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Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupdates.Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update.Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

Shaurya is joggin in garden, he calls servant and takes newspaper, he receives indignant seeing news. sanjay is getting equipped in morning and making a song, he says to svetlana that i’m winner after losing. svetlana says why you’re glad? sanjay shows her newspaper. svetlana reads headlines that shaurya’s hotel call is huge but there may be something much less in food’s flavor. sanjay says svetlana its excellent news.
shaurya reads one of a kind newspapers, all indicating that meals of his inn is right however there is some thing missing. shaurya receives indignant and throws papers on servant. he shouts that they’re hypocrites, they don’t have any value. karona comes there and asks what passed off? shaurya breaks glass desk along with his hand, his hand starts offevolved to bleed. karona asks servant to bring first aid field, she cries.

Mahek comes there. shaurya shouts dont come near me, you gave me half recipes intentionally, mahek says why could i do it? have you long gone mad? shaurya says all are pronouncing there’s some thing much less in meals, i observed all of your recipes then how its now not same? karona says her magic is less on your recipes, no longer all can prepare dinner studying recipebooks, she chefs with her coronary heart, she doesnt cook dinner for commercial enterprise, she chefs for human beings, she has magic in her hand which you cant convey. shaurya says enough, mahek isn’t always some out of worldwide thing, she turned into not anything however not unusual girl however i made her well-known, i bought her recipes. karona says you could shrink back from sun and say that its night but that doesnt suggest solar is gone, fact is that if you want to get success, you need to contain mahek on your commercial enterprise, she leaves. svetlana says dont worry shaurya, i am certain some humans will nevertheless come on your eating place.
Sanjay says in case your recipes dont paintings then i can communicate to jail manager, we will supply your food there, he leaves. mahek says to shaurya that i know your cooks observed all recipes however those are my mom’s recipes, i realize a way to cook dinner them, i’m just asking for you to permit me paintings to your eating place for a few days to train the ones recipes, i will make them work.

Shaurya has his hand injured and bleeding, shaurya says i dont need you mahek sharma, what you watched that i’m road canine which wishes to rely on a person? i can make those recipes paintings with out your help, i am a businessman, i will make it work, i simply got a kick today however i’m able to make my retaurant fulfillment without your assist, this is my promise to you, he leaves. mahek seems on sadly.

Mahek comes to kanta’s house. mahek says to kanta that god is testing me, i were given worried in sonal’s rely and forgot shaurya’s motel’s beginning day. kanta says i heard that starting was now not suitable, it have to be horrific for shaurya. mahek says i wanted to be there for shaurya but when I heard that meals changed into no longer suitable, it felt like someone stabbed me in heart, i recognize resort is of shaurya’s but recipes are of my mom but shaurya doesnt recognize my feelings and blew up on me.

Kanta says nothing new with that, when you decided to be with shaurya, you need to have known that he might spit fire best but i recognise shaurya needs you most rightnow, he’s cussed, angry, spoilt, unwell-mannered but he’s yours, you have to help him, you have to make him take into account that he might have taken recipes however till you touch the ones recipes, till you prepare dinner them, they wont have equal taste, mahek says the way to make shaurya take into account that? kanta says you have to assume that.

Sonal calls mahek, sonal cries and says my mom was talking with pammi, they said they will get me married day after today most effective. sheetal comes to sonal and slaps her, she says from wherein did you get phone? mahek ends name and says sheetal has gone mad. mohit hears it, mahek says to kanta that sheetal is making sonal marry day after today, mohit hears it.

Shaurya comes to restaurant, he call his cooking group, he asks in which is head chef? host says he’s ill, shaurya says he is sick now? he couldnt manage mahek’s recipes, he got process that is above his preferred, i can throw you all out of my restaurant. shaurya sees traders there, he smiles and says to chefs that move again to work, dont fear, they all go away. investor says shaurya we want to talk.

Sanjay meets pammi, pammi says we’ve got finished arrangement so rapid. sanjay says i experience we will see sonal’s wedding ceremony and shaurya’s destruction together. sanjay sees farmhouse getting decorated for wedding. sanjay offers whiskey to pammi.

Mohit stealthily jumps internal farmhouse, he sees sanjay going out of farm, he hides behind tree. sanjay sees motion of tree, he says is there animal in the back of it? he is set to test tree however pammi comes there and says you didnt cross till now? sanjay says i am leaving, deal with sonal and your self, he leaves from there. mohit appears on.

Investor says to shaurya which you must have study opinions of eating place, you have to change matters in any other case your restaurant becomes dhabba. shaurya says human beings are not literate a lot, they dont study evaluations a great deal, media writes awful things about me usually however i’ve been exceptional hotelier for four years.

Indian investor says foreign investors are trusting you, they have fifty onepercentshares so dont make them regret, your food become correct, it had the whole thing but it didnt have soul, aroma and flavor, if you cant deliver flavor then deliver some other reason to attract people to your eating place, lead them to come for your eating place, shaurya remembers karona’s phrases that mahek’s magical contact is missing in his recipes.

Sonal breaks vase in her room, she holds glass piece and is ready to cut her wrist but mohit climbs her room and prevents her, he throws glass piece away and says have you long past mad? others are doing incorrect and you are doing suicide? mad lady. sonal sees mohit’s hand bleeding due to glass piece he took from her hand, she holds his hand and asks what are you doing? mohit says i got here to test on you however looks like god sent me to forestall you from doing madness.

Sonal hugs him tightly and cries, mohit hugs her and says take care of your self, sonal says what can i do? i cant marry rohit. mohit says me and mahek wont allow you to get married forcefully, sonal says then my mother will do suicide. mohit says nothing will manifest, do you believe me? sonal says why you are doing this? mohit says we have been together seeing that early life, we did the whole lot together, we had been partners in ever deed, and now i cant leave you on my own in this trouble, in case you dont mind then i want to do some thing, will you allow me do it? sonal looks at him amazed.

He is acting like hero, he promised Sonal that he will marry her? he gave her proposal himself? Mohit says what else can i do? we have played since childhood, what you want me to do? to let her burn in hell? what i am doing is friendship, i am doing everything right, i have talked to Sonal, Mohit says to Mahek that Sonal is ready to marry me. Balwant says you dont earn anything, how will you run house? how will you bring food for her? will you ask your father then too? Mohit says i will do hardwork, i will do jobs on wage, i will become rickshaw driver but you all listen to me, i will marry Sonal only, all look on tensed.

PRECAP- Mahek comes to Shaurya’s restaurant at night, there is no one there except them. Shaurya asks what are you doing here? Mahek says i have come to ask for your help to stop Sonal’s wedding with that animal Rohit. Shaurya says i have many problems in my life already so i dont have time to solve your daily life matters, now leave. Mahek says i wont go from here, she goes in kitchen and throws veggies on him, Shaurya starts throwing vegetables on her too, Mahek takes watermelon, Shaurya says dont but Mahek hits his arm with it, Mahek throws flour on him too. Mahek and Shaurya start pulling and pushing each other and fighting like kids, they lose balance and fall on floor with Shaurya pinning Mahek on ground, they share eyelock.

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