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Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Kanta gives will to shaurya and says its no longer needed, shaurya says its wished, it doesnt rely if mahek has belongings or me while mahek is mine herself. kanta caresses his face and says be happy continually, shaurya says dont cry, allow exit, all need to be tensed, she nods. shaurya brings kanta out of room, all sharma family members are tensed. mahek is involved, she asks what happened? kanta says you dont have peace, cant i talk to my son in law for a minute? mahek says however what speak.. she stops and says son in regulation? means? she smiles in surprise, she says chachi? kanta nods and hugs her, all smile. nehal and mohit hello-five, kanta says we did many mistakes too, its time to rectify them, jeevan checks kanta’s brow and asks how she cooled down? kanta says shaurya could post book about it, all chortle, kanta asks mahek to forgive her, you were proper, shaurya has changed. mahek says elders dont express regret, they just bless younger ones and in case you hadnt achieved that then we wouldnt have found out how tons we like every other, she lovingly appears at shaurya, kanta offers mahek’s hand in shaurya’s hand, they contact her toes, kanta blesses them, shaurya smiles at mahek.

Full Details of Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek thank you shaurya in her room and says i dont understand how you pacified kanta chachi however you dont realize how an awful lot happy you’ve got made me, shaurya says make me glad too, i have party in eating place this night, i can ship get dressed for you, just put on it and are available, she smiles.
all sharma family participants get equipped for birthday party. mahek comes there in black quite saree, mansi says wow shaurya has despatched proper saree, nehal says shaurya despatched it for her, mahek you are looking terrifi. mahek blushes.

Karona sits in vehicle with shaurya to go to eating place for celebration. a person is following them in different automobile, karona sees some vehicle following them in vehicle mirror, she gulps and gets tensed. she keeps watching vehicle following them. shaurya sees her sweating and asks what is inaccurate? are your fitness? karona says i am exceptional, shaurya says why you are sweating? she says nothing, she turns on ac but her eyes are on vehicle following them.

Shaurya arrives at eating place. mahek is running at food truck. kanta asks her to not work these days, your saree could be spoiled. ravi says shaurya has arrived, we could leave. shaurya comes there, karona asks kanta how is she? she says i’m first-class now. shaurya appears at mahek and says wow, there have to be some injuries to your society seeing you. karona sees same vehicle coming there. shaurya places hand on mahek’s again and grabs her waist, she glares at him and asks what he is doing? mahek smirks at him. karona stealthily involves automobile and says i advised you to now not come near us, just name me for whatever you want but dont be seen especially now that shaurya is getting married, beyond’s shadow need to no longer cast on shaurya once more, he is starting his existence afresh.

All are available in shaurya’s restaurant. pd scolds waiters to work nicely, pd says i left my smartphone at meals truck, shaurya says we will convey it, shaurya drags mahek with him. pd says he just want threat for romance, took her in entice of having my telephone, all snort.
Shaurya brings mahek to meals truck, mahek attempts to search for pd’s telephone however shaurya pulls her nearer and puts hand on her bare waist, she says thats why you talented me this saree? we are getting overdue, shaurya says party changed into to preserve your circle of relatives busy, your party is with me, mahek says can i inform you a secret? what i want to do right now? he says what? mahek says near your eyes, i will blush in case you maintain observing me, shaurya near his eyes. mahek cups his face and leans in towards his lips, shaurya smiles sensing she is ready to kiss him but mahek slaps him lightly and runs away. mahek pushes him away and begins going for walks, shaurya runs at the back of her and says paratha lady stop. mahek is walking away from him on street and is set to get hit with the aid of a car, karona sees this and receives bowled over, shaurya shouts for mahek, mahek stops earlier than automobile can hit her. automobile runs away, shaurya says blo*dy hell, he throws stones at vehicle, he panics seeing mahek’s hand bleeding, mahek says i am excellent, shaurya wipes her hand, he shouts on protection defend that why i pay you? deliver first useful resource container. mahek says why you are shouting? i’m quality, shaurya says there has been a automobile in my car parking zone and security didnt recognise, they are vain. shield brings first useful resource container, shaurya band resource’s mahek’s hand, shaurya says to defend that see cctv photos and inform me wide variety of that vehicle then i can now not spare that car. karona asks him to loosen up, a lot anger isn’t true for you. sharma circle of relatives comes there, kanta asks what happened? mahek says its just small wound, shaurya says its not small wound, he receives indignant, mahek says calm down, its nothing, please we’re here for celebration, shaurya appears away, mahek pulls him and hugs him tightly, he calms down. karona says yes that car driver become fool, we ought to experience party, they move in restaurant.

Scene 2

Reporters are in restaurant, reporter asks Shaurya why they are marrying twice? Shaurya says first time when i married Mahek, i didnt know importance of marriage but Mahek made me realize it so i am marrying her again. One reporter says that there is another surprise we heard? Mahek asks what surprise? Shaurya brings Mahek to his business partners, he introduces Mahek to his business clients, Shaurya says this is my Mahek, one client says Shaurya you are lucky, you have got gorgeous wife. Shaurya pulls Mahek closer and says not gorgeous but most gorgeous, Mahek blushes. Mahek excuses herself and goes to Kanta’s table.

Last Part of Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Mahek asks her family why they are sitting on back seat? lets meet everyone, Kanta says how will be mingle with that people, we will enjoy here, Ravi says only PD is enough for this party, if we start irritating Shaurya’s hifi guests then they will start crying, all laugh. Svetlana comes there and sees Sharma family enjoying, she sees PD in kitchen and giving orders to waiters. Svetlana comes to PD and asks how are you? PD says how are you witch? i mean are you fine? Svetlana offers soft drink to PD, PD is about to drink it but Mahek comes there and stops her, Svetlana says to guests that meet Mahek, she is going to be marrying Shaurya second time and is his only wife, I have to say that shaurya tried to leave you but you trapped Shaurya nicely. you have come to marry him again, Shaurya comes there and grabs Mahek’s hand, he angrily glares at Svetlana, he says Mahek lets go, she can spit poison only. Svetlana holds Mahek’s hand and says sometimes poison is important, i hope you are not doing mistake again, i mean you know Shaurya nicely now, his goodness and badness and his past and all things regarding his past, Karona gets tensed hearing about his past. Karona comes to Svetlana. Karona asks Svetlana to not make drama here if you cant be part of happiness, Svetlana says i have not created any drama till now, you want to see drama? you want it here? then have it, she throws wine on Mahek’s face, all are shocked, Shaurya fumes in anger seeing it.

Mahek 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update PRECAP- Mahek takes off curtain from a frama and there is a large portrait of Meera Sharma behind it, Shaurya says this is Meera Sharma Mahek’s mother, Karona is shocked to see her picture, she says this is Mahek’s mother?

Update Credit To: Aditiya

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