no longer come inner, i wont alternate then, shaurya continues hand on curtain and doesnt permit her to close it, she pushes him away and closes curtain. shaurya takes to the air his blouse. mahek says i cant wear it, shaurya says why? its not in shape for you? mahek wears his kurta. shaurya pulols curtain again and sees her sporting his kurta simplest, with not anything on legs, shaurya seems at her and says wow you are looking so hot, mahek blushes deep pink purple and says shaurya dont!, shaurya pulls her nearer and caresses her face, mahek receives shy and movements faraway from him, dil mein chupalunga. shaurya doesnt wear any blouse, he involves mahek and puts hand on her neck, he caresses her face and kisses her forehead, he says this is for converting, for making me pass loopy for you, mahek says please dont do it, please now not now, she gets anxious and attempts to transport away however shaurya holds her and kisses her cheek, he says this for going away from me, he kisses her different cheek and says this is for no longer telling me truth, he leans in and kisses her neck, shaurya says this for forgiving all my sins, mahek is tensed and tries to manipulate herself, shaurya says this is for accepting my proposal and saying sure to marry me, he leans in and is set to kiss her lips but she moves away and says please shaurya not now, shaurya says why? mahek says in our lifestyle, this occurs after marriage, shaurya receives miffed and looks away. out of doors hut, killers are searching for shaurya.


Interior hut, mahek says dont sense bad, i dont need any troubles now, she gets tensed seeing him angry and says please say something, shaurya cups her face and says i am now not miffed with you, i am crazy for you, i love you, he pulls her closer however they listen ratan calling for his or her names. mahek is going to hide in the back of curtain. shaurya comes out carrying his blouse, ratan is out of doors, ratan says mahek known as me however there was no community so i came to peer in case you each had been in problem. mahek comes out carrying her clothes. killers cover at the back of timber and observe shaurya and mahek



Scene 2
In morning, Shaurya and Mahek comes to Mehek’s society, Outside Sharma house, Shaurya says to Mahek that from here you should go alone inside, its not time for me to follow you inside, there might be another drama if i go inside, you go alone, i will meet you in evening, Mahek sadly leaves his hand and turns to go inside house but stops, she smiles and looks at him, Mahek holds his hand and says we didnt held hands to separate them again, right, wrong, good, bad, we will bear everything together, come with me, Shaurya says but.. Mahek says we tried to remain separated, tried to bear pain but no one was happy with it, you did mistakes, i did mistakes but its time to change them.


Last Part of Mahek 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Door knocks, Nehal opens door and sees Mahek and Shaurya standing there, Nehal says Sister and brother in law is here, Kanta is shocked to see them standing on door holding hands, Mahek smiles and comes inside with Shaurya dragging their luggage. All family members come there, Mahek nods at Shaurya that all is fine. Jeevan asks Mahek if she is fine? she nods, Jeevan hugs her, Jeevan comes to Shaurya and says we have hurt you a lot, forgive us, Shaurya hugs him and says we have all done mistakes, you have done a lot less mistakes, forgive me, Jeevan says its okay. Mahek meets PD and everyone. Mansi hugs and Mahek and Shaurya, she hints Ravi to come forward, Ravi comes and hugs Shaurya too. Kanta is glaring everyone, Balwant gets up and says Shaurya all failed infront your obsession, i hope this is end of drama, Shaurya touches his feet, Balwant says long live, Mahek tries to come to Kanta but Kanta leaves from there. Mahek looks on sadly.


PRECAP- Kanta locks herself him room, All family members are outside, Jeevan asks her to open door, what is this madness? Kanta doesnt answer, Jeevan asks Mahek to give time to this crazy woman. Later Shaurya puts his name on Mahek’s wrist, he says today I have your name written on my chest and you have my name on your wrist, you are mine, only mine, Mahek nods and smiles at him.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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